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Friday, May 2, 2014

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation Review

Hi guys!

I can't believe it took me THIS long to review this foundation O_o I get sidetracked so easily XD

My shade is in 30 (MAC NC20)

It says it's water resistant-- which I actually haven't tested that out.
Another thing to note about this foundation is that it contains no SPF. So make sure you wear sunscreen underneath this! (I always wear a separate sunscreen anyway)




It comes in a squeeze bottle



It looks quite liquidy but it's actually pretty thick



Bare face

Bare face

With the foundation (applied with wet BeautyBlender)

With foundation

Without foundation

With foundation

With foundation

I was surprised that it photographs so matte! But in person I feel like it's semi-matte-- there's a certain glow to the finish (not the dewy kind of glow though).

Full-face effect


My thoughts on this foundation?
So I guess the reason why I haven't really talked about this foundation because I hadn't been using it a lot-- I used to save it for more special occasions, when I need my foundation to last longer. Well I don't really have that many special occasions XD so that explains why I hadn't used it much. But I changed that now and I'm starting to use this on regular days :)

Reason why I used to save it for special occasion: it keeps my oiliness at bay longest compared to my other liquid foundations. Of course, if you really want your foundation to last, using a suitable primer would be the way to go (just make sure your primer and your foundation have the same formula-- for example, if your foundation is silicone-based, then you'd do best with a silicone-based primer). Or you can blot/touch-up. Me being the lazy ass I am, I never like to touch-up on my makeup when I'm out and about. This foundation allows me to look shine-free for longer, but if I wear it long enough, I still end up looking oily like I do with any other foundation. Another plus for this foundation is that it wears well-- I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me or getting patchy.

I feel like this foundation is pretty misunderstood-- some people bashed this foundation because of how thick it is, making the wearer end up looking mask-like. I can only say that's because they haven't used the right method to apply this foundation. To get a smooth, non mask-like finish, I recommend using a wet foundation brush (I usually use my Sigma flat top synthetic kabuki brush) or a wet BeautyBlender. That way you can "dilute" and sheer out the foundation. I think this foundation has enough coverage that when it's sheered out, it actually ends up looking like how you would normally apply a foundation without thinning it out. Otherwise, if you apply it straight from the bottle with your fingers-- it WILL apply very thickly and you WILL end up looking mask-like. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use some wet medium to thin this foundation out-- I have applied this foundation with my fingers before and it looks absolutely horrible.

As much as I love my YSL Touche Eclat foundation, I find myself to be liking this foundation more and more. I think YSL really wins in terms of the initial finish-- the glow it gives is just incredible and makes your skin look so healthy, and I can never get past that XD but at the end of the day, Mat Velvet+ does look better on my face. PS: However, if I use an oil-controlling sunscreen or a good primer, AND a loose powder, then YSL performs just fine. I was talking about wearing the foundation on its own then MUFF has better longevity.

In conclusion, I really like this foundation, especially for oily girls! Girls who have dry skin really don't need to try this one out-- unless you adore matte finish. And may I just emphasize again please use water to thin out this foundation before you judge it XD


That's all I have for this foundation! Have you tried Mat Velvet+? What are your thoughts?

Hope some of you found this review helpful!

PS. This is another one of these pre-typed posts. Ahhh so busy. Happy weekend everyone ^_^ and if you're having finals, good luck!!!!!

<3 Frances


  1. I love the end result of this foundation, this is one of the bases that I want to try because during summer I have super oily skin and I don't like to use primer so I like the fact that can keep me matte.

    1. haha I don't like to use primer either! it does keep me matte for longer :) I think really worth trying ^_^ thanks for reading and your continual support <3


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