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Saturday, July 5, 2014

My MAC Lipsticks Collection (July 2014)

Heyyy what's up everybody! (please imagine Donkey's voice XD)

So today's post has been a long time coming. Been wanting to do it but just never had the time. My humble MAC lipstick collection :P it's pretty small so don't get too excited XD Just thought I'd share... in case any of the swatch is helpful to anyone out there :P

As usual, starting off with a pic with bare lips as a reference
Decided to give the minimum eye makeup look another go. I actually think not lining the upper lash line works better for me when I want to go for a super minimum eye look @_@ This is just mascara plus a smidge of black eyeliner along the lower lash line, and a very light wash of eye shadow. I feel like when I line the upper lash line it looks too harsh? And kind of closes down my eyes too. It is such a deeply ingrained habit that I never thought about not lining upper lash line. Anyway glad I gave it a try, because I don't mind this look :P Of course I still think heavy eyeliner looks better on me, but at least I figured out a way to do a minimum look that I actually like XD

Ok, sorry about all the yammering -_- Here come all the swatches!

Oh wait, before I start, just want to quickly share my thoughts about MAC lipsticks.
So I pretty much only buy MAC lipsticks because they're on the "affordable end" when it comes to department store makeup. And they have some really nice colors. But I'm really meh about their formula. I do like how MAC lipsticks are long-wearing, and some matte formulas are really transfer-resistant. But in general I find them drying. I'm also meh about the "vanilla" scent (to me it really smells more like rubber... orz). I do like the colors, but I don't like to wear them. They definitely are not on the top of my list for go-to lipsticks. In general, I found that my lips have to be in good condition for these lipsticks to apply well.

1. Freckle-tone (Lustre)

Freckle-tone is a nude color. It's a nice nude that doesn't make me look terribly washed out. If you're MAC NC20 and looking for a nude lip color, freckle-tone is worth checking out!

Normally I will never wear nude with minimal eye makeup. But just for the purpose of the swatch XD

2. Funshine (Slimshine Lipstick)
Actually.... just realized these have been discontinued a long time ago -_- oh well. I already made the effort to photograph them so I'm posting the pics XD

The color is a bit washed out here, but it's a peachy color

It's kind of like the glossier version of "ravishing"

3. Ravishing (cremesheen)

Ravishing is a nude peach color

lol I look so grumpy

I really like Ravishing :P

4. Long Stem Rose (slimeshine lipstick)
Again, discontinued.


I think this color looks better on me when I was darker. Lol. It also looks a bit pinker in person.

5. Lady Danger (matte)

Lady Danger is a bright orange-red

I personally really like orange-reds. I think they suit me better than blue-reds. However be careful orange-reds tend to make your teeth look more yellow.... just a heads-up -_-

6. Viva Glam Cyndi (lustre)
Is this still available???? I feel like I always see it in store even though it's supposed to be a limited edition? Or maybe I'm making things up.

Cyndi is a super nice coral color.

I think Cyndi is really nice, subtle red. Great for beginners who want to try out red lippies! As a matter of fact, Cyndi was my very first red lipstick indeed XD


7. Ruby Woo (matte)

So I often hear ppl describe Ruby Woo as a "classic red". I'm not exactly sure what that means, but let's just go with it XD

Does it bother anyone when you apply a matte lipstick, the inner center part of the lips wouldn't take the color? So it looks like there's a "gap" between the lips? I've always had this problem but I don't know what to do with it ._.

See the gap??

8.Russian Red (matte)

I think Russian Red is essentially a deeper, richer version of Ruby Woo. Between the two, I prefer Russian Red. But honestly if I apply Russian with a light hand, then the effect is pretty close to Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo have have more blue tones than Russian Red.

There's the gap again -_-


9. Rebel (Satin)

Normally I like to apply Rebel very lightly, like as a stain.

It gives a light, purple-y tint to the lips. The pic is a bit washed out... it looks a bit more vibrant in real life.


Applied with a heavier hand. This is still not the full-on application. But since I don't ever do that so I didn't do it for this post either.

Honestly I don't see this lipstick as a satin finish... I feel like it's between satin and matte

10. Media (satin)

Applied with a light hand.

I don't normally apply this with a light hand, because it usually applies quite unevenly as you can see in the pic. Shame because otherwise the staining effect gives a nice berry color.



I like Media a lot for the fall/winter, but the biggest downfall of this lip color is that it applies so unevenly. Any tips?

I've actually done a fall look with this lipstick a long time ago. Check here if you're interested ^_^

Lastly, arm swatches for all the lipsticks mentioned ^_^


Hope some of you found this helpful!

What MAC lipsticks do you own? And which one is your favorite? :)

Hope you guys are enjoying your long weekend ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. What you can still find the Cyndi lipstick? I was hunting around for it like crazy when it got discontinued because it looked like such a nice color! Maybe I should poke around for it. Anyhoo, nice lippie collection :)

    1. uhhhhh maybe I'm making things up >.< for reason I feel like I still see it. Maybe it's the other Viva Glam lipsticks @_@ I will double check XD if I ever see one I'll pick one up for you :D

    2. haha maybe yeah. But thanks Frances! Btw I'm happy to see you're posting again, makes for good study breaks for me :)

    3. hehehe thanks for reading and commenting <3 <3

  2. daaaayyyyuuummm gurl
    that be a lot of lipsticks!


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