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Monday, September 9, 2013

Za Plumper Lips Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hi guys!

Here are the swatches for the Za Plumper Lips lipsticks 膠原豐潤唇膏 =)  Not really a review since I really don't have that much to say about them. Very moisturizing and gives a very hydrated, shiny/watery finish. I simply adore the formula ^_^ And I don't know why but these lipsticks tend NOT to get on my teeth??? I had that problem with Revlon lip butters and other lipsticks, but I haven't noticed that with these. Maybe because I apply them differently??

My favorite application for these lipsticks is apply directly from the tube, blend and sheer out with my finger, then pat a little bit of lipstick on the middle part of my lips for more color pay-off.

I own four of them. Left to right are 01, 04, 08, and 10. I threw the packaging away so I no longer have the English names =( The Chinese names on them are 耀眼寶石, 薔薇酒紅, 繽紛櫻桃, and 咖啡酒紅 respectively.


From bottom to top: 01, 04, 08, 10.

Very shiny finish.


Bare lips. So much discoloration around my mouth lol.
Ever since I got into lipsticks I always feel like I look like a dead zombie (dead zombie? haha as if zombies aren't already dead) without any lip color. Lol.

Color 01 (耀眼寶石)
So at first I was very hesitant to purchase this color because of the visible glitters. The good thing is that the glitters are so fine that I don't even feel them. The bad thing is that when the lipstick wears off, you can see the glitters stuck to the lips -_-
While the lipstick looks really dark in tube, it comes out quite sheer. This was after several swipes.

It does make my lips look quite plump, and I have to admit the glitters in this lipstick makes the finish looks quite luxurious.
01 and 08 are quite similar except 01 has glitters and 08 is more pink/brighter.

Color 04 (薔薇酒紅)

04 is a nude pink.

I thought I was going to love this color but it's my least favorite among the 4. With that said I'm not saying I don't like it, but in general I just don't prefer nude. Also I'm not sure if it's because of the color, but I did find that this lip color tend to accentuate my dry lips more than the other ones. Not too bad but more noticeable than the others.

I think this will be a great color for smokey eyes because it still has some color and doesn't completely wash you out.

Color 08 (繽紛櫻桃)

08 reminds me a bit of Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie, but Za 08 has more purple than Revlon.


I ADORE this color!

Color 10 (咖啡酒紅)

Really love this brown, tawny red. I think it gives a very elegant, sophisticated look ^_^



Overall I am very impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. I bought each for $10 USD, so if you can find these somewhere around that price, I'd say you found a good vendor!

Hope some of you found this post helpful/interesting ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. this is a brand I'd like to try but cann't find where they sell it = (
    And the formula is divine, looks my very luxurious and expensive.

    1. Sorry I didn't know how inaccessible these are =( I thought you'd be able to find them on eBay or Amazon. But I did find it on mybeautystore.com in case you're interested! (Although... a little too expensive...)

  2. Hi Frances *waves* Wow these Za lipsticks look very hydrating and shiny on your lips :) So gorgeous! I wonder what the scent it like? I'm assuming that it smells pleasant hehe

    Haha dead zombie xD

    1. Hi hi Jen! *waves back* they are pretty awesome for drugstore =D Ehhh I don't think they smell like anything XD which I actually prefer. MAC lipsticks smell bad -.-

  3. Such pretty colors and what a nice finish xD I'm really intrigued by these lipsticks now. 01 and 08's swatches appealed to me most :) If you had to pick between those two, which would you recommend? Hmm, then again, 08 looks really pretty too.....>.<

    1. 08 for sure! That's my fav shade lolol! But mainly because the glitters in 01 irks me at the end of the day >.< me no like glitter :(

    2. PS: haven't seen you in a while! Welcome back to blogger :D hope everything's all well with you ^_^

    3. Awesome! New item to add to my xmas wishlist! and whoa how'd you recognize me? :O I'm fine, just got caught up in life. I'll be applying for college this winter...yikes >.< How've you been? I saw that you got a haircut lol

    4. lol girl I think you have the same profile pic ;) and I recognize fox in your name too :D my blog isn't super popular or anything so I'm pretty good with remembering/recognizing my readers XD

      Aw, good luck!!! application process is always the worst >.< but you'll be soo happy when it's all over :D do you have to interview for college entrances?? I didn't for mine but that was yearsss ago lol. hehe life's been good thanks for asking! Third year is treating me well so far lolol (keep feeling restless cuz I feel like I'm too relaxed O_o) and yeah I'm waiting impatiently for my hair to grow out T_________________________T but I bet when it's long again I'll be b****ing about how flat it is. hahaha XD

    5. Lol true true...

      Thanks xD I can't wait to be done =.= I'm gonna give blogging another shot once once applying is done lol. Uhhhh Im pretty sure I dont have to but i might...dunno yet. And lol that's good but it's only the beginning of the year xD Oh stahhp it your hair looks awesome both short and long xD

    6. YOU CAN DO IT!!! ^_^bbbb <--- that's a quadruple thumbs up... in case you can't tell XD
      and thanks... you're too kind XD I'll try to like it more lolololol


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