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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The evolution of Frances' hair in the last 2 months LOL

Hi guys!

So today I have one of these vain posts for you where you just pretty much stare at my face from the beginning to the end. Haha. Still haven't had time to do February's hits and misses (I might do a video instead of a post cuz that might be easier/quicker) so I figured I could put this up for now since it's easy to do. Hmmmmmmm hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining?? O_o

The story goes while Frances was away from blogging, Frances' hair went through a few transformations (yes I like to talk as a third person sometimes kkk). I just realized I haven't talked about them on my blog at all!

So... please sit back and relax and enjoy my vain-ness ("vanity"... but I like vain-ness haha) *bends down and dodges all the slippers you guys throw at me*

First of all, I dyed my hair!! ... Which... isn't that noticeable. Also... my roots have already grown out. And... the color has kind of faded already. hahahha. That was back in January. Used the hair dye that I mentioned in my Feb empties post.


You can kind of see my previous highlights =/ guess the hair dye wasn't strong enough??? either that or my last stylist did a heck of a job highlighting my hair XD 

hahaha the hair is supposed to be one uniform color. FAIL!

this was taken the day I went to get a haircut. Don't know why I bothered posting these since they're essentially the same as the last few. My hair was getting really long and heavy. You guys all know I have this love/hate relationship with long and heavy hair haha.


Here's the thing...
You walked into the salon... thinking you're gonna keep the same hair style, keep the length... just need some polishing and layering....
Yet somehow... while you're there you start to think I'm spending this money! I should at least look different when I walk out of here!

Then something like this happened -_-
Yep. I got straight bangs. Not gonna lie I kind of wanted to die (dramatic much?) hahahhaa
So not me. LOL

My stylist did use a round brush to blow dry my hair. I did like that effect :)

But I couldn't stand the straight straight bangs, so in desperation tried to sweep them to the side XD luckily they were on the longer side so they kind of stayed. Kind of


Me likey the round brush effect!

From the side my bangs kind of look like they're hanging off something. As we Taiwanese would call it 西瓜頭 XD (water melon head haha). kind of awkward

I don't know why but this face makes me kind of want to slap myself? haha

Yayy you guys can see the color of my brown hair much better in this pic. You can also see I tried to sweep my bangs to the side but not all of them were compliant XD Trying out a sweater that I didn't end up buying at F21. By the way my hair usually is flatter than shown in this pic. I shook it up before taking the pic loll. Btw I feel like this hair style only looks good if you style it... either with a curling iron or a round brush. Ain't nobody got time for that XD

This was after the bangs have grown somewhat a little bit longer

I believe I was having a good hair day that day haha.

 I think my favorite thing with bangs is that it goes really well with hats and accessories :)  Ummm don't mind my weird outfit. I just threw on that jacket because I thought the cap would look weird with my over-sized Snoopy sweater. Turns out it looks weirder WITH the jacket. Ahahaha.

Then a little while later I got sick of the long layers that were weighing my hair down >.< plus the bangs were starting to annoy me since they were constantly in my face. Tried trimming them myself but they just don't flow with the rest of the hair.

So this time I DEMANDED short layers. XD As short as my stylist would let me go hahaha.
Yayy for more poofy crown ^_^ he also thinned out my bangs so they would grow more smoothly as they grow out.



Kind of looks like a little bob at the crown of my head.



This actually used to be my standby hairstyle... if you look back at my blog posts when I first started blogging (2010?) I always had short short layers ^_^ Kind of missed it.

I will enjoy it while it lasts =) Really digging my short layers for now XD but I think eventually I will grow it out. Honestly I think no bangs suit me better now.

Oh, and since I already blinded you guys with my vanity, thought I might share these pics where I waved my hair with the Hot Tools Deep Waver
This was already at the end of the day I think? I didn't set the curls with any sprays or anything so it looks kind of run-down. But the volume is still there. I really like poofy hair XD but whenever I waved my hair it always turns out a bit frizzy.



LOLz. Thank you guys for tolerating me!! Honestly, it's not really vain unless you share it right? hahaha.

I'll be back soon ^_^ I'm gonna try to be more consistent with blogging. Hopefully at least weekly???? >.<

<3 Frances

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