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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain and Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in #15 Corail Intuitive Review and Swatches

Hi guys!

Here are my YSL Glossy Stain review and swatches ^_^ I also included the swatches of my Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick; just figured I would group them all together since those are all the YSL lip products I own XD


From let to right: YSL Glossy Stains in 9, 29, 23, and Rouge Volupté Shine in 15 Corail Intuitive

Bare lips

Bare lips. See why I'm addicted to lip products this year? XD Lip color really can transform a person's complexion in an instant. Even more so than blushes in my opinion. Look so dead without lip color lol.

First let's look at the lipstick
Rouge Volupté Shine in 15 Corail Intuitive. This picture is a little bit washed out.

Corail Intuitive is a nice nudey pink color. This picture is pretty true to color. In general I don't tend to like nude lip colors, but I thought this is such a beautiful color! I think it has a youthful effect on the lips. The formula is pretty moisturizing, but you do have to exfoliate your lips otherwise it will accentuate dry patches somewhat. Not terrible but also not the smoothest. I also get a weird tingling feeling from using this lipstick, which I'm not a fan of. Does anyone else get that? I'm happy to have this lipstick, but I don't think I will purchase another YSL lipstick (by far, Za has my favorite lipstick formula. See here for my review).

Now onto the glossy stains! I'm really happy with the turnout of all the photos hereon forth-- they're all very true to color. The sun was cooperating =D

Just a quick mention, my favorite way to apply these glossy stains is to apply them to my lips (I like to transfer the products to the back of my hand first because if I'm eating/drinking I feel like it's unsanitary to touch the applicator to my lips after O_O) and smooth them out with my fingers for a more faded effect. If you desire a more intense look I'd suggest apply directly from the applicator and just rub your lips together.

First let's look at #29, Rose Forreau, the color that led me down this path of no return O_o

ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 29 Rose Forreau

I ADORE this color. It's a mix between a nude pink and tawny pink. Under some lighting it can look more tawny and brown than pink, like in here. I used quite a light hand in this picture, but if you use more, the finish will be more glossy and shiny, like here.

Next, #23 Fuchsia Cubiste. In the tube as shown in the first picture, it looks like such an intimidating, dark, vampy lip color. But fear not my friends! It actually applies pretty sheer, and is the absolute, PERFECT berry lips for fall/winter.
ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 23 Fuchsia Cubiste. There are little glitters inside but you can't really see/feel them once applied to your lips.

I LOVE this berry color so so SO much. Berry lips cannot get more perfect than this. I have found the perfect color for winter/fall :)

Last but certainly not least, #9 Rouge Laque
ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 9 Rouge Laque. Look how gorgeous and opaque this red is!

#9 Rouge Laque is a beautiful orangy red. Personally I found orange red suits my complexion much much better than blue-toned red. At first I was debating between this and #20 Rouge Enamel, but after seeing #20 in person, #20 leans more blue (more like a true red), and has glitters in it. #20 is beautiful and looks more luxurious but I just decided to go with #9 because I think it's more me.

Among the three glossy stains I own, this one is the most opaque.

And since I wore red in my last swatch, I happen to have some photos of what #9 looks like as a stain (after the gloss has faded)
Personally really like it when the gloss has faded as well.



My thoughts on glossy stains?

The texture of the formula is SUPERB. It is not sticky at all (to my standards at least. As a reference, I think Lancome Juicy Tubes are not sticky and has really good formula. MAC lipglosses/glasses are very sticky and drying to me the last time I tried them, which to be fair I haven't tried them in years so I have no idea if they have improved their formulation or not), and the best part is that those glossy stains actually feel moisturizing-- a lot of glosses tend to make my lips feel very dried out at the end of the day (which is why I stopped using glosses).

Now onto the wear. After having worn these glosses for a good amount of time, I actually think the staining needs work. Bottom line is, if you wear the glossy stains and just do nothing (talking is fine), then they do last for good 2-4 hours. But if you eat or drink, then the glosses are gone. I mean even with just a sip of water. Not a trace of the stain will remain. To be honest, these lip stains don't even stain that much to begin with; I would consider them to be more just glosses than stains because the stains are so faint and the stains don't last. In that respect, for the price point of these products, I think YSL needs to improve on the longevity of the wear, namely the staining power, because even Revlon balm stains perform better than glossy stains. I still really love the glossy stain formula though and I am definitely interested in trying out more colors (although probably won't buy another one in a while because the lack of longevity is making me think twice about its worth).

I have to say YSL has really impressed me since the launch of the Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation. The TE foundation and those glossy stains are really beautiful products! (really TOO bad the stains don't last) Now I'm a lot more interested in trying out more YSL products-- Creme de Blush in particular =P So far the only thing I truly dislike from YSL is the Touche Eclat Radiant Touch pen (which ironically, is their best-selling product).

What do you guys think about YSL? Any recommendation?

Hope some of you found this review helpful!

And in case I don't post again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. I think all these colours are very pretty and they suit you well! My favorite is #9 though, I always love orangey-red lip products. Longevity is important to me in a lip product though, I don't like spending a lot of money on a product that disappears after one sip of water :(

    1. I know... I'm really bummed out about the longevity as well. I mean I don't regret the ones I bought but at the same time I'm a lot more hesitant to purchase more now. Still tempted to try out more colors but probably won't purchase one in a while lol

  2. These are such pretty colours, your lips are so small and cute >_< haha sorry, i just decided to point that out :P
    I really love Corail Intuitive, its a really natural nude colour!


    1. hehehehe small lips to go with small eyes XD
      thanks for taking time to comment <3

  3. I really love all of the colors on you!!(:
    I'm jealous of how good you look in red!!ahah
    I don't currently own any glossy stains but
    you're slowing tempting melol
    I think I may get the first one because it seems
    like it would be the easiest to wear^_^
    The corail intuitive seems like a really nice color
    but sad to hear that it's not moisturizing.
    Thank you for another great review Frances!!^_-


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