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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cheon Song Yi/Jun Ji Hyun My Love From Another Star Inspired Makeup

Warning: A LOT of selfies ahead. So if you can't handle my vanity, please exit now XD

Hi guys!!!!

So I'm excited about this post XD Because this has been my single-minded obsession over the last month ahahahahhaha!!

I am finally watching "My Love From Another Star" or "You Who Came from the Stars" LOL. So late on the bandwagon (when am I ever on time for anything...). It. Is. So. Hilarious. XD I haven't finished it yet cuz I only allow myself to watch one episode when I'm on an elliptical (so it gives me a solid one hour gym session muahaha). I must look ridiculous on the elliptical XD cuz sometimes I would just burst out laughing... and sometimes I would get tearful LOLOL. Ppl working out next to me must think I'm crazy lol. So curious how this drama is going to end >_< hope I won't be disappointed. I put off watching this drama for the longest time, well first because I like to wait for the drama to finale so I can finish it in one sitting if I want to; second, the last drama I watched before this was "The Heirs" and it was a huge disappointment, so I wanted a break from K-dramas. Not really surprised that I didn't like it because I am so out of the whole high school theme lol. To be honest, I was only interested in that drama because of Lee Min Ho, and when I saw that his role is an 18-year-old teenager... I was kind of like... are you serious =_=

Anyway! As creative as I am *insert sarcasm* I decided to recreate Cheon Song Yi's signature look. As if there aren't already a million looks/tutorials out there already lol. When I first saw all these tutorials and pictures before I watched the drama, I didn't like this makeup look at all lol. But after watching the drama... of course I changed my mind XD


Goddess *-* Who else here remember Jun Ji Hyun from "My Sassy Girl"?? That movie was out when I was in middle school and I remember having a huge girl crush on her back then too XD She was the first Korean actress that got me a little more interested in Korean pop culture at that time.

Her makeup is super simple. Peachy, orange-y eye shadow, upper eyeliner/tight line, almost invisible lower eyeliner (I think she only wears a smidge along her lower water line), and bright, bold lip color.

Here's the makeup I used. For eye shadow, I used my Canmake Cheek Gradation blush/highlighter in 02 cuz I ain't got no peach/orange eye shadows lol. And for lips, I used my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 (Review here). I usually just stop there, but if I want to make it a more red-pink lip, then I will add Tanya Burr's gloss in Heart Skipped a Beat (Review here). Didn't include the blush I used since it's not the point of this look. Also figured I haven't shared my base makeup in forever so here it is! Been mixing SKIN79 Gold Label BB cream with my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation. For some reason I can't wear the SKIN79 Gold Label BB cream on its own anymore; it makes my nose so oily. I think my skin must have changed a lot over the last few years because before I never had a problem with this BB cream. Anyway mixing in the Lasting Silk definitely helps. Powdering will do too, although the effect is not as good. 

By the way I never reviewed the GA foundation because it's in shade 6.5 which is several shades darker than my skin tone. I only use it to mix and adjust my foundation colors.

Those are the two colors I used. There is no technique to how I apply the eye shadows... just smother it all over my eyelids... with my fingers or with a brush depending on my mood LOL. 

The pictures I took for this post are pretty washed out =( It was a rather gloomy day so it was hard to get sunlight. And a lot of the pics I took with back light cuz I liked the effect lol. So yeah... the colors didn't show up well =(

So Cheon Song Yi wears pretty minimal eyeliner... for the sake of recreating the look, I tried the minimal approach as well.

Gahhh!!! So sad the colors didn't show up well. It's really shocking because my lips look super pink in person... and here it literally looks like I'm wearing nothing -_-


Minimal eyeliner really does NOT suit me at all lol. I feel like I look quite sickly haha. I often envy girls with big eyes... or girls with really good lower lashes... If I can get away with just wearing upper eyeliner or even just mascara... I would totally just do that. I wear so much eyeliner on a daily basis ~_~


I did use a little bit more eyeliner (used a black pencil and an eyeliner brush to apply it) just to make sure it shows up in the photos. Looks like I overdid it a little haha.


Why my pink lips no show up!!! I cry



Here's another look that I really like :)
Still minimal makeup, but eyeliner is extended.


I decided to just go ahead and be more heavy handed with my bottom eyeliner cuz I couldn't take it no more LOL. Still lighter than what I normally would wear, but heavier than Cheon Song Yi's makeup of course.






I need a haircut. LOL

Lastly, this is how I would normally wear this look. No difference from the previous ones really, except I use my liquid eyeliner (MAC Liquidlast or Milani Infinite Liner) because they are the only eyeliners that will stay put on me. Basically my daily eye look plus the eye shadow XD I am so boring with my makeup.

Oh wait, one difference: I usually do my upper eyeliner for my daily look, but for this look I just tightline the upper lash line. I actually prefer this look now, even though it makes my eye makeup look more bottom heavy, because it allows the eye shadows and lashes to stand out more :D 


Thought I might add a goofy one. Ahaha









Omg colors finally showing up better. Still not a good one, but that's all I got lol.

And of course... other than Cheon Song Yi's beautiful, free and flowing hair, her other signature hair style is this low pony tail.

How could one look so good with a low pony tail?!?!?!?!?!??! It ought to be illegal T____T  Seriously, when I wear low pony tail, I look so unkempt, like I have a bad hair day, or I look like an ahjumma.

To achieve this hair look, I actually had to "straighten" my hair with my curling iron so I can get a polished low pony tail.
Lol there's nothing effortless about a girl's appearance these days. Hahahhaaha.

Tried using a different hair accessory cuz I think Cheon Song Yi had some variations of her low pony tail too? But I prefer the plain one :P



Ok, I am done posting my selfies. If you guys made it all the way here, you're a trooper XD
Now onto a bit of style talk =D

I. Love. The. Fashion. In. This. Drama. Seriously, there isn't a single outfit in this drama that I don't like. It feels little bit like watching the Devil Wears Prada, but the Korean Drama version XD

I simply LOVE this evening gown look Jun Ji Hyun sported. Bold red lips, minimal eye makeup. This is a look I can never pull off.... not that I haven't tried. My eyes are too small and full red lips look grotesquely out of proportion on my face T^T.

Couldn't find a good shot of her gown. But the gown is so so so gorgeous.... can I have? >.<

Even the casual, effortless look is SO PRETTY ahhhhhhhh

I MUST buy plain white Ts with V neck!!! And killer heels? Hmmm maybe not the heels. I am rubbish at wearing heels kkkkk.

Even though this jacket looks a bit over-sized on her... her figure was just perfect for it and it doesn't look slouchy or too big on her. Still flattering!!!

I. Love. This. Red. Cape. I love it so much that I looked it up... apparently it's from Louis Vuitton *gives up right then and there*

Now I want a white blazer. With big buttons. I don't like plain white blazers because they look like white coat and I wear that all the time XD

Possibly my favorite outfit of all so far. Chic points maxed out >////<

The bold, chunky, yet vintage looking earrings, paired with crisp white shirt with over-sized bow, and black blazer. Sighhhh. Me likey so so much T____T

And this sweater dress!!! So cute!!!!!!! Seriously, where can I buy this dress~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!
Probably some crazy designer brand that I can't afford lol.

That's all I have today! Did you guys watch the drama?? Did you guys like it?? Don't spoil the ending for me please LOL!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Gahhhh my progress for work is SUFFERING now because I spent the entire yesterday doing nothing and editing photos for this and other blog posts. T___T 


Hopefully I will be back again next weekend. Until then, take care and have a great week!

<3 Frances


  1. Looks great!
    I am guilty of starting dramas and never finishing them (My Love from Another Star is one of many lol) :X

    1. awww why? you no like the drama? >.<

  2. Dude, you're much prettier (and your makeup is nicer) than her. So don't sweat it! YOU'RE PRECIOUS OK : D

    1. hahahaha no way!!!!!! she's like a goddess to me *eyes mist over* but thanks I still appreciate it ^///^

  3. XD
    You're like the queen of 托下巴 hahahaha
    I don't know why I felt like the disclaimer was aimed toward me.. XD
    you pudding hair!


    1. Sorry to disappoint you but nope I did not think of you at all while I was writing the disclaimer XD don't flatter yourself LMAO

      you miss captain obvious!

  4. I haven't watched the drama but my sister has and my boyfriend recently started it out of curiosity ahah
    You look very pretty with the minimal eyeliner girl, not sickly at all!!^_^
    But I totally understand what you mean, whenever I see a star that has minimal amount of
    makeup on, I try to recreate the look but I'm just like, "what the heck DO I put on-.-" and just
    end up doing my usual dark eyeliner type deal ahah
    By the way, your hair looks so nice and soft!!Thanks for sharing Frances(:

    1. hahahaha so happy someone agrees!!! I think I'm forever stuck with heavy eyeliner cuz I'm used to it XD and thank you you're so sweet <3 I major heat tamed my hair XD poor hair LOL. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! ^__^


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