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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pack with me for my trip ^_^ Hair, accessories, and outfits

Hi guys!

Welcome back to part 2 of this pack with me series ^_^ Let's continue on with hair products, shall we? ^_^

I've mentioned this product before, but I just have to mention it again cuz it's awesome! My Turbie Twist XD
The reason why I want to bring with me is because it's super absorbent, so that will cut my hair drying time in half. Also you saw I brought a lot of masks with me, and this is a must when I put on a facial mask ;)

Hair tools I'm bringing with me: My Conair curling tong that I have for years, and my Hot Tools Deep Waver
I don't normally style my hair on a regular basis but I'm determined to add some glam to my hair every day!! =D

To go with the tools, I got the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, as well as Aussie hair insurance for heat protectant
The Bumble and bumble Surf Spray smells quite good. And Aussie hair insurance smells INCREDIBLE. Actually, I think it smells exactly like After Party smoothing cream from TIGI Bead Head, which used to be my absolute favorite scent for hair products!! Omg. I tested them out and neither product make my face itchy so far. Keeping my fingers crossed ^_^

Wavy hair from Hot Tools Deep Waver. Never got a chance to show you guys the effect of this tool since my purchase lol



Adding some spray on!

Ummmm honestly... don't see no difference??? hahahhaa. Maybe I didn't use enough. By the way please don't mind the mess in the background. Was cleaning and packing -_-


Other hair products. Notice the theme here: thin bottles XD
Never knew Aveeno has shampoos too so decided to give it a go. Of course Aussie 3 minute miracle will be my go-to conditioner choice. St. Ives body wash. Aveda stress-fix body lotion (not hair product, oops).

Now onto Accessories ^_^

Got me a new belly ring. It's a dream-catcher!


If you guys notice some spots over my body, please just ignore them. My body was breaking out in those hive-like spots... I think it's from a reaction to seafood or something O_o the last time I had food allergy I broke out in hives all over my face. This time I'm breaking out all over my body -_- at such convenient timing too. Oh well. Hope it will go away in a few days. The body "hives" are nowhere as severe as my face hives I got last time so no complaints there.

I was so excited for this anchor belly ring

... but I kind of don't like the way it looks on my belly =( not what I envisioned. I think it'd look better on ppl who got the pierce below the belly button.

Lastly, my belly chain that I got AGES ago (when I was in undergrad HAHAHA)
Got it from Amazon.com. I'm surprised it hasn't rusted at all. Time for it to see the sun!

Now onto the earrings I will be bringing with me
I haven't bought a new pair of earrings in a really long time. These are old but def one of my all-time favs. Those scream spring, right? ^_^




These are new ^_^


I actually changed my mind and decided not to bring these because they are expensive. And they are my very first pair of earrings so there's also sentimental value to them. I'd be very very upset if I ever lose them. Nevertheless I thought I'd share anyway. The colors are just so bright and happy ^_^



I got these when feather earrings where in trend a few years ago, but I never really got a chance to wear them out. Now is the time XD



And lastly, these super adorable earrings I got from Aldo last year



Shoes-wise, aside from my white puma sneakers, these are the only sandals I'm bringing with me
They are also the only sandals I bought in Taiwan last year, haha. 

Flip-flops from Aldo.

Now onto my bikinis
Got these last year from Hollister. The top and bottom were like $20 together. Steal!

These I got last week from Target. They don't have a matching bottom though so I'll just be wearing black

Super old ones I bought from Victoria's Secret ages ago.

Also old ones... can't remember the brand... starts with G... are these from Guess??? I have no idea.

Now onto coveralls!
Just a sheer shirt I found at H&M. Thought I'd use it as a coverall XD (I'd probably cook in this thing haha)

This coverall I got from Hollister last year. Really like how it pairs with the pink/orange bikinis. Prob gonna be too much for the warm weather in PR, but I thought it'd be nice to have if it gets a bit chilly at night.

Sorry for the dark pic. Don't know why it showed up so dark and too lazy to change the brightness of the pic haha. Look at them massive thighs LOL. Result of spinning every week. Haha.

Hat and cropped top from F21. Shorts from H&M. All purchased last week.


With my sandals. I actually didn't realize that the mirror was angled such that my legs are disproportionally elongated O_o I tried adjusting the mirror but the mirror had to be angled to a certain degree to get a whole body shot. I was looking at the pics and I was like I knew my legs are NOT this long. HAHAHA. Just keep in mind those photos are not representative of my body at all lololl.

A romper dress from F21

Dress from F21

Think I showed this before? This is an old dress

A dress I got in Taiwan last year but never got a chance to wear. Honestly it's more like an over-sized shirt-dress... definitely cannot wear this out alone.


Haha why am I flashing my armpit.Old dress from F21.

Whew! That's all to my pack with me posts ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed these!

<3 Frances


  1. love the romper dress, the last dress from F21 and the Taiwan shirt...
    you look super thin and fit in the photos... =)

    1. Aw thank you Eugenia! you're so sweet ^_^ thanks for taking the time to read and comment... and your continued support T_T
      ps. I'm not super thin XD fit maybe but definitely not thin hehehehe. the mirror was angled because if I don't angle it then I wouldn't be able to get full body length picture haha. I gained some weight from my trip though >.<

  2. LOOOLLLLLL decided to check your blog before finally hitting the sack I le sleepy..
    I have so many of the same comment in my head when I was browsing through this..XD
    hint: it involves two numbers.

    hope you're having a blast in PR <3

    1. .... what two numbers???? 38? possibly? XD

  3. Oooh I'm so jealous sounds like you're going to have an awesome class trip :D I really like your hot waiver thing, makes your hair look super sexy lol. Really liking your earrings too

    1. aw thanks Kelsey! PR left me some awesome souvenirs to take home with... aka monstrous mosquito bites. X______________X lolololollll


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