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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Super BELATED Best of 2013 Products and Change of YouTube Channel

Hello dolls!

Guess who's made a comeback xD
Hahahaha... I haven't forgotten about my blog... but I have to admit after winter break I've just been so lazy... and school is busy. We are studying law this semester =______= gosh. The more I know about law the less I want to become a pharmacist. It seems like we can get into trouble so easily.

So anyway, two things!

First, I decided to be a major procrastinator and filmed a yearly favorites video =P I've planned it for a really long time but just never gotten around to do it. I hope you guys will like it. It's been too long since I've made a video, so I apologize if the video seems very scattered/awkward lol. Also I didn't know how washed out the video is until I uploaded it into my computer =( Apologies guys!

Apparently you can use customized thumbnails now! But I lazy XD it looks like I'm saying F*** in this thumbnail. LOLOLOLOL

Second... I got a new YouTube channel. Actually I don't even know what my username is anymore =_= With Google and YouTube merging and all that. But anyway, the reason why I HAD to get another channel is because I previously used my undergrad e-mail to sign up for the "francesvlogs" account. Then my undergrad e-mail merged with Gmail and somehow during the process I lost authorization to log into my YouTube account through my undergrad account. Boo! I guess it doesn't really matter anyway since I scarcely check that account lol. In fact... I didn't even realize I can't log in anymore until... ahem... today.... LMAO.

So this is my YouTube channel now --> http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTDvt4KzgShuSM_8cj7wasg

So anyway! Just wanted to put that out there just for clarification. In case someone thought this is a fake account or something. Some of you guys have looked out for me in the past and I just don't want any confusion ^_^

That's all for today for now... I will be working on more blog posts, promise! (?!) Will probably do an empties post next :)

Hope you guys are doing really well and are staying safe and warm... be careful and don't slip on the ice! I almost slipped and face planted the other day XD

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