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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses Swatches & Review

Hi guys!

So this is the last of my pre-typed posts. Hope you guys have been enjoying the frequent posting so far :)

Today I want to share my thoughts on the recently launched Tanya Burr lip glosses. I bought mine from feelunique.com. It has free international shipping over purchases over $20 (not bad at all!). Shipping for me took about 18 days. By the way, I got them with a coupon code, so I suggest you guys sign up for the newsletter and make your purchases when there's a coupon :D

The lip glosses are $12.23 apiece. Not expensive but not cheap either. Tanya looks so gorgeous in this pic ^_^ Got mine in "Picnic in the Park" and "Heart Skipped a Beat"

It claims:
- Super moisturizing
- Incredible shine
- Rich beautiful color

So when I first got them I struggled to open these. Later I realized you could just pop the plastic part out XD LOL gosh. I was sitting there forever trying to peel open the thing without ruining it.

Ingredients for Picnic in the Park

Ingredients for Heart Skipped a Beat

These are taken under sunlight and true to color (the swatches on feelunique.com are horrible!)

So here's me with bare lips:

Picnic in the Park

Dabbed at the center

After rubbing lips together


I'm actually quite surprised at the picture turn-out. It looks more like a bright pink to me in real life?? It looks like a nude pink in these pics. You can see my lip lines quite clearly but this gloss does thicken up a little bit and set after a few minutes. I didn't wait for it to set because I was in a hurry >_<







Heart Skipped a Beat
I has shimmers in it but you definitely don't feel them. Nor do they dry up and stick to your lips.

Dabbed at the center
Forgot to take a pic of when the lips were evenly coated orz.... Anyway this pic is just to show how much I used.

With just a little bit on gloss you get this super natural, dewy-lipped look ^_^

Adding more on.







I also like to mix them together XD
PITP on top, HSAB on bottom.



Guess it's hard to tell the difference in these pics XD but you get a redder pink color (duh XD)



So my thoughts on these glosses?

First of all... let me just say... I was "shockingly" surprised (a whole different level of "pleasantly" surprised XD)

I wasn't expecting the product to be bad... and I didn't exactly have low expectations... but somehow I was mentally preparing myself that I wouldn't like these? Because for one thing, I never liked glosses that much (they tend to dry my lips out). For another, the last time I tried out Tanya's suggestions (Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Michael Todd products) I hated them all. So yeah, you can kind of see why I was apprehensive trying out things she loves? Haha.

Anyway, I. LOVE. these. It lives up to all 3 claims-- hydrating, shine, and opaque colors. The most shocking to me is the hydration part-- these lip glosses actually do hydrate (as opposed to just not drying your lips out). I can reapply them without feeling the need to apply lip balm in between. Definitely a first! Of course toward the end of the day I would still need some lip balm, but pretty damn impressed.

I love everything about these glosses! The first thing I noticed is that they smell incredibly yummy! They smell like strawberries :D :D :D some ppl might find the smell unappealing/candy-like, and quite frankly I usually don't like fragranted cosmetics, but I adore the smell of these!

Texture is great. You do want to give it a minute to set, it thickens up ever so slightly and coats your lips evenly. Doesn't sink into lip lines. I like to use my fingers to spread out my lip products, and they feel really sticky to my fingers. However on the lips they don't feel sticky at all ^_^ Also, I noticed that these glosses do stain-- after you've been wearing them for a while, not instantly. Much much better than YSL glossy stains!

Overall, I cannot be happier with these glosses. A+. I don't think you've ever seen me give such a high rating for a lip product here on my blog before (except the Za lipsticks). But I really do love them that much. So glad I didn't decide not to try them because they are glosses. If you are a gloss girl, definitely give these a go! If you're not a gloss girl like me, these are legit, and might change your mind about glosses... like it did with me ;)

For now I'm trying to control not buying more because I have soooo many lip products, but I do look forward to collecting more of Tanya Burr's lip glosses =) Maybe I will let myself buy more if I use up some of my YSL glossy stains?

Have you tried Tanya Burr products? Now I'm quite curious about her nail polishes.

Have an awesome day guys!

<3 Frances


  1. I love that they're pigmented AND hydrating. For a gloss, it's hard to find that!! Glad they worked well on you! Very pretty on you!!!

    1. thanks Jen :) I know! that's why I tend to not like glosses, but these are so good for me >.<

  2. I never really liked tanya, but the red lipgloss looks very nice, I think when there is a discount on feelunique I'll buy...

    thanks for the review =)
    and natura is a brand from Brazil, is quite good and environmentally friendly...

    1. haha, it's funny because I like Tanya but I'm never a huge fan, but for some reason I felt compelled to try these glosses XD even I was surprised at how much I wanted to try the glosses, hehe. If you do try it let us know how you like it :D I hope it works just as well on you as it on me! and thanks for the info ^_^b


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