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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sephora 20% Off!

Hey guys!

I'm sure most of you are aware of the Friends and Family sale going on at Sephora yea yeah???!??? It goes till 11/2 so hurry up if you want to take advantage of the sale!


Go to the link to get your promotion code ^_^

I have to say... this sale thingy is brutal T____T cuz there's actually a lot of things I want to buy at the moment T^T but remember I'm cutting down my costs at the makeup department?! So yeah... I am actually quite proud of myself cuz I only purchased skincare products, no makeup *sob sob*

Anyway here are the things I purchased ^_^

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser
I'm excited to finally purchase this cleanser! I got a sample size of this cleanser earlier this year and I remember hating it when I first used it. It doesn't lather or anything, it just feels like rubbing some thick liquid on my face, and you all know I love cleansers that give denser lather. And really my skin was really normal before so I couldn't tell if it was doing anything to my skin. So anyway I put it away and never used it again. However two months ago my skin suffered an allergic break out, it wasn't as bad as it could've been (I used yogurt like crazy!!! And Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum helped calm my skin down too) but it was very sensitive and itchy, so I wanted to use something really gentle cuz I noticed every time after I cleanse my face my break out spot became really red, swollen and irritated. I did use oatmeal to wash my face and it did help, but at the same time I wanted maybe something more calming. So I dug out this cleanser... and it helped calm down my skin, A LOT. So even though I hate it doesn't lather, I still think this is a really good cleanser ^_^

I'm not short on skin care because I have so many samples XD but I'm running low on real sized products. So I thought this is a good time to stock up ^_^ I asked my friend what she bought for her Sephora discount and she recommended this to me. She doesn't even have oily skin but she said it has worked for her since high school. So I'm excited to try this out ^_^


That's all I purchased! And now I'm gonna share the long-ass list of things I want to buy LMAO!!

NARS dual eye shadow in Codura
I really want this *sob sob* but I think I can survive without new eye shadows T^T *sniff sniff*

NARS blush in Deep Throat
I've always wanted this >< I remember buying the Orgasm blush when I actually really wanted this one... but I ended up buying Orgasm cuz it was the most popular =_= (I was kind of new to makeup at that time XD) regret >_< cuz Orgasm doesn't even flatter my complexion that much.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

I've been wanting to try this ever since Rae talked about how good it is! But... $84 is really out of my league. I will save it for when I'm older and need more intense treatment XD

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush
I've been really wanting to try them ever since I saw Marlena talk about them. I like Amused and Tipsy ^_^

Not necessarily want to buy this but really want to try it -__- (foundation junkie mode on)

FairyDrops Mascara
Been really wanting to try this as well cuz I heard so many good things! But it's so expensive and I have a lot of mascaras at the moment.

And other things that I really want to try but not available at Sephora..

Chanel Perfection Lumiere
Again wanted to try this because of Rae XD it looks amazing on her skin! Although you guys all know I'm not short of foundations at all... I have too many in fact. Don't get me wrong I love my foundations but I just always want to try new ones XD

FairyDrops Candy Bar BB cream
(Image taken from prettyandcute.com)
I've been DYING to try this BB cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >____< ever since I saw Eki use it in her Alice in Wonderland tutorial. She did a review on this BB cream as well :)
It looks so thin and amazing!!! but it's SO expensive. And it doesn't contain SPF =( I do have a full size SKIN79 BB cream so I'm gonna finish that first before I move onto other BB creams *determined*

Hahaha omg that was SUCH a long list. I feel like such a makeup whore. LOL.

What did you guys buy from this sale? ^_^

I hope you guys didn't find this post too boring XD

I'm off to take a nap ^_^ Happy shopping guys :D

<3 Frances


  1. Oh god I know how you feel. My makeup wishlist gets longer everyday xD
    I cant even wear BB cream (im black lol) and I want the Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB cream. It looks amazing~ *A*

  2. i wonder if it applies on online shopping as well? O.o

  3. Wow good job limiting yourself! :P F&F sales are so tempting...I'm actually going to order this year!! But very little...just something I need.
    My wishlist is SO long. I "want" so many things =X

  4. Hahahahaha I tried... so hard!!!! T_T I had to literally grit my teeth and just place my order so I wouldn't change my mind T口T I want to save the money for more cute winter clothes lol! is your wish list even longer than mine?! LOL??

  5. yes it does! cuz I bought my stuff online =DD waiting for them to be shipped to me ^_^

  6. Awww I'm so sorry =( but they really should try to make more shades for BB creams. I guess because it's more popular in Asia and Asian women are mostly obsessed with being fair so I guess that's why the manufacturers don't feel the need to make more shades? =T

    Hahah believe it or not this is not everything on my list LMAO. in the end I just got too tired to list more cuz it'd never enddddd lol!!!

  7. Ahaha, it's not our fault people make such nice products!

  8. ahhhhh! The sephora sale! I looked around for makeup but I am trying hard not to buy it >< There are a lot of friends and family sales going on it's so crazy o___o I really wanted to try the fairy drops mascara & tarte amazonian clay blush too!! but I can't see myself spending so much on mascara >< but the packaging is so cute & it's fiber mascara!! wahhhhh~ haha & I saw eki's review on the fairydrops bb cream and it looks so good o___o it really made her face look flawless~ even though her skin is already pretty flawless >< haha I missed you!! I should update my blog more but I am so busy T_____T wahhhhhhhhhh~ 太多功課....

  9. OMG Mimi!!! 超久不見的!!! 哇!!!!!!!! LOL! haha same here same here I haven't blogged much until recently cuz I'm having a break now (which is ending T_T) hehe I'm going to your blog now~~~~

  10. this post was sooo boring that I read everything... lol! I don't think you ever have a boring post!
    I really want NARS blush/eyeshadow but its just sooo expensive in Japan and Australia!!
    I've never heard of clay blush... sounds sooo interesting and you are tempting me to buy stuff when I have absolutely no money... =.=ll

  11. hahahaha you know what I do?? I just add everything I want in my shopping cart without checking out XDXDXDXDXD that temporarily gives a shopping satisfaction... a little bit???... maybe??? LOL do you have Sephora in Australia?!?!?!???


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