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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vain post about missing my long hair -_-"

It's been about a little over a month since I got my haircut and I'm still kind of not used to it T_T It's just so short....

yeah I know I know, it's not even short hair, it's still long hair -_- but I've had super long hair for such a long time that I'm having a hard time adjusting to it... that and plus I wasn't prepared that my stylist would cut so much hair off...

Well... what can I say... I can't really blame my stylist, since I told her to feel free to get rid of all the dead ends... -__- little did I know just exactly how dead my hair is

Apparently more than half of the length of my hair is dead fried -_-"""

So this is my hair now
This was taken when I was about to drive home from the salon. (新竹, 可墨-- 阿瑛)

I asked my stylist not to thin it out on the bottom, since I kind of like that heavy look =P that and I don't have that much hair so I'd like to retain the little volume I have XD While it doesn't look like I have any layers, my stylist put short layers underneath my top layers to give my hair more support and volume, while retaining the long length.


Okay don't mind my hair flying in every direction in this picture... was taken at the beach. The point is the length XD

A lot of ppl tell me shorter hair suits me better since I am short, that long hair just drowns my frame. But I don't care I really miss long hair >_<

This is before

Hair was almost to my belly button.


This is the longest my hair has been for a while... 7 months without cutting? Plus last time I kept the length.


This is closer to reality-- flatness XD


This was actually after a trim so it was already shorter. I feel like I probably should've just kept it this way...

Sometimes I liked how heavy it looked.




I really miss my long hair, despite it being so annoyingly flat most of the time. Right after my stylist was done, I immediately remembered the reason why I know short hair would NOT suit me. my shoulders are quite broad and round in proportion to my head, and I also have relatively chubby arms... I NEED the volume in my head to balance my whole body proportion... otherwise I just look like a small head on top of a chubby body. Even if no one else would buy it, but I do believe having longer hair makes me look a lot slimmer.


Ah, how I wish I have lots and lots and lots of hair! big big voluminous hair! This is my dream hair IMG_3875
Jenn is just too drop dead gorgeous with her mane of hair! Even though she got it cut short (which looks great on her) but I still love her long long hair.
Her hair is just perfection. How can one be so perfect >.<

 Well... it will always grow back

Emoticons taken from 洋蔥酷樂部. I needed those pictures to assist the writing of this post since apparently words are not enough anymore XD

Oh by the way, I recently saw Bubbi's new hair color and I LOVE it!!

I've always wanted ash brown but have long given up on it. There's just SO much red/bronze in my hair that it just REFUSES to turn ash no matter how much green/grey my stylist put in my hair dye (Or maybe it should be a slower/build-up process??) But it looks like this hair dye did an amazing job lightening/turning her hair into ash brown. Really want to give this a try. But for now I will wait until my hair grows longer before I dye it.

By the way, I just epilated for the first time in my life. It was very exciting. And awesome. Yeah I'm weird. XD

<3 Frances


  1. Chilllll.. your hair will grow! <--lol, this is the kind of comment that I hate when I grumble about hair length
    But hey, if its any consolation to you, I think you still rock that slightly shorter hair. Mine never go longer than my bra strap.. U_U

    1. LOL aw thanks Aisyah! I love what you said... but I guess I say the same thing when my friends grumble about their hair length too ROFL. Mine rarely goes below bra strap too T_T when it does it's just a few strands of hair... XD

  2. I totally understand what you mean!!
    Ok, so currently my hair is to my belly button
    when straightened so it's fairly long, but I
    got it cut about 4 months ago to about near my
    chest so it does take some time to grow.
    I'm pretty short as well (though I think you're
    tallerlol) so my mom tells me to
    not keep my hair too long for the same reason
    that it'd drown my frame. Still, I personally like
    my long hair and sure, I've had some
    moments where I'd just want a change and chop it
    all off but never enough to commit to it..cause
    I'm a chickenlol
    But let me say this...
    Your hair still looks pretty good!!
    Heck, you'd look a lot better than me if I had
    short hair!!So before your hair grows longer,
    you go and you rock that baby!!!!!
    ...I actually said all of that out loud
    and pretty loud too ahah
    Thank you for sharing Frances and feel better!!^_^

  3. LOL you're so funny! Thanks I guess I will get used to it soon enough T^T 4 months is pretty good XD your hair grows fast! For some reason I think you would rock short hair though... like a cute bob like Rihanna back in the days... I think you have the right face shape ;)


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