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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Non-stop Hauling =_= Braun, Hot Tools, Z-palette, Kett, Blogilates, etc.

Hello Blogger!

So basically... for the last week... I've been shopping... non-stop =__= mostly online (which is even more dangerous, mind you ← Don't know why I'm suddenly talking like Harry Potter/British). A lot of it is for school (first time buying textbooks since undergrad LOL), and a lot of it is for home too. I'm pretty much done with settling in, just need some small stuff here and there. I broke my body-length mirror the day before yesterday T_T so I have to get a new one. But that was plain stupidity on my part. Gahhhh!!!

Okay I didn't spend money on samples obviously XD But I did go to the mall and pick up samples for Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged foundation, Lancome Teint Visionnaire Makeup Duo, and YSL Youth Liberator foundation. I got Marc Jacobs in two different shades because they both seem like they could work, so I wanted to make sure I got the one that would suit me the best. Times like this I wish I have ten faces so I can try them out all at once XD By the way my shades are updated in the My Beauty Information/My Foundation Shades. Swatches are in the works! Any one in particular you guys would like to see first??

Okay now let the blood bath (?) begin.

First... I finally got on the bandwagon for epilating XD
I got SO SICK of getting those red dark bumps from shaving. And I feel like my shaves are never clean enough-- you can always see the dark little stubs that dotted my armpits and legs (and they feel so unpleasant to the touch). I know you're supposed to change blades like after every 1-2 uses, but seriously who spends all that money on blades?? Honestly, blades and razors are not cheap at all. I wish had I started epilating sooner... all that money I spent on blades and razors could've got me a really good epilator already. So with that said,  you can guess that yes, I LOVE it. I can NEVER go back to shaving again. Since I'm still new at the epilating thing, I will hold off the review for this epilator until I'm more experienced. But so far this is the single most exciting purchase I've made since my Nike Free Run 3. LOL. #TotalMindBlown

Oh by the way, anyone has a good post-epilating cream recommendation????? For ingrown hair prevention. I'm still researching but I just want to close my eyes and pick one and be done with it >.<

Hot Tools Deep Waver

I'm sure you guys see it coming, of course I got the recommendation from none other than Bubzbeauty ^_^
Been wanting it ever since I saw her use it in this video:

And after seeing it again in her newest favorites, I guess it just "pushed me over the edge" XD

Am I referencing this video way too often? XD

Lol really though, it was like 45% off on Amazon (you can find it here). Moral of the story: sales are so dangerous.


Lowest setting is 280F.

Highest setting is 430F.

I've only used it once so far (trying to spare my hair some damage >.<) and it literally gave me volume like POOF. I like XD. I need more practice though because for some reason my curls came out a little frizzy.

Next, I got a Z-palette
I got it from Amazon to save on shipping XD

It comes with a generous number of magnetic stickers.


I have been de-potting a lot of my blushes. De-potting is actually very addicting and weirdly gratifying O________o I'm mostly de-potting my blushes cuz they take up SO. MUCH. SPACE. Both in my makeup storage AND with traveling. I actually went ahead and bought two more Z-palettes after receiving this because apparently one Z-palette is not enough XD Didn't think I have that many blushes. But I also want to separate eye shadows from blushes in case the powders get on each other. I ordered another large palette and a small one... didn't want to get the Pro palette because I don't think it would fit in my makeup drawer.

Kett Fixx Creme Foundation
Yep. I got too excited. Again. From the video above XD I don't think Kett products are sold anywhere except from its website (darn no Amazon Prime free shipping XD). The foundation was pretty affordable so why not XD I was so intrigued lol.

It's actually smaller than I thought. I thought it looks pretty big in YouTube videos.

N3 surprisingly was a perfect match for me.

The flyer that came with the product

=D It's gonna go into my small Z-palette. Didn't want to buy the compact... such a waste of space.

I took advantage of the Blogilates 20% off sale and bought some shorts and hoodie. The sale code was announced on Cassie's Instagram over the Labor Day weekend in celebration of the successful launch of the Blogilates app. Not sure if it was announced on her other social media?? Anyway I just really wanted some cute gym wear lol.

The Train Insane or Remain the Same Hoodie (you can find it here).

It's alright. It's pretty soft and comfy, but it doesn't have as much shape as I had hoped. This is the problem with online shopping for clothes =_= they look so different on the model verses on me. It's not the most flattering on me but not bad either. I like it but don't love it.

***update: just put this hoodie in wash for the first time the other day. OMG the cotton got EVERYWHERE. So if you're buying this hoodie, you might want to consider running a separate wash. 

The Train Insane Booty Shorts (you can find it here).
First of all I just want to say that the shorts that I really really really wanted was the Beast Mode shorts XD But unfortunately the shorts were all sold out, like no joke (I wish on the website it would just say it's sold out on the main page... instead of us having to click on each one to see if it's still available). So I just settled for whatever I could snag.

The color in these two pics are not true to color at all, but I just wanted to show the shape of these shorts.

This is most true to color XD

What it looks like on me. Yes I gained a little weight XD And lost some of the definition over the summer. My weight fluctuates between 101-105 lbs -_-"
Been trying to get back to my routine.


As to what I think about these shorts... eh... I'd have to say they're really not my favorite. The material is very light and soft (like my butt would feel nicely ventilated during workouts XD). My problem is that it keeps riding up... granted these are "booty" shorts, but when it rides up, I just feel too uncomfortable/self-conscious that I have to keep pulling them down O_o Just for reference, this the normal/pulled down length in the pics. When it rides up, it goes just below my bum. Not to the point it's gonna show my butt cheeks or anything, but I have some fat and cellulite on my upper thigh that I'd like to keep to myself XD

I also bought an O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream because my hands have been so dry =(
My Aveda hand cream helped, but did not make the dry patches go away. I once read a review from Rainy Days and Lattes and her condition looks exactly like mine, so I decided to give it a go. Just received it so I haven't got a chance to try it out.

Lastly, I bought more beautyblenders. They were also on sale on Amazon xD (you can find them here). It's also a Prime product so free shipping heck yeahhhhh XD
I started using my old beautyblender again lately and kind of rediscovered it XD I used to have two of them but I sold one. Beats me why I even decided to sell it in the first place. I think it was because it was too much of a hassle to clean? LOL. I kind of wanted the white, dye-free one, but there wasn't any deal on it, so whatever. The pink one works just fine =D

Wow, I'm on a roll with blogging these days! Am I just having way too much free time in my third year?? LOL. Second year was HECTIC cuz I literally have exams every week. Third year is all cases and readings so I'm not as pressed on time as I used to be =D But I must go work on my case now. Hopefully I don't misdiagnose my patient this time O_o


  1. Lol I like all the bubzbeauty-recommended products here xD and wow the kett foundation does look smaller than it did on Youtube O.o Oh and speaking of blogilates, have you ever heard of FigureRobics? :) It's kinda similar...ish lol I've been doing that instead of blogilates lately.

    1. figurerobics by Jung Dayeon?? If you're talking abt her workout routine then yes I've tried it =D I used to do them on my lazy days... but now... I guess I'm too lazy on my lazy days O_o!!

  2. Hehe enjoy your free time while it lasts! :)
    Yeah, bubz's monthly favorites make me lust after soo many products. I wanna try that foundation eventually.
    And hey, you sold the beautyblender to me! Sharing is caring right? hehe. I bought a cheap knockoff of it since the beautyblender is so expensive, but it unfortunately just doesn't compare.

    1. haha duuuude.... I became busy right after I said I had a lot of free time... I KNEW IT. should'n't have said anything. LOL oh gawd.

      haha yeah I remember! but I couldn't remember the reason why I wanted to get rid of it instead of just saving it for later O_o lol oh wells. Good to hear that... I was always wondering how the knock-off ones are (like the Sonia Kashuk one) but I never wanted to risk it lol. Hey RealTechniques just came out with a makeup sponge as well! I kind of want to try that lol

  3. your body is perfect!!! I just I have your body then I'll be on cloud nine ^_~ Stay sexy ^_~

    1. awwww... thanks Janet! that's a really nice thing for you to say O_o trust me it's really not perfect XD but it's okay I'm not a model hahaha XD

  4. love your work out outfit!! :)

    1. thanks Shayne! hehe it's actually not my workout outfit... I don't go to the gym with so much skin exposed XD (prob will get sued for public indecency or something XD) I didn't want to wear a tank over it in case it covers the shorts :P


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