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Monday, September 2, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

Hello guys!

Time for another favorites post! ... Actually come to think of it, this is only my third O_O (after about 3 years on blogger... lol wow). How do ppl do monthly favorites?! I mean I try out a lot of products too... but maybe I'm just too lazy to obsess over anything lol. Anyway without further ado, let's see what products won my heart over the last few months ^_^

1. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque
I purchased this little sample size on Amazon after seeing Lisa Eldridge talk about this in her My Beauty Regime on Long Haul Flights video. I brought it with me for my flight to Taiwan and OMG it saved my skin. It is seriously hydrating... it kept my skin so comfortable throughout the whole flight (I'm talking about 12 hours straight of flying). My face didn't feel dried out at all at the end of the trip. However I didn't really use it as a mask... I used it as a moisturizer lol cuz my skin literally just ate it up cuz it was sooo dry. You can obviously use a thicker layer but I don't like the feeling of something sitting on my skin. Definitely recommend this for long haul flights/air-conditioned room/if you need a lot of hydration! Only downfall... it kind of smells like fish oil??? O_o not that it really matters since the product itself is awesome hehe.

2. Bubbi Powder Brush and Multi Brush
I only used powder foundation this summer since my skin just couldn't stand anything else (my fav is Lancome, which I already talked about here so I'm not gonna repeat myself). It's actually really funny because for the last year or two I was obsessed with using BB creams for the summer (SKIN79 to be exact), and this year my skin couldn't even tolerate BB creams O_o probably mainly due to my skin issues... BB cream was starting to feeling heavy/bothersome. So anyway! Love these brushes for powder foundation. Super super soft. I can't believe the multi brush is discontinued... I should've bought a backup T_T so great for travel.

3. Za Plumper Lips in 08
Been really liking this color! The formula is really moisturizing, and I think this color is very flattering on me =)

A pic of me wearing this lippie. Sorry not the best quality!

I have 3 other colors, the full review and swatches will come later ^_^

Okay the next few products are in line with dealing my face "allergy" problem (I use the term "allergy" loosely since I'm not sure what it is). I have a post dedicated to my skin problems, which you can refer here. So anyway this summer most unfortunately I had a flare-up again. I suspect it has something to do with the heat and the humidity... not sure.
Luckily the problematic area was quite contained this time; it didn't spread throughout my whole chin and jawline like it usually did.

It was swollen and itchy. The itchiness was the part that was killing me... I tried not putting any makeup on it cuz it just aggravates the problem. At the very most I would dust a tiny bit of powder over it (Lancome was fine, but Paul & Joe powder seemed to irritate it as well).

4. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cream
For those who've been reading my blog will be no stranger to this. Pretty much one of the very few moisturizers I could use on my problematic area without irritating it (I was using the Shiseido Pureness Matifying moisturizer which I LOVE for summer. But unfortunately the fragrance in that moisturizer doesn't sit well with my allergies). Not only does this moisturizer not irritate my skin, it SOOTHES it. I would wake up and find my skin less itchy and the redness/swelling gone down a little. I simply cannot stress how much I love and rely on the Mega Mushroom line.

5. Physiogel Lotion
Upon returning to the US, my skin went through another shock O_o it was SO DRY. Even though it's still summer and I'm near the waters, I guess compared to the humidity in Taiwan the humidity here is nothing. I usually reserve this for the winter but I had to break it out for my skin emergencies lol. I purchased this last year based on Bubbi's recommendation in her Favorite products video. I have to say last year I was not feeling this product at all; I just thought it was moisturizing but nothing too special about it. But now I know it was because my skin was normal. Now my skin is problematic I cannot use anything with fragrance in it. I usually mix this and the Mega Mushroom face cream together and apply it all over my face. This combination has helped sooth and hydrate my skin tremendously! So so glad I have this.

6. Oatmeal
Since my skin is problematic, I have been using oatmeal to clean my face for the last week. Again got the tip from Bubbi's Beautiful Skin Remedy video (I also wrote a post about it). I cannot tell you how thankful I am toward Bubbi's skin remedies! Her oatmeal cleanser and natural yogurt mask have seriously saved my skin. After a week my skin improved slowly but surely.

=) it still hasn't recovered 100%, but no one can really tell anymore. It's not red or swollen anymore but it's still itchy -_- and I know if I scratch it or something it's gonna full-blown freak out again. But I'm not complaining! I also started using natural yogurt mask yesterday, hopefully my skin will make full recovery soon. So sick of feeling itchy all the time lol.

7. Diet book by Jung Dayeon
I'm a fan of Jung Dayeon ^_^ Admittedly I don't really do her exercise anymore(since I take classes regularly at the gym) but I really like her philosophy. Anyway I bought this book because even though I have managed to maintain my weight (almost 2 years!!), it still fluctuates somewhat and a lot of times I have to fight so hard to control my appetite and cravings. Most of time I do well (mind over matter lol), but I just want to find a more sustainable way to maintain the healthy lifestyle (Mrs. Jung said she has maintained this lifestyle/diet for 13 years now). This is an amazing book that contains amazing tips! I love this book so much I bought one for my mom, my close aunt and a close friend. It's not about losing weight it's about eating healthy and eating wisely. Most of the stuff isn't new to me or anything, but there are a lot of valuable things/tips I learned too. Still trying to get into it (changes don't happen overnight). I highly recommend if you can get a copy in your language! (If you live in Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan... or something. I don't think it's available in English... not sure). There are a lot of recipes in this book too, which is awesome because I want to try out new recipes ^_^ I actually got the habit of reaching for this book and reading it whenever my will power is weakened by my appetite... and shockingly it works XD it's like it gives me more motivation and strength. Pretty cool. I will try to share some of the tips from this book ^_^ (although I don't know if there will be any copyright issues...).

That's all I have! Did you guys go hauling this Labor Day weekend? =D I want to go to the mall but I never want to go when I know it's gonna be crowded -_-a

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great week!


  1. I've have those "allergy" itchiness/redness blotches every now and again too! Hmm I remember watching the Bubz oatmeal cleansing tip but haven't tried it yet. Perhaps I should...seems like it did great for you!

    1. you should!!! =D the result isn't instantaneous... but after day 3 the swelling really started to go down. The best part is it really helps with the itchiness ^_^

  2. I love reading/watching people's monthly favorites! that lipstick color looks so great on you! :)
    a little embarrassed to say I did indeed go shopping this weekend and bought a lot of random stuff...but at least everything I bought was on sale!

    1. thanks Kelsey :D lol why is it embarrassing?? I'm always so damn proud when I got things on sale XD even though I didn't go to the mall I did a lot of online shopping *ashamed*

  3. Your skin looks better, congrats!!
    But I do hope it stops itching soonlol
    Great products and that book looks
    very interesting!!
    I'm not fluent in Korean or Chinese but
    at least now I'm somewhat motivated to find
    another book in english that can be as effectiveXP

    1. hehe thanks! I hope you find something good =D if you do please do share =DDD


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