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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quick post... Little Sephora purchase

What's up guys!

I know I know... it's been forever since I blogged >_< and I was doing so well with the weekly blogging thing :(

So here's a little update on my life. I am now a fourth year pharmacy student, which means I'm on a whole year of rotation/internship before I graduate. Being on rotation pretty much just means working full-time (basically we're paying tuition to work XD) so that's the main reason why I don't really have the time to blog anymore. That plus by the time I get home it's already dark... can't really get any decent pictures done. AND I've been trying to control my spending.... I really have too much makeup to begin with and I always use the same things -.- so I'm really trying to cut back, AND use up what I have. So far I've been doing really well XD This Sephora purchase was from a month ago hahaha. Meant to blog about it but just never had the time. But anyway, rotation has been great ^_^ doing rotation at a hospital now for acute care, and it is so much more fun to apply what you learn in school and see how things work in real life, it's really exciting! I get inappropriately excited when I see the disease states we learned in school. Do you guys watch Grey's Anatomy? Remember in season 1 whenever they see a big trauma case they always get super excited? That's how I feel LOL. I'm not sure if you guys know or care, or are curious at all, but pharmacy is moving in a different direction now. A lot of patients are still surprised to see a pharmacist on the team when we go on rounds. Pharmacy is moving toward a more clinical direction now, rather than just the traditional dispensing in the community pharmacy. At some point in the future, community pharmacists will probably be replaced by robots, since robots eliminate human errors and mistakes. We'll see.

So that's the end of my update! Sorry I got chatty, kkk. So exactly what did I purchase a month ago when ebates was having the 15% cash back?!


Yep. I bought the freaking Dior sunscreen. DAMN. IT.
Also picked up another 100 point perk-- They're Real mascara! Really happy to have another one ^_^ I've already done a review on this mascara, so check here if you're interested :) Also talked about it in my empties post, so if you're interested in my final thoughts of this mascara, check here too.

If you're wondering why I got a sample for the cologne... that's because they gave me the wrong perfume sample -_- it was supposed to be the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Oh well.

Also got a sample of the Sunday Riley Active Eye Cream. Was really excited to try it because I've always wanted to try SR products, but I was really disappointed. This eye cream burned my eyes and I haven't tried to use it since that first time.

And of course, I was excited when I saw bareMinerals launched their very first liquid foundation, so I also got a sample. It's meh. I've only tried it once and I didn't like it. Didn't bother to try the foundation a second time @_@ The reason why I don't like that foundation is because it's too liquid. I like liquid foundation with a touch of creaminess. The formula of bareMinerals liquid foundation is the type of liquid that emphasizes dry patches. And I feel like it doesn't set??? I don't know. Didn't try it enough to say much about it but that was my first impression.


If you guys remember from a while ago, I got a sample of the Dior sunscreen? Check here if you want to see my thoughts, since they haven't changed XD

Well, the MUA gave me enough sample that lasted me for about 1 week and a half? After using it up, I missed it T_T Plus my Anessa sunscreen is running low, and I will need another sunscreen anyway.

Took this pic a month ago, so I actually have half of what's shown in here left lol.

I still like the Anessa sunscreen... but I think I like the Dior one even more. Seriously, I hate that I like expensive stuff!!!! Really wasn't expecting to like this sunscreen at all. Why!!! Whyyyyyy!!! Waeeee?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? (Korean, *coughs*)

I love and I hate you. In general, I haven't had much luck with Dior skincare or makeup, but I like this sunscreen!




That's all I have for now! Hope it wasn't too boring. Just wanted to follow up with my last post and keep you guys updated about my likes/don't-likes ^_~

Will come back with another post tomorrow :) Until then, have a good night guys!

<3 Frances


  1. Wowie, I want that Dior sunscreen too!!!! :p but I havent purchased because it's sooo expensive haha.

    Congrats on loving your rotations! :) It should be one of the most memorable years for you! ^__^

    1. Thanks Jen! That's so sweet of you :))) hahaha yeah I still kind of can't believe I actually bought it... X_x I must use it gooooood LOL

  2. I also hate that I like expensive stuff =(

    1. I know. It's like a curse I will never outlive. LOL T_T

  3. The Dior Snow line has the most AWESOME packaging ever T_T

    1. omg Nani!!! Long time no talk! How are you?? I somehow lost track of your blog... must go catch up with it sometime :))) hope things are going great with you! PS: I agree T_T


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