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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

Hi y'all!

So today I have yet another base makeup review for you... =D I wonder will I ever get tired of trying new foundations? Hahaha.

So I don't own this foundation, but I did get a sample! Now here's a tragic story... the MUA gave me more sample than this... but most unfortunately the cap wasn't screwed on tight and it leaked T_T So I was left with this much to experiment with. Oh well c'est la vie XD
It's the liquidy type of foundation. I'm actually quite surprised to see a separation there... usually I only see separation in serum foundations? I got it in the shade No. 4

Naked face action!

Half face application. Really No. 4 should match me just fine, but I'm getting tanned with the summer sun T_T

Sorry about the hair. With foundation. I applied with my Sigma flat top synthetic kabuki brush. I think it probably would have applied better with a BeautyBlender-- this foundation has more coverage/is a bit thicker than I anticipated. Not saying it's a thick foundation because it's not, it's quite liquidy-- but I was anticipating for something really thin for some reason lol.

Without foundation

Overall effect


I'm actually surprised that this foundation's finish isn't more glowy, cuz you know, it's called the "luminous foundation". On the other hand, it looks more natural because it's not excessively glowy, know what I mean? :P


6 hours later!
By the way I did highlight my nose bridge, so that shine isn't from the foundation LOL.

I think it was looking slightly cakey, but that was probably because the brush deposited too much foundation-- I feel like if I had used a BeautyBlender instead it would've held up better.

Sorry if my lips look really scary. Was also doing my MAC lipstick collection swatches so my lips went through a lot that day XD




It help up okay... I feel like you can see the foundation is coming up a little bit? Slight patchiness on the oily nose? I also feel like this foundation makes me extra oily, but you can't really see it that well in those pics. In any case, this is one of those foundations that I consider don't wear gracefully over time for my skin type.


So! Just to make sure I have the best application for this foundation possible, I gave it another try on another day, this time using my BeautyBlender. Just wanted to see if the foundation holds up any better with a "tighter" application :P

Fresh morning application. I do want to note that I was using my new Diorsnow sunscreen, so that's why my face looks extra glowy compared to my other swatch photos. So for a more accurate finish of this foundation, you guys will want to refer to the swatches from before :)

You guys prob can't tell from the photos... but BeautyBlender definitely gives a better finish. It applies the foundation much less heavy than a brush. I definitely prefer using BeautyBlender with this foundation.




About 6.5 hours later.
Can you spot the oiliness on my nose?

If not, here are even closer-up pictures for you XD
Oiliness galore.

This foundation definitely makes the oily areas on my face EXTRA oily.

From afar it's not too bad. But like I always say... nothing ever looks too bad from afar XD

And because I was bored...
LOL. Just to demonstrate how ridiculously oily this foundation made me! I don't usually blot. I just took off the foundation after taking these photos because I found the oiliness too uncomfortable.

Conclusion: Definitely NOT a suitable foundation for combination (normal/oily) skin. If you're looking for a luminous foundation for combination skin, try YSL Touche Eclat. That one is glowy but doesn't make me extra oily. I don't think the GA Luminous Silk is that glowy anyway. Or if you want to play it safe, just use a matte foundation, spray it down with facial mist, and use some good highlights XD As always, I'd encourage getting samples to test out the foundations for yourself because everybody's skin reacts to products differently, so you might have a vastly different experience than I do! I think if anything Lasting Silk will probably be a better foundation choice for my combination skin; that foundation is pretty good with oil control. 

I do want to note that since I did get a sample of this foundation, and with the container leaking and everything... it might not be at its best/freshest? Just want to be conservative and throw that out there in case there's any misunderstanding between me and this foundation LOL. Anyway, I am no longer interested in buying this foundation. I think this foundation would be more suitable for dry/normal skin. By the way, GA always have a 20% off friends and family sale every year around June (I can't remember if it's 20% off with any purchase, or 20% with purchases of $125 and up, or if the $125 is only for free shipping qualification >.<) it has passed for this year, but you guys should take advantage of that to not pay the full price for this foundation, because it is definitely very pricey. Or if you don't want to buy it from GA website for shipping charges, sign up for Ebates and they also have a yearly 15% cash back on Nordstrom as well! Nordstrom is free shipping with any purchase. The 15% cash back on Ebates usually happens in May... which also unfortunately has passed. But just a heads-up for future references in case you need ideas on savings :)

Alrighty all! That's all I have for today. Happy Thursday! Then after tomorrow comes happy weekend =D Until next time, smile and be happy!

<3 Frances


  1. Ooh what lipstick were you wearing on the first day? Looks so pretty :) You look really nice with the minimal eyeliner look!

    1. Honestly... I don't think I was wearing anything O_o I think the color is a combination from all the staining from all the red lipsticks I was swatching that day XD I just put a thick layer of lip balm over my lips since they were so dry from all the swatching LOL. Sorry if the answer is disappointing lolololol


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