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Saturday, March 1, 2014

MAC Face & Body Foundation Review

Heyyy Wassuppppp!!!! =D

How are you guys doing?

So today I pretty much just stayed in all day doing school work... while I was at it I thought why not take some photos I need for my foundation review? XD

I can't believe I never reviewed this foundation O_o well but then again my to-review foundation list is pretty long -_-|||   home girl cannot keep up with her speed of trying out foundations LOL

So I've tried this foundation a long time ago but I just never thought about reviewing it. For some reason I wanted to try it again so I went to get some samples =)

The super famous MAC Face and Body foundation. I believe comes with 30ml and 120ml sizes.

Let's look at the consistency.SAM_7050
It's very liquidy, and you have to shake it up really well before you use it.

Can you see a little separation?

My MAC color is NC20, and C1 for this foundation.

MAC F&B in C1

It's quite invisible once you rub it inSAM_7063


Here comes le bare face. I decided why not take the picture from a more flattering angle for a change? XDSAM_6998

blackheads galore. Actually give it a few more days it will be even worse hahaha. So tempted to clear them out now I'm looking at this photo -_-


I applied the foundation with my fingers. I agree with other people that this foundation applies best with fingers, and it does thicken up a bit as you rub it in. It almost have this rubbery feeling as it thickens up??

Left side with F&B, right side is bare. You can see it covers the blackheads on the left side

Another half face application photo. You can see that you can't really see the foundation, but it does make a difference.

Full face effect:
Can you even tell that I'm wearing foundation?! ... guess that's a really pointless question to ask through a photo XD



Yayyy blackheads are covered!!

After about 3-4 hours:
Notice the shine on the nose XD

It blended in really well with my oils.

Besides the obvious shine from my oily nose, the foundation fared pretty well.




Honestly... after it blends in with oils, it looks even more natural XD

It doesn't look too shiny in the pictures, but I do think my nose looks kind of oily in person. Really, it depends on how you look at it.

So my overall thoughts?

First, let me just say this will be my go-to foundation/foundation choice for the no makeup makeup look. How natural/skin like is this foundation?! Seriously, this is one foundation that you can easily "fake" that you're not wearing anything. The texture and the finish are so natural!

Now, if you're combination skin like me or oily skinned... be prepared to glisten... I mean, glow XD I do look quite shiny after 3-4 hours. It really depends on how you look at it; for me, this is as good as oily can look on a person. Plus it melds in so well with your face's oil, that is very important to me.

Lasting power-wise... I'd say it's good for 5-6 hours max. After that I will just want to remove it because I do get even shinier than shown in the photos (and I think it starts to fade a bit after 5-6 hours?? I'm not sure because I kept trying to look at it under different lights and it looks different under different lighting =_= it "looks" like the coverage is still there but at the same time look a little bit patchy? especially on my oily nose). I would say this is one of the foundations that looks even better as you wear it, but past a certain timeline it stops looking good (actually... aren't most foundations like that?! haha) because your whole face is just shining (including the "normal" part of my face, not just my oily part). So you might want to powder this foundation in the first place (but then again if you do that, you will no longer look like you're not wearing anything). Regarding the claims that this foundation doesn't move or transfer once it sets due to the film-formers it contains... I don't find that to be true. When the foundation is soaked with my face oils, I can easily wipe it away with my hand or tissue. I guess it might be true for people who have dry skin? Or ppl who use it on their body? Definitely not for me though.

Another thing I like about this foundation is that this is a foundation that you can definitely work with if you have very very minor flakiness/dry patches. It kind of smooths over everything =) However I meant REALLY minor. Like the kind of flakiness that you only notice when you hold your mirror up close. If it's something bothersome then it will probably accentuate it like any other liquid foundation.

So while I super adore the no makeup look... I am hesitant about purchasing it. I'm not sure if it's the film-formers in this foundation causing my pores to clog, but I always notice super minor breakouts whenever I wear this foundation. It happened when I tried this foundation years ago, it happened again this time around as well. Really not sure if it's just a happy (or rather, unhappy) coincidence, because my skin condition has been so unstable lately.  I do ADORE how invisible it looks though, ahh!!

That's all for my review! What do you guys think about MAC F&B?
Hope some of you found this review helpful =)

I'm planning to do a February hits & misses. Let's hope I can get it out in time XD 

<3 Frances


  1. I love this foundation... <3
    But always thought it was a very big bottle for 1 person, when I have the possibility I would buy a bottle of 30 ml... =)

    1. aw I'm glad it works for you! i wish it doesn't break me out :/ heheh the jumbo size is probably for makeup artists who slather this foundation liberally allll over the models hehehehe. thank you for taking the time to comment <3


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