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Monday, September 7, 2015

[rag & bone] 'Crosby' Continental Wallet Review (One Month Review)


So as I mentioned in my last wallet review, I got another shortly after I got the Mulberry one...

Saw this while I was browsing the rag & bone page during Nordstrom anniversary sale (not a sale item by the way so if you're thinking about getting this you didn't miss out lol), and I just couldn't let it pass O_O!!

Seriously... totally defeats the purpose of me buying the Mulberry one =_= The whole reason why I spent all that $$$ on Mulberry is because I wanted a small wallet that fits in all my purses so I don't have to bother with changing wallets when I change purses =_=

Well, I guess I'll get used to it *face palms*

I haven't really been switching between purses lately, but I've been making an effort to rotate my wallets LOL. Oy.
This picture was taken AFTER using this wallet heavily lol. Got too excited and totally forgot to take pictures when both wallets were brand new... didn't think I was gonna write reviews O_O

When I first got it the leather of this wallet was very smooth and shiny. I actually was a bit taken aback at how shiny it was LOL. I don't know, I was expecting something that more worn looking?? haha.

As mentioned, I got it from Nordstrom. You can find it here.
Doesn't come with a warranty :/


First thing first, this wallet takes on scratches/marks EXTREMELY EASILY. It got a mark literally within a minute after tossing it into my handbag.

All them marks and scratches. It can pretty much get scratches from anything... finger nails... the "sharp" corner of makeup bag... any human handling?! LOL.




Zipper detail

Zipper is well made. Sturdy and smooth :)

It's not exactly slim either.

The reason why I just could not let this wallet pass-- not only I love the look of it, but look at all the slots!!!!!!!!!!

Next to the slots, there is a pocket on each side of the wallet. Which is awesome because I use one pocket for cash, and the other for my receipts ^_^ love that about this wallet!

After filling up the wallet
I feel like you can totally throw blotting sheets into this wallet if you want LOL.

This one doesn't get excessively "fat" :P

Another thing I love about this wallet is the security, being a zip-around wallet and all. You know the contents of your wallet are going nowhere :D

There's a side pocket. Haven't figured out what to do with it. I'm more iffy about utilizing this pocket though... cuz things can fall out.

While I don't mind the wallet acquiring that "worn" look, I do kind of wish it would do so more gracefully. Because as you can see in the pictures, some marks/scratches do look pretty deep. I guess I wish it's made of the kind of leather that will look worn over time, but not in an all scratched up/damaged sort of way?





Totally digging nude lips as of late ^_^ Well nude pink here ^.^


So between the two wallets... it's really hard to tell you which one I prefer over the other >.< I feel like choosing one is just mean LOL. From practicality standpoint (translation: size), the Mulberry one is probably a better choice. On the other hand... I totally love the compartmentalization of the rag & bone one and the fact it's a zip-around wallet. But I do feel like this rag & bone wallet is more me :D

That concludes my wallet review! I shall come back to both posts maybe in a year or two... ahaha.

<3 Frances


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