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Thursday, July 24, 2014

GlamGlow First Impression Reviews

Hey hey guys!

How are you all doing? My vacation block is coming to an end T_T Sad. It's okay though. Although I really enjoyed unwinding and relaxing, I am ready to start working and learning again! It's so easy to get bored when you're not being productive lol. Although I have a feeling by the end of next week I will be whining about not getting enough sleep and being overwhelmed LMAO. My next rotation is going to be at the medical intensive care unit O_O I'm not gonna lie I feel quite apprehensive. But it should be really interesting though.

Anyway, over the last month I tried out a few samples of the GlamGlow masks, and I thought why not compile a little first impression review?

GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment

I got 2 uses out of this sample lol. I just opened one side at a time... I don't see why the product should work differently for left and right eye you know lol.

I was using my LUSH BB Seaweed mask, and I thought why not throw in the eye mask as well LOL. As you can see it goes on a translucent layer. It actually doesn't try to a clay finish as other GlamGlow masks do. It just stays wet until you rinse it off. The instructions said to just wipe it off and allow the residue to give extra hydration, but I didn't.

It does have a slight tingling sensation while it sits on my eyes. I noticed my eyes felt pretty relaxed after, it was quite nice actually. I also noticed the redness in my eyes went down after using the mask O_o like the blood vessels temporarily retreated or something. SO weird. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will notice my eyes are perpetually red/plagued with blood vessels (from chronically looking at the computer screen for too long... T_T).  Too bad I only used it twice so I'm not able to tell if it helps in the long run. I mean obviously my blood vessels/redness came back the next day XD But I was still surprised at what it did to the redness of my eyes. More effective than my Rotho eye drop O_o Other than that, didn't notice anything about fine lines or anything, which doesn't say much since my fine lines are genetic (and getting worse with age XD) and I only used the mask 2 times. Honestly if it wasn't for the ridiculous price, I would very much like to purchase a set and test it out further.

GlamGlow YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment
This is a small trial size I got from redeeming my Sephora points. You can see I took care to avoid my eye areas because it's an exfoliating mask. When this mask is applied to your face, you do get this intense tingling sensation-- I wouldn't describe it as burning sensation (if there's one mask that gives me burning sensation it's Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque simply because it's wayyy too cooling that it even made me tear up). But since I already heard things about this masque giving really intense tingling/burning sensation, so I was prepared for it. I'm sure it was just the blend of acids doing their thing XD It wasn't to the point that it was uncomfortable either, so I wasn't worried if my skin would burn/turn red from this thing.

It dries like a clay mask.

After rinsing off the mask, I was amazed by how baby soft and smooth my skin was O_o definitely felt very properly exfoliated XD My standby exfoliating treatment is the CONI exfoliating gel (which I've been using since I was in undergrad), but this mask does a much much MUCH better job! I was impressed! The only reason why I'm not running to the store to pick up the full-sized product is because of the steep price tag... $69 is just too ridiculous. They do have a 0.5oz jar that's priced at $19... but if you think about it... almost $20 for about 15ml/0.5oz... still really expensive. I might pick up a small size in the future to pamper myself once in a while, but for now, I will stick to my current exfoliating regimen. Definitely a product I wouldn't hesitate to pick up if it ever comes back as a point gift.

GlamGlow ThirstMud Hydrating Treatment
So on the instructions it says you can leave it on overnight or use it as a hydrating treatment during flights... may I just ask... HOW???? It dries to a clay finish.... if I have the slightest facial expression after this mask has dried I get wrinkles and cracks in the mask -_- so I really don't understand how you leave this mask on for any length of time. And it's really not that comfortable to leave on after it's dried.

With that said, this mask also gives an intense tingling effect like the exfoliating mask does. In terms of hydration... I don't know, my skin definitely feels softer using it, but it's not like hydrated-soft... more like exfoliated-soft. So many ppl reviewed this mask raved about how hydrating this mask is, but for me, it just didn't do that much other than giving my skin a very nice post-exfoliated baby smooth feeling. I didn't feel like my skin was extra plump or anything. Then again it's summer so my skin tends to not feel that dry these days anyway. To each and their own I guess (: all products work differently for everyone.

Sorry I don't have a pic of how the mask looks like after it's dried. I forgot XD

I have also tried the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment before,  but that was a while ago. That one is supposed to help clear blackheads and whiteheads, which it definitely did not do for me. But I do have very deeply rooted blackheads (ew XD) so I wasn't expecting much from it. It did smooth out the bumpy texture of my blackheads a little bit, but that was all. Maybe you have to use it persistently to get the results? I have no idea. It's too expensive. Maybe for those who only have very minor blackheads/whiteheads problems it will work.

I would recommend the YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate treatment the most out of all the treatments I tried, if you do have the budget for it! :)  Simply because it did make a very noticeable difference, and I feel like everyone can benefit from using it. As for the other masks, I liked the eye treatment but it's overpriced. The hydrating and clearing masks feel more like gimmick products to me. All 3 facial mud treatments feel like exfoliating products to me, but just the YouthMud does the best job out of all XD  I recommend getting a sample first if you can't decide if it's gonna be worth the money.

Have you tried GlamGlow masks? What do you think about them?
Hope some of you found this first impression review helpful!

<3 Frances


  1. I've never tried GlamGlow masks, they are very expensive =(
    I find it hard to rinse the mint julep mask, I like the mud mask a lot more...
    and my favorite mask is the skinfood sugar masks <3

    1. Yeah, I think they are significantly overpriced for what they are! but it's like the more expensive something is, the more ppl want to get it and rave about it lol.
      I've never tried the skinfood sugar mask!! must keep an eye out for that :D thanks for the recommendation (:

  2. I haven't tried GlamGlow mask, but reading your review makes me want to try it so badly :P Thanks for sharing!


    1. aww really? I thought it would have the opposite effect XD I mean besides the exfoliating mask that I really like, the other ones are nice but I definitely don't go crazy over. Don't think they're worth the price tag =/


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