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Friday, May 9, 2014

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and Kissful Tint Choux Swatches & Review

Hi guys!

Guess what... it's that time of year... to bust out bright colors =D
Maybe a lot of you are already sick of the gradient lips trend... but personally I'm still digging it XD 
Totally just reorganized my lip product drawer so my most-used Spring/Summer products are in the front half of my drawer =D

So a friend's friend was in Korea and I shamelessly asked her to pick up these products for me XD
These are the Etude House Kissful Tint Choux, and Fresh Cherry Tint. Really wanted to try them ever since reading about them on Bubzbeauty =D 

From left to right:
- Kissful Tint Choux in No.4
- Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 Cherry Pink
- Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 Cherry Hot Pink

Here are the swatches in the same order:

To be honest... PK001 and PK002 look the same to me -_- On my hand there's a subtle difference, on my lips I can't tell the difference.

Fresh Cherry Tint PK001




Lip action:





Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002





Honestly... can you even tell if there's a difference b/w PK001 and PK002? -_-"




My conclusion is... PK001 and PK002 look the same. 囧

By the way, you totally do NOT need these products to create the gradient lip look... I did one a long time ago with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Click here to check it out. The KBS give a more matte finish compared to those stains-- however I think the effect is similar enough :P But I'm currently still pretty interested in trying out more lip tint/stain products =D

My thoughts on the Fresh Cherry Tints?

I like! The formula is wayy better than the Benefit lip cheek/lip stains. It stains much better (unlike Benefit I have to do quite a few layering to get the intensity I want), and it is a lot less drying. I wouldn't go as far to say it's moisturizing because I definitely need a balm when I use these tints, but at least they don't make my lips crease the way the Benefit tints do (if you keep reapplying without using a lip balm in between then yes they do dry your lips out. And I do found that I have to reapply these tints quite often). Overall, the formula is better, and the price tag is much much cuter (with a lot less product though, but I personally prefer smaller quantity/cheaper price =P)

Oh year I forgot to mention, the longevity of these stains are meh -_- Kind of disappointed in that. They lose that initial finish really quickly (and that's without eating, drinking or talking). My lips are still stained but they just don't look as nice or vibrant and I found that I would want to keep reapplying to get that finish back.  

Now onto Kissful Tint Choux in No. 4


Upon first application, it looks like a nude pink color

Lol was trying to let you guys see lip product on my ring finger vs. on my lips. But it didn't show up well. FAIL.


Really really like this color! It looks so soft. Super work-appropriate too. Me very likey.

However, I noticed that after this lip product sets, it kind of turns more pink
looks like nude pink

Hmmm pinker?

Ok really pink now O_O

Lol so interesting (PS: the color change is more obvious on a PC monitor).

Another day. Was trying to capture how it looks pinker on me but I guess it didn't show up that well -_- I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't check to see how the photos turn out ~_~

Was feeling lazy that day but still wanted to be somewhat presentable... so a light dusting of powder foundation + blush + eye brows +  lip color. Basically everything minus the eye makeup ahaha.

My thoughts on Kissful Tint Choux?
I really like the formula! It's actually pretty moisturizing! I feel like this product is more oil-based? When you squeeze the product out of the tube you can see just a little of the color/oil separation. I think the oil base is what gives this product a really glossy finish.  

So when I put on the Fresh Cherry Tint PK001/002, it reminded me of my Benefit Posie Tint. And the Kissful Tint Choux reminded me of my YSL Glossy Stain in #29. So I thought I could do some comparison swatches.
By the way, I have done a "full" review on the Benefit Posie Tint. Click here to see the review and swatches. Please scroll all the way to the middle of the page XD

For YSL Glossy Stain #29 review, click here.

Here are the side-by-side swatches:
I must say... I was shocked that YSL swatches SO dark next to the Kissful Tint Choux (KTC). If you look at my review from before, it honestly looks more like the KTC No.4. All I can say it... it's all relativism.... LOL.

Even though YSL looks so dark in these pics, you guys should still use my other review as reference. That's a better representation of what YSL looks like on my lips. 

Like in the pics shown before, KTC No. 4 actually turns pretty pink as it sets, while YSL remains a true nude/tawny/brown pink. So it just depends on what kind of look you're going for.

To be honest, I thought Fresh Cherry Tint (FCT) in PK001 was going to look more like Benefit Posie Tint (talk about misleading packaging), and PK002 was going to look like PK001 (which is almost the same as PK002 anyway but you know what I'm saying-- I was expecting PK001 to be lot more milky-looking pink, and PK002 to be just the way it is). 



Another day, I decided to compare Benefit Posie Tint again with the FCTs just to see if I can capture any differences.
Left to right:
- FCT PK001
- FCT PK002
- Benefit Posie Tint


I guess you can kind of see the subtle differences... Posie Tint like I said is a baby milky pink. PK001 is just ever so slightly brighter/more neon. But like I said before, you won't be able to tell the difference once they're on the lips. I essentially bought the same thing twice.... ha, ha, ha

Before I end this post, word of caution to you guys: I noticed when these lip stains fade (all 3 of them), they kind of fade in patches
This day the majority of the stain has faded, but I was left with some stain on the inner part of lips, which is no biggie at all.

This day though, I was left with those weird patches O_O So my suggestion is, make sure you reapply/check your lips throughout the day, otherwise you might end up with uneven, awkward, patchy-looking lips. They were easily removed by makeup remover though, so no worries there.

Do you like lip tints? If so, what's your favorite color/brand? I want to look for more red colors =D


Hope you guys enjoyed this review! ^_^ happy weekend :D

<3 Frances


  1. My daily gradient lip consists of Revlon's ColorBurst Balm Stain in Romantic in the center over either Sally Hansen's Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm in In the Pink or Nivea's A Kiss of Shimmer lip balm (sometimes topped with gloss in the center) ^^

    1. I need to check these shades out, thanks for sharing =D


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