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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of 2012

Hi guys!

Here's my top products from the year 2012. Can you guys believe this year is officially over? We 
didn't die!!!!!!!!!!! Lololol, guess the Mayans just got bored of making the calender.

Here's a video for you guys :) Do you guys enjoy videos more or posts more???? I personally like writing posts more (I'm a poor public speaker XD and editing videos take forever) but I always feel bad never really having anything up for my Youtube subscribers -_-a

 Anyway-- here's the product list. What were your favorite products/things/TV shows/food/whatever from 2012? ^_^ There are actually a couple more products that I love this year that I kind of forgot to include, but it's okay I think I will do a January fav if I have enough products to talk about.

Products mentioned: (links are provided to give you ideas where you can purchase the products, however you don't have to purchase from these sellers. Make sure you compare prices and check seller's ratings!)

1. IPSA Face Color Palette (in #201) you can buy it here (although I don't know why #201 is so much more expensive than the others)
2. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation (in B40) you can buy it here
3. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer you can buy it here
4. Canmake Shading Powder in 01 you can buy it here
5. Aerosol Facial Spray (Evian) you can buy it here
6. Lancome Blanc Miracle Natural Brightening Creator (in BO-01) you can buy it here
7. Lancome Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator Bare Skin Perfection Compact Foundation you can buy it here
8. Korres Lip Butters (in Guava, Mango and Wild Rose) you can buy it here
9. MAC Ravishing in cremesheen finish you can buy it here
10. Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters (in Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, Candy Apple, Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie) you can buy it at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen's... etc
11.  Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #2 Strawberry Choux you can buy it here
12. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue you can buy it here
13. Essie Nail Polish in #412 Head Mistress you can buy it here or at any drugstore
14. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask you can buy it here or at Macy's
15. D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX you can buy it here (mine's a limited edition that's why it's in a pink bottle)
16. Face roller (just go search on eBay)
17. Hair Doughnut/Hairstyling Ring you can buy it at an H&M store


That's all I have for now. Hope you guys enjoyed my list ^_^
If you have any recommendation, please feel free to share! (on your blog or comment) I've always loved seeing yearly favorites ^_~

Happy New Year guys!!!!!


  1. First to comment >:D (hopefully...lol)
    Hmm I'm really interested in getting a couple more Revlon lip butters but I can't decide which. Besides tutti frutti and peach parfeit, which color would you recommend?
    Btw, thanks for commenting on all my stuff :) Youre like my only reader xD <3

    1. LOL you are first!! =P I guess I'd recommend sweet tart and berry smoothie to you since you're still in HS? :) I've never tried peach parfait though.

      Lol nah, I want to thank YOU for showing SO MUCH support for my blog! seriously... ^_^ <3

  2. I wanted to try the YSl foundation for so long but the price is just too high for me. But I'll probably saved up and get one. Great picks you have! Happy New Year! ^_~

    1. I got the YSL foundation with gift card+10% off otherwise I wouldn't have been able to steel myself to spend that much XD 新年快樂to you too dear Janet <3

  3. I really like the Josie Maran sunscreen too! :D

  4. I have about 75% of what you are using. I love those products and I might try the 25% that I don't have in your list since I think we have the same taste.

    1. If you do try them let me know how they work for you :) I hope they'll work as great for you as they do for me :D


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