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Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 2014 Empties

Hi guys!

As promised... Trying to get back into the swing of things... aka BLOGGING!!!! RAWRRR!! lol
Seeeee I told you I would try XD

So today I'm gonna do my empties post :) gosh this one is long overdue... been accumulating all this junk since my last empties post just so I could write about them -_-" maybe I should just take a pic as soon as I'm done with a product so I don't have to hold on to them hahaha. Nevertheless I felt mega awesome when I finally threw them out/recycled them!!! ^_^

1. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner
I don't use anything other than my MAC Liquidlast/Milani Infinite liquid eyeliners to line my eyes, but I do use a separate liquid eyeliner to line my upper lash line, so this is what it's for. This thing is complete crap =_= it's very black alright, but it dried out literally after I used it like 10 times =__________________= wtf. I think I just got a bad batch. Still. Didn't make a very good impression. So no will not repurchase. What a waste of money.

2. Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cream
I've talked about the Mega Mushroom line too many times. Best thing for calming sensitivity. Have repurchased ^_^

3. Lancome Visionnaire Correcting Polish Cream
Errr.... honestly, I really can't remember what I felt about it O___o I guess if I don't remember it must mean I didn't feel any difference using it xD but seeing I did bother to open up 3 samples, it must mean I did enjoy them XD Probably something I liked but wouldn't spend money on.

4. L'occitane E eye cream
I forgot the name of this eye cream and went to Google for it... it must have been discontinued because I can't find it anywhere lol. Which is okay, because it's nothing outstanding. It has a bouncy light texture, and I noticed when I forgot to use this eye cream my under eyes did feel a bit dry, so I guess it hydrates alright? However no longer interested in trying another skincare from L'occitane.

5. Kanebo/Media Lasting Eyeliner, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
Again, these were for the purpose of lining my upper lash line.

Kanebo-- at first I really didn't like it because it really is NOT pigmented. I would describe it as "diluted ink." However, I did grow to really like it because I noticed it actually looks super natural for lash-lining, especially on the days I wear only mascara+ upper lash liner. Plus it lasted forever (as in quantity, not staying power). I will repurchase next time I'm in Taiwan, however it's not a must and I wouldn't encourage anyone going out of their way to purchase it.

Eyeko-- it's pretty black. It dried out so fast as well! I think I only used it for a month before I had to replace it?? It's ok. I feel like it shouldn't be an "department store" product, any drugstore eyeliner will perform the same.

6. Majolica Majorca mascara, primer and Benefit They're Real mascara
You guys all know MJ makes my favorite mascaras. Long lasting, curl-holding, no smudging, good length and volume.

I actually was pretty sad when the They're Real mascara ran out... lol!! See my review here. I think this is by far actually the best lengthening/volume mascara I've tried. Too bad there's no curl hold. As to the smudging problem I mentioned in my review-- I actually found if I dust a little setting powder on my lower eyelid where it usually smudges, then the problem no longer exists. I have other mascaras I'm working on at the moment... so I won't be purchasing it. I don't know if I want to ever spend 20+ on a mascara, but I do miss it, haha! Will definitely not hesitate to pick it up if Sephora provides it as 100 point perk though.

7. Jeune d'age Eye Creme
Oh gosh =__= I've had this for too long. Originally bought it because Raeview said it "cured" her undereye fine lines. Should've known it wouldn't work on me because mine are genetic. Anyway I really did NOT like this eye cream at all. It separates all the time (when you pump out the product it's always oil/lotion separation, so you have to mix it together, which isn't a big deal), and I feel like it's NEVER absorbed. It literally just sits under my eyes. I didn't notice it do anything. Eventually I stopped using it under my eyes cuz there's so much and I didn't want to try to use it up. Then I tried applying it as a lotion on my body -_-a it's so greasy. And still it doesn't want to be absorbed. So actually nope I did not use this up. TOSS!

8. Eyeko Lenthening Skinny Brush Mascara
Unremarkable. No curl hold. Smudges. Glad to get rid of it so I can use other mascaras.

9. Jack Black Epic Moisture Nourishing Oil
Really liked it! Smells AMAZING and makes my hair super soft. Was debating if I should purchase it but I'm not sure if my face is allergic to it so I'm gonna wait it out. My face is itchy all the time now, even without using any hair product. Really, having leave-in treatments always make my face itchy so I really don't think it's product-specific. But I did enjoy it a lot while I was using it despite "I think" it made my face itchy!

10. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment
So glad I got a sample to try-- almost made an impulsive purchase after reading all the rave reviews/Youtube reviews! But then again even if I did purchase it I would just return it. $69 ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????!?!?!?? Anyway it did absolutely nothing to my blackheads-- but then again nothing ever does anything to draw out my blackheads. With that said if you're one of these ppl who found Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque effective-- then you might enjoy this. I think my pores are just too small and hold on too tight to my blackheads and don't ever want to let go. Puahaha. Oh I did notice it makes my bumpy nose surface/texture smoother and brighter-- that would be the blend of acids exfoliation.

11. Lancome Blanc Miracle powder foundation

SAM_6952 SAM_6953

I know I mentioned it in my last empties, but it's officially gone XD I cannot tell you guys the moment I got the last bit of powder out how immensely f*cking PROUD I was, ahahhahaahahah!!!! (爽啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who can read Chinese XD) Ladies, let me introduce the first foundation I've ever used up!! Haha. Although I'm a liquid foundation junkie, I do use powder foundation more often, because I squeeze out my blackheads every so often and my skin would flake after that, and liquid foundation would just accentuate the flaky skin. I did really enjoy this powder, but I do think I prefer the Teint Miracle (Asian version) powder more. I wouldn't mind repurchasing though!

12. Origins GingZing eye cream
This thing actually leaves a faint pink sheen, which I think is supposedly for brightening. But honestly it's nothing noticeable XD if you have darkness underneath your eyes, the pink sheen is not gonna make a dent in it. However, I did notice this eye cream actually did depuff my eyes! Pretty cool because I have not used another eye cream that noticeably depuffs my eyes. Recommend it for girls who wakes up with puffy eyes looking for a quick solution XD 

13. Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser
Lost count of how many of these I've used up. Granted I don't use it every day, I only reserve it for days when my face just cannot stop feeling itchy -_- Also repurchased and probably will never stop repurchasing lol.

14. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment
I was excited to get this sample because I've been wanting to try Juice Beauty for a while. When I saw the name-- stem cellular repair?! Decreases DNA damage and improves cellular turnover?! =_________________= I'm sorry I think I just lost interest in Juice Beauty. If you think stem cell repair is that easy, then we don't even need organ transplants or skin grafts. In fact, no body will even need Botox. I don't think I can respect any company that use stem cell as an advertisement. Any multicellular organism will have stem cells because that's where they regenerate from, doesn't mean if you grind them up and apply it it's gonna act like human stem cells and differentiate into whatever cells you need.

By the way, the eye cream is also unremarkable. A while ago I said I was contemplating going organic with my foundation... but I've given up on that. Now I think organic makeup is overrated lol.

15. Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Mint & Tea body wash/foam bath
I don't normally like the scent of eucalyptus mint, but this was nice =) very rejuvenating. If there's discount on this line I wouldn't mind repurchasing =)

16. WEN Replenishing Treatment
It was basically the cleansing conditioner in "water" form. It's like spraying water into your hair. It's nice and detangles, but other than that I didn't notice much. Enjoyed it but wouldn't repurchase.

17. Ehhhhhh a free conditioner sample
It's whatev no one even knows this brand anyway hahahaha

18. Naruko Oil Out Tea Tree Peeling Gel
It's an exfoliating gel that chemically exfoliates your skin (as opposed to scrubs which mechanically exfoliates your skin). It's meh... my face doesn't feel clean or fresh after using it. I ended up just using it to exfoliate my armpits, hahahaha!!!!

19. Shiseido The Skincare Day Moisture Protection
I believe this was my third bottle??? Really good if you have flaky skin, because it has a slightly sticky texture which helps smooths down any flakiness/dry patches. Won't be repurchasing anytime soon because I want to try other things =) By the way this is definitely more suitable for winter.

20. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner
I've used up many many bottles of this, and prob my fav conditioner of all time! Super cheap too and OMG smells so amazingggg. Don't think I will ever get tired of the scent XD It's probably filled with silicone or whatever since it makes your hair super smooth and silky lol. Have some stocked up in the pantry space lolol.

21. Clear Damage & Color Repair nourishing shampoo
I remember I was very fond of this shampoo at the beginning because I noticed my hair felt thicker and stronger after using it for a few days. Unfortunately I stopped using it consistently -_-a Because I was trying to use up this other shampoo so I was kind of going back and forth with this, so I stopped noticing any difference lol. And I never got around to trying the conditioner @_@

22. WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner
I've done a review on this and my thoughts haven't really changed. However I was genuinely surprised that I felt sad when I ran out of it LOL. I think it's because I was very fond of this scent. Using the sweet almond mint one now but I like fig better.

23. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil
Lol I dropped the bottle and the pump broke =( I enjoyed the product but after I broke the pump I was so eager to use it up because it was such a hassle -_-a Good cleansing oil but I will never pay full price for this. I would recommend trying out MAC if you're interested in cleansing oils because that one is cheaper and effective too.

24. Aveda Hand Relief hand cream
Used to be my favorite hand cream-- it used to do such wonders to my skin and made my hand super soft. But somewhere along the line it stopped working for me =( now it's just so-so. Won't be repurchasing it for a long time.

25. Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo/conditioner
No extra volume noticed LOL. It did make my hair just a little bit fluffier. Smells nice though. Honestly if Bumble and bumble products aren't so ridiculously expensive then I might be willing to try out their products.

26. Curel Daily Moisture
Enjoyed it =) Currently using a Nivea one, it's not as good and omg the scent is so overwhelming =_= I love that this lotion is not fragranted. Wouldn't mind repurchasing it but I bought a Cetaphil one so I'm using that one now =P

27. WEN sweet almond mint Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment
Again please refer to this review. It's really nice but wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it.

28. Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo
I really like it but wouldn't say it's my favorite-- that's saying if I find a better anti-residue shampoo, then I will replace this. The reason why it's not my favorite is because most of the time I feel like I need to shampoo twice with this to get that residue-free feeling? Or maybe I'm confusing that with scalp being stripped and dried out? xD who knows. It smells pharmaceutical, which I don't mind. I do love how fluffy my hair is after using this though ^.^

29. Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Bubble hair dye in Berry Ash
Managed to get this on Amazon for around $12. It's ok... wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it again (had to wait a month for it to ship from Japan). It's fading pretty fast =/ and I feel like the color didn't apply very evenly (maybe it's because my highlights before were too light/strong so this hair dye couldn't quite cover it???) Also it made my hair SO DRY. Also, I'm still not a fan of bubble hair dye =_=  it's just so runny, and I had to keep wiping around my hair line. However I will say it comes with a very generous amount of product, which is super nice.

30. 365 Herbal mint shampoo/conditioner
So this is a Wholefoods brand. Just decided to give it a go-- I like the idea of using biodegradable shampoo/conditioner =P it's just ok... I feel like it doesn't cleanse very well though-- I feel like I have to shampoo twice? Also the conditioner isn't very conditioning. No will not be repurchasing.

Whew!!! That was so long. Gosh I spent the whole day reading on computer for school, and now I'm typing this. My eyes are killing me O_O Must go take a break now. Hope some of you found this helpful!


<3 Frances


  1. all the pictures are private =(

    1. it should be fixed now >.< sorryyyyy. can you see them now??? flickr's different now so i was struggling >o<!!!

  2. I love the origins ginzing items. They smell so great, but I've only used samples so far. I might have to buy full-sized products to empty as well! I used to use the Aussie 3 minute miracle stuff, but I stopped just cause I wanted to try other products. I remember it did make my hair smell nice and soft though~ Now I'm inspired to do a February empties post too!

    1. hehe you should do it! the sense of accomplishment is freaking awesome XD I haven't tried any other ginzing items! but I don't think the eye cream smells like anything :) thanks for taking the time out of your day to comment ^.^

  3. Dang girl..so many empties! I agree with you on 1, 5 (eyeko), and 7 (I tossed mine too). I don't think the milani eye tech is a bad batch. It's just like that. hahah It was the same for me! Sad...

    1. Hi Leenda!!!!! omg it's been so long!! how have you been?? I hope work/life are treating you well! =)
      hahaha omg are you serious?! that is just terrible. we should spread the word far and wide to save other girls from wasting their moneyyyyyyy

  4. Yay you're back to blogging! :) I'm glad I wasn't the only one with the eyeko liner...good thing I only had a sample or else it would've been such a waste of money.

    1. Aw thanks Kelsey :) hehehe I've been silently spying on your blog XD you've been blogging quite frequently :D I had a rotation over the winter so I was too busy to blog :/ and this semester has been crazy so far!! the workload is like quadruple times of the fall semester >.< although I'm sure my workload has nothing on yours :P


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