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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Makeup I bought for myself while I'm in Taiwan + My experience with Liese bubble hair dye, Anna Sui, Paul & Joe etc.

Longest post title in history! *‧。╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ *  *shameless fireworks*

Hahaha! I'm back to make a post, cuz I've missed blogging ^__^
So I just wanted to share with you guys some makeup I personally purchased (my money!!! T_T), some foundations I've tried (Paul & Joe, Anna Sui, Jill Stuart, Lunasol, RMK, Maybelline BB mousse... and um... can't really remember I think that's it XD) and my experience with Liese bubble hair dye!

I'm gonna start with Liese bubble hair dye.

So I've been DYING to try Liese hair dye ever since I saw Bubbi from Bubzbeauty talk about it in her favorites video. But since I wasn't not coloring my hair yet, I actually tried it on my mom. And I didn't really like it orz.... mainly because the bubbles weren't the rich, dense type of bubbles I was anticipating, but the really runny kind O_O not at all like the advertisement says that you can just rub it into your hair like shampoo and let it sit, because the bubbles are so wet and runny and actually dribbles down my mom's face orz.... Anyway, maybe it's just me who had experienced this problem, but next time if I ever decided to try it again, I'm gonna definitely try to work it really slowly into my hair. Another reason why I didn't like it is because it reminds me of Palty hair dye, which is very drying and damages the crap out of my mom's hair (even smells exactly like Palty) However the color pay-off of Liese was pretty good. But I think I'm gonna stick with the old-fashioned hair dye XD

Okay next I want to talk about facial base make up. I have been applying my base makeup very differently from what I normally do when I'm in the States. I've been forced to wear minimal base makeup. Well first of all Taiwan is a lot more humid (ranges as wide as 55-70% humidity, where as Colorado is about 16% haha). Second of all, I've been riding scooters, not driving cars. And if you know something about Taiwan, you will know it's a pretty compact country so the air is pretty polluted. Riding scooter while winds just blows on your face+ air pollution= super dirty face. This is especially really obvious when I wear foundation (and no matter how thin I wear it). Cuz you have a somewhat pale "background" that makes the dirt on your face super apparent. #@$%^!!! EXTREME GROSSNESS.

I never thought I'd ever see the day when I say this, but I've actually been preferring BB creams over foundations. O_O this is a very shocking statement from me cuz I've always always ALWAYS been a foundation girl and never crazy/care about BB creams. However for some reason, BB creams deal better with the polluted air, so I've been wearing BB creams a lot. Plus I got a scar on my chin (bitten by a mosquito WTF! ppl get scars from pimples I get scars from mosquitoes?!) and BB creams really do help lighten up the scar.


Been loving these babies! Considering purchasing the full sized product... not sure cuz I think these will last me for another month before I return to the States.

By the way the verdict is out, I like SKIN79 BB creams a lot better than Skin Food. When I was in Colorado where it is dry, I couldn't really feel the difference between the two. SKIN79 stays on a lot better.

Since I'm already talking about BB creams, I'm gonna share my experience with the Maybelline BB mousse that I wanted to try so bad.
This. Thing. Is. A. Complete. Piece. of. JUNK.
I really don't have anything positive to say about it =_= yes it is light but so are a lot of other BB creams (SKIN79 feels light enough on my face). But what makes this BB mousse utterly UNBEARABLE for me, is that it is not buildable at all. like AT ALL. It just starts clumping and gives uneven finish. HORRIBLE. complete waste of money. I even forced myself to stick with it, but could not stand it at all. Big disappointment. =(

Onto the next subject... foundations of course XD Even though I'm not really wearing foundations a lot nowadays, I still bought some so I could use them when I go back XD  (Old habits die hard? LOL) And if you've been reading my blog for a while you all know I was OBSESSED with finding THE PERFECT foundation. Unfortunately I have to tell you guys, I am forced to conclude that such perfection does not exist. -__-. My oil glands on my face are just impossible. BLEHHHHH. So I settled down with a few foundations that I think are good enough.

First foundation I got was Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle. This is available exclusively in Asia.
I wanted to try it bad cuz it's supposed to last really well and has this "aura" light reflecting technology that makes your makeup appear dewy instead of oily. Does it work like that on me? NO! lol! Nevertheless it's still a nice compact and I like it :) It stays on, and doesn't look cakey even if I do look oily at the end of the day.

Now moving onto the foundations I don't own...
1. Paul & Joe-- I was super excited to try it cuz I've seen it made its appearance on magazines and good ratings and feedback about their foundations. I ended up hating their foundations O__o it's SO thick and flat I felt like I was wearing a mask. I look completely fake and made up when I used their foundation.

2. Anna Sui-- Better than Paul & Joe but I didn't like it cuz the coverage is quite heavy. I guess it depends on what you like. I don't like heavy/full coverage. But for full coverage, I personally think MUFF's HD foundation looks a lot more natural. Anna Sui's foundation makes my face look flat.

3. Lunasol and RMK.... I can't really remember... I think both are nice but just didn't really impress me?

I ended up purchasing Jill Stuart's foundation, which is kind of funny cuz from all the foundations I wanted to try, this one got the poorest ratings/feedback. But I liked it the most out of all of them XD Maybe because I've been wearing minimal makeup, I'm going toward the natural finish. This foundation gives light-medium coverage (but on the lighter side), the consistency is very thin and watery and I think will be good for summer =) not sure if I will still like it after I return to the US cuz I generally prefer medium coverage, but oh well since I bought it I'm gonna use it!

I bought it with a set since there was a promotion. Okay I have to admit I was drawn to it because of the packaging as well XD
foundation, correcting base, mist and cleansing oil.

cleansing oil is just okay. Smells pretty nice (VERY fruity, if you don't like heavy scents then stay away!) However I think this product can be passed cuz it's just decent. I think MAC and Shu Uemura make much better cleansing oils.

I forgot to mention... this foundation kind of gives a soft-focusing effect? =P which I adore!

color correcting base which I haven't really used to tell you much

Facial mist that I'm going to pop into my makeup bag once I run out of my current one.

Another foundation I purchased was Laneige Snow Crystal Foundation =P
I've been dying to try this as well ever since I started watching Bubzbeauty. I haven't tried it full-faced, but I have tried enough foundations that from feeling the texture and the consistency, I know this will be a formula I will enjoy =) Can't tell anything about lasting power until I start wearing it regularly of course (by the way here in Taiwan they do NOT give out samples-- you just have to try it in the store. Which I think is stupid).
Ahhh I love the packaging! so pretty! Looks much better in person and without all these yellow lighting in my room. lol.

By the way Laniege is pretty expensive here in Taiwan. I went onto e-Bay to check prices and realized I spent wayyy too much on this foundation orz.... 

So since my face makeup gets pretty ridiculously dirty here in Taiwan, I am forced to touch up my makeup =_= And this is what I have been using to touch up my foundation...
I pop these three things in my makeup bag.

I would mist my face and tissue to remove my foundation. Then mist my face and gently pat the mist into my face. While the face is moisturized, I'd use the brush to stiple the compact foundation on. =) (The compact foundation sticks on better when you have some moisture on your face; but make sure you have to pat the mist in so you wouldn't get uneven blotches and clumps)

Now onto another product. I purchase this cuz I tried it while I was transferring flights in Japan and I thought it was a pretty nice product. It's the Lancome Cleansing water.
So here in Taiwan, removing my facial makeup is always the first thing I do when I get home O__o (makes me miss Colorado sometimes haha) And this product provides a quick and easy way to remove my facial makeup. However, this cleansing water is not strong enough to remove my eye makeup, like mascaras. And I am NOT replacing cleansing oil with this in my cleaning regimen. I still use cleansing oil to completely remove all of my makeup. I just use this to relieve my face from all the dirty/polluted makeup. lol!

Last thing...
I don't even know the English name? Anyway I ran out of my BELOVED Shiseido cleanser T_T
so I decided to opt for a cheaper alternative. It's nothing as nearly awesome and rich and dense as my Shiseido cleanser, but it's nice and gentle and does the job. The toner and moisturizer are pretty nice too. I really like how they are not fragranted at all =) I think it's really nice and affordable drugstore skincare (affordable if you live in East Asia anyway...)

That's it from me ^__^ Hope you guys enjoyed this excessively long post ><

Peace out!! =D

<3 Frances

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My shop is FINALLY ready!!!

OMG OMG OMG I'm finally done with my shop!!!!! XD Took me forever and it's pretty roughly done (computer been breaking down =_=) but it's here!! 

Sneak peak ^__^

If you'd like to take a look at my shop, please click here. Even if you're not purchasing anything, I still want to thank you for visiting my shop, and everyone who supported me with this idea ^__^ I'm gonna see how well it goes and see if I'm gonna stock more new products, lol.


Remember to hit "Older posts" to see all the products!

Okay I'm off to bed >_< so tired ahhh

<3 Frances

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazingly natural drawn double folds O_O

hahahah I'm back cuz I HAD to share this with you guys O_O

Videos by Katy from Katy Beauty

I could NOT believe the double folds were drawn in!!!! seriously... it looks so natural! O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O

She does have a video dedicated to teaching this technique!

Although I do have double-folded eyelids... I wonder if I could use this technique to make my folds appear wider? XD

Anyway, recommended for monolidded beauties out there who want a less extreme way to create the illusion of double folds ^__^

<3 Frances

Greetings from Taiwan!! =D

Hello my fellow bloggies!!!!! =DD

GREETINGS FROM TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD
How is everyone?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hahaha I am SO sorry that I have NOT been posting... orz. Um... I'm kind of busy with... being on vacation, if you know what I mean? XD *kicks fly myself* So the reason why I haven't been posting is because I only have 2 months in Taiwan, I don't want to spend it sitting in front of my computer :P Plus the lighting at my house really sucks anyway, so I guess I will save reviews/demos and all that junk... I mean, all that good stuff *coughs* till I returned to the US ^_^

So basically I have not been reading any blog at all O_O my sincere apologies >_< (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately O_O) Will get to that once I'm in America as well XD Anyway, a little update on what I've been up to... I have been in Taiwan for almost 3 weeks now =D Just spending time with family and friends ^_^ And been eating loads and loads and LOADS... ahhh the food here is so freaking AMAZING. Mom and dad and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends need to stop feeding me and taking me to these amazing gourmet restaurants. Seriously. I have gained SO MUCH weight. I am totally serious. Like dead serious. =__= <--- my serious stare. I am dreading the day I return to the US when I get to see my friends again, where they will for sure look at me and exclaim, "OMG Frances what the HECK have you been eating!" LOL oh well it's worth it bahahaha so I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing XD (talk about knowing when to stop huh...) Might make a picture post on food and snacks here sometime in the future =D And since I am so fat now (LMAO) I basically excluded myself from the clothing market T__T Taiwanese girls are so skinny. Instead I've been shopping for SHOES. I've never had so many pairs of shoes in my whole freaking life (and this is not a lie at all cuz I used to own less than 10 pairs of shoes). Cannot wait to share with you guys all the shoes I got ^__^ Other than enjoying being on vacation, I've just been busy with financial aids/scholarships application and housing applications to prep myself for school this coming fall.

One last thing... I've been working hard on my online shop!! =D (haha took me forever to compare prices and get the inventory) Hopefully it will be ready next week. I will get to the details on my shopping blog, but for now I want to let you guys know that although the shop will be open starting next week hopefully, but the products will not be shipped until I get back to the States, just to save you guys the shipping fees ^_^ (since my market will primarily be the US) cuz shipping from here to the US is at least $6, which does not make shopping from me cheaper at all... O_O

That's it for now! haha it's dinner time here so I'm gonna go eat... XD Take care guys ^__^ I will talk to you all next week!

PS: Remember to exercise... mom took me to yoga lessons this past week and I'm so stiff from not having been working out for the last year T_T

<3 Frances