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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation + Real Hand Touch Set Review

Hello guys!

ROFL omg look who's back blogging XD I feel like I'm running out of ways to greet... cuz it's always along the lines of "long time no blog!" "the last time I blogged was x amount of time ago whaaaat?!" blah blah blah... what can I say my life really isn't that exciting ahaha that's why I seldomly update about what I've been up to anymore. But since I'm in the mood today... thought I'd share a few things I'm learning in school now =P

1. Just finished learning about diabetes mellitus-- a disease that I really hope I would never have (considering I have close relatives who have/had it)... MUST BABY MY PANCREAS. Seriously, now I'm kind of scared of simple carbohydrates or any food with high glycemic index. Ever wonder how a person with diabetes can possibly not notice he or she has a foot ulcer... or notice that there's anything wrong until his or her toes fall off? Well... during the disease progression the nervous system becomes so compromised that they have this condition called "sensorimotor neuropathy"... essentially they can't feel anything in their feet. During our lectures a professor shared a story where her patient's big toe fell off while she was changing bed sheets O____o ummmm sorry if I'm being really graphic here/scaring/disgusting you guys... my point is: stay healthy. If you have the luxury of sitting here and reading my blog (as like me having the luxury to sit here and blog), chances are you probably are well-off enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. A common misconception of diabetes is that only obese people get it-- which is simply NOT true. Yes obese people have higher risk of getting it, but skinny ppl can get it too-- if you keep eating the wrong things.

2. We're moving on to learning about contraception and menopause... not gonna lie the menopause topic is having me all depressed ... yes I'm already thinking about my life 25 years from now XD menopause and osteoporosis lolol... why do you guys think I've been so keen on working out? =P (Yes losing weight was one of the objectives but to be honest I can just do that via dieting... and probably an easier reason to motivate girls my age since it's really hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we are capable of breaking our wrists by flicking them when we get old and osteoporotic). Trying to max out my bone density here. I think most ppl are unaware that you can only max out your bone density until you're around 30 years old... after that you can only try to slow down the bone mass loss process... and you can't just max out your bone density by taking calcium supplements (which by the way guys... daily recommended dose for calcium is about 1000-1200mg... I don't want any overdose out there XD and you have to take them separately... so like 600mg in the morning and 600mg at night because your body can only absorb about 600mg at a time. Make sure you take it with vitamin D of course otherwise your body can't absorb calcium either. But since most calcium supplements have vitD added so that should be a non issue). You have to do resistance/weight training to BUILD your bones too, so that your body can deposit the calcium into your bones-- that's how you increase bone density. And contraception is so complicated that it hurts my brain. Blehhh! I think I need a doctor to counsel me before I can counsel anyone -_-" LOL. Okay I need to shut up now.

Sorry I got all chatty. But seriously what's the point of learning all this information if I don't share it? A big part of our job is counselling= sharing the knowledge =D

Ahem... okay, now really onto the product review as promised. LMAO. Bear with me guys. I've been meaning to do this review forever but it's just been too gloomy here and I couldn't get sunlight-- I want the most natural lighting possible for you guys ^_^

First off, here's the video that triggered my initial interest in this product:

You might remember me talking about it here.

I don't have a demonstration video-- sorry guys. Please just refer to the video above... fast forward to 1:30 for application. I just kind of don't see the point doing it. I'll just explain it in the review.
I purchased mine from prettyandcute.com during Black Friday sale.

My color is W13.
(From what I've been told by prettyandcute's associate, N02 is closer to MAC NC15, and W24 is closer to MAC NC30).



For you Korean readers out there:





So here goes the product break down:

The Real Hand device:
It's an battery-operated device and requires 2 AAA batteries (the set does come with 2 batteries for you to start with).

Honestly I really didn't think this is gonna be a gimmick product because Arial Chen made the foundation application look SO effortless in her video. And I tried, really really tried-- different applications like BB cream on my face then blend, or BB cream on the sponge then blend, or dampen the sponge then blend-- it just doesn't work for me. For me, it just wipes away (or should I say, "vibrates off") the foundation that I just applied as soon as I moved the Real Hand gadget to other areas-- does that make any sense? This is especially problematic on and around the nose area because it's not a flat surface obviously-- I had no problem with the foundation application on my cheeks and chin and forehead (pretty much just everywhere else). I tried using super light pressure-- it's better. But to be honest, this is way too much effort, not at all quick and easy as I expected, and the result isn't even better than using a brush (my Sigma synthetic kabuki brushes).  I think if the sponge were much much thicker and bigger it might have worked better. Also one of the reasons I hesitated to purchase the gadget is the sponge replacement. I'm sure it will be a hassle to repurchase the sponge (should've listened to the logical side of my brain... T.T) So in conclusion-- it doesn't make my foundation application process any faster, or any more flawless. I really think this is either hit or miss-- you'll either love it like Arial Chen, or hate it like I did (maybe I just don't know how to use it... but if it's that hard to figure out... I don't care for it).

The Precious Mineral BBdation:
Let me just say I purchased the set solely for the Real Hand gadget. I love my SKIN79 BB cream and wasn't looking to buy a new BB cream. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the finish of this BB cream.
(By the way... BBdation... BB cream... whatever they're both the same to me).

The texture:
As you can see it has a gel-like consistency. Again my color is W13 (I'm MAC NC20-25). This definitely leans very NC20.

By the way this BB cream is quite heavily fragranted but the smell does dissipate pretty quickly.

The color looks very off on the back of my hand, but when I apply it to my face it matches perfectly.


Naked face:

Half face application:
I used my Sigma flat top synthetic kabuki brush for the application here.

Full face application:

Overall effect:
(Excuse my horrendous morning hair XD)

After setting with translucent powder (Aveda Mineral Loose Powder)

My initial reaction to the finish of this BB cream was love! Actually my thoughts immediately jumped to the YSL Touche Eclat foundation... BUT they really have nothing in common except the brightening/glowy finish. However, this BB cream is definitely A LOT more glowy than YSL TE (and I mean like having light bounce off your face lol especially if you're directly underneath a light source), whereas YSL is more like a natural, soft, dewy glow. YSL also has a more buttery finish if that makes any sense :P

Here's the main problem I have with this BB cream: it really doesn't sit very well with my combination skin. As the day wears on, I do notice it starting to break down and become a little bit patchy (even after setting with powder). I also found this BB cream creases rather easily. It doesn't make me look shinier or gross as I get oilier, it just starts to break down and wear off. So I would say, you will probably appreciate this BB cream if you have dry skin (I know Arial Chen has dry skin! That's probably why she raved about this lol). For combination skin and oily skin, this BB cream probably wouldn't be your best friend. Pity it didn't work out because I really adore the finish, but it's okay since I'm still loving my YSL TE hehe ^_~

If you read everything (including my ramble at the beginning of the post XD) Thank you so much for taking the time ^_^ I hope you found it worthwhile. Now I'm gonna go entertain myself by reading this epic blog I just discovered today, muahaha!

Oh and I know I won't be blogging tomorrow so I want to wish you guys Happy Valentine's Day ^__^ Hope you guys have a great day doing whatever you do :D

<3 Frances


  1. I saw your contraception related photo on instragram and was confused xD Can't even imagine how you can memorize all that info! But thanks for breaking some of it down LOL Make it easier for people like me to understand haha

    Sucks to hear neither worked for you :( Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way that products don't work the same for everyone *sigh*

    1. I know T^T I was so excited too. Boohoo.

      LOL usually I memorize them for exams then just forget about them right away =_=" it's really about practice though... the more you use it/talk about it in real life, then you just naturally remember the information.

  2. I never thought that the device for applying the bb dation would work, is like that loreal foundation that had to be applied with a roller, the face is not flat, to do that.
    thanks for a detailed review, I know I will not be buying this bb cream.

    1. Hmmm I never thought it wouldn't work because the girl in the video just used the thing all over her face and she was saying how it applied her BB cream so evenly and smoothly and quickly O_o But when I saw that Loreal foundation I thought the same too XD why would I want to use a roller on my face lolol.

  3. great review bun bun :) my problem with bb crems is i have oily skin and most of them dont last on me, also they dont match my skin color, they are so light, and since i have oily skin, the glowing finish is a no no :(

    1. Aw :( Have you tried SKIN79 BB cream? That BB cream lasts on me better than all my foundations. But it's super light though so I don't think it will fit your skin tone... but it's all good as long as you know what works for you and what doesn't, right? ^_^

    2. skin79 is one the first bb creams i used, the shade is light :P i can mix the bb creams with dark shade foundations, but i have to get a good one like revlon color stay :P i just got revlon but lighter shade lol silly me..the attendant suggestion was wrong :/

  4. god, you don't even need bb cream! your skin is too flawless for it! hehe very nice post \(^0^)/

    1. Aw thanks Kri! but actually I was having a good skin day XD

  5. Lol everything I read in the first two paragraphs totally just flew over my head. so many terms I don't know >__< ahahaa and here I thought I was smahrt, learning about digestion and circulatory systems... Anywaysss sucks about the Real Hand xD and well thats one more BB cream I can skip since my skin gets pretty oily sometimes too :/ nice review though~~

    1. LOL! I didn't know any of this when I was in high school either XD yeah sucks about the BB cream... I liked the finish >.< thanks for reading <3 <3

  6. blogwalking. :) also a fan of etude house. :)


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