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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pack with me for my trip ^_^ Makeup and Skincare

Hello hello guys!

So today I have a different post for you guys. Guess what it's not a review!!! Hahaha. So I am going to Puerto Rico for my spring break ^___^ So excited. By the time you guys are reading this I *hopefully* am already in PR. This is actually a class trip. Can't believe I'm gonna graduate in another year... time is flying by so fast.

I'm actually a little bit nervous. I speak no Spanish. Hola is about it. I recently also learned the phrase "Donde esta el bano". Yep, I'm ready to go XD
(for those who don't know what that means... it means "where's the toilet" AHAHAHAH)

Anyway, thought I might share what I pack for my trip with you guys ^_^

Here's my purse bag and my travel bag. 

My Daisy bag is the bag I carry around in my purse whenever I go out. Thought I might share even though it's not super interesting XD 
 I have Jack Black lip balm (like it but not crazy about it. However it does have SPF25 which is the highest I can find, so it's coming with me!)

Blotting sheets-- I don't usually blot but it's good to have them just in case

Aveda hand cream

Ear plugs... for when I sleep. Don't know why but I want to keep it in this bag LOL

Q tips... always! Can use it to pick your nose (TMI?) and handy for makeup mishaps.

Tide pen... even though I didn't really pack anything white with me I still want to have it with me haha.

Mirror of course

Floss... HATE it when meat gets stuck between my teeth.

Shu Uemura lavender facial mist. Good for hot days and smoothing down my makeup.

Panty-liners are a must

Lactase pills... cuz I'm lactose-intolerant. If anyone who tried it and and didn't work, try taking it 5-10 minutes before you eat dairy. I know the instructions say take with your first bite of dairy product but in my experience, that never works.

Sample sizes of Roses de Chloe perfume and Honey by Marc Jacobs

These two sunscreens I will be carrying around in my hand bag for re-application. And need razors because girl friend will be wearing bikinis XD (too cheap to get a wax... hahaha).

Now onto my travel bag
 Left compartment contains my skincare, the right contains my makeup

I know I will be blasted by the sun every day while I'm in PR, so hydrating and whitening masks to the rescue! By the way the newly reformulated My Beauty Diary masks are disappointing... I feel like the formula isn't as good as the old ones??? Definitely do not care for the mask material-- it's a lot stiffer and does not cling to my face as well. Boo. Don't think I will be repurchasing anymore.

CONI exfoliating gel... I like to exfoliate especially during hot days haha

My perfect Whip cleanser. By the way I also packed a baggie of oatmeal because my face has been incredibly sensitive

Aveeno 1% hydrocortisone. I've tried it and actually like this much more than my other plain hydrocortisone creams O_o I think the oatmeal component makes it really soothing to apply (sometimes my hydrocortisone creams burn/sting my irritated skin). Oh I'm bringing this with me in case of any skin emergencies XD  I have atopic dermatitis that always flares up with hot and humid weather. Must be prepared yo.

Two Caudalie Vinosource facial moisturizers... really don't think I'll need to bring facial moisturizers because I think my SK-II facial treatment essence will be hydrating enough. But just in case.

Jack Black lip balm cuz the other one is running low

Shiseido sunscreen... the best

Michael Todd eye cream.... not bringing it because it's awesome or anything. It's the only MT product I don't mind using/doesn't break me out. Plus it's slender and good for travel so yeah. Don't recommend it doesn't do anything.

My tools. Bubbi's multi brush cuz it's the best for travel! I'm only bringing powder foundation with me cuz I highly doubt my skin will be able to tolerate liquid foundation in 80+ degree weather (was gonna bring my MUFF Mat Velvet+... oh well)

Tweezerman tweezer... the extra fine one. Honestly I think it works better for body hairs. Too thin to grab eye brow hairs. Bringing it to touch up on my armpit hair XD (gonna epilate before the trip)

Eye brow brush

Eyeliner brush

Scissors... just in case I need to cut something?

Bringing the Mamonde Real Skin Founder. Only used it twice so far but pretty impressed. In fact, impressed enough to bring it with me O_o Will keep this in my handbag instead after I arrive PR. Sincerely regretting not purchasing the case now (only bought refill because I usually don't repurchase stuff and I found the cases a waste). We'll see if this is a keeper. By the way I'm wearing the Mamonde Real Skin Founder in all of my recent posts (basically any post when I'm sporting beachy hair). Not sure how much use I'll get out of it since I prob won't be able to wear this as I get tanned. 

Paul & Joe powder foundation

Lancome Teint Miracle powder foundation (much much darker... I anticipate I will probably brown-up pretty good while I'm there T_T to be honest I don't want to get tanned at all because that means all my foundation shades will be messed up. Grrr)

Milani Infinite Liquid eyeliner

MUFF Aqua Brow... got it so my brows won't wash off when I swim hahahha

Majolica Majorca mascara primer... it's almost at the end of its life actually. Will need to toss it after the trip

Majolica Majorca mascara... although I'm currently using Maybelline the Falsies... bringing this brand new mascara because I don't trust the Falsies not to smudge on me when I go under the waters.

Carmex... cuz it's the best for soothing the lips

Shu Uemura cleansing oil mini samples

Tanya Burr lip glosses  :D The only lip products I'm bringing with me this time. Shocking XD Review coming up soon.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush... was gonna bring my depotted Benefit blushes but decided they take up too much space. This will do lol. No brush needed XD

L'oreal infallible eye shadows... honestly don't think I will be wearing eye shadows at all but just in case. Was gonna bring my Naked 1 but honestly, I'm so lazy with eye shadows what's the point XD

Lastly... just wanted to share with you guys that I bought this Cera Ve sunscreen

Was gonna use it for my face cuz I wasn't sure if my Shiseido one is water resistant.This thing is terrible. Impossible to blend (had to use water to help spread it out). It's really thick and leaves a ridiculous blue-ish white cast. I noticed it kept my face matte at the end of the day. However, when I removed my makeup there were little breakouts all over my face. Guess this thing suffocated my face. DO NOT BUY people.

That's all to my makeup/skincare post. Hope you guys found it entertaining? Next post will be on hair, accessories and outfits ^_^


  1. Oo class trip? to PR? Sounds cool! Escaping the cold up here? :P

    All the bare essentials! Don't think it can be cut down anymore. Gotta make some notes for future travels lol

    1. hahahaha you got me XD it was snowing the morning we left, luckily the flight wasn't canceled or delayed XD
      I'm actually quite proud of myself this time around too LOLOL considering I'm horrible at traveling light... hahahaha


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