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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on my Bubbi Brushes Review

****1 year update! 11/6/2012****

Hello there =D

Now I've officially used the brushes for over a year now... I thought I'd come back with an update!

1. The buffer brush-- I got the most mileage out of this brush. Use it every day for contouring. Love it so much. Enough said =D

2. The powder brush-- Love to use it for loose powders and powder foundation. My go-to brush for powders =)

3. The retractable brush-- This and my eyeliner brush and brow brush were the only brushes I brought with me for my trip to South Korea. It lives up to its name-- definitely very versatile! Used it for powders, contour, blush and highlight. Definitely a must-have when I travel =) (And also almost used this brush exclusively while I was in Taiwan for its convenience). I don't really use it on daily basis cuz I stuff it in my on-the-go bag XD

4. The dual cover brush-- I use this brush exclusively for my SKIN79 BB cream. It works the best with my BB cream. I don't this brush for liquid foundations because it's too streaky. 

5. The kabuki brush-- gives really nice coverage for powder foundations. I use this and the powder brush interchangeably for my powder foundations.

6. The fluff brush-- good for highlighting or blending out eye shadows. But I have other brushes that I prefer over this =P

7.  The dual eye brush-- good brush but I don't wear eye shadows on a daily basis XD and when I do I mostly reach for my Sonia Kashuk one. 

8. The HD flawless brush-- Is basically collecting dust on my vanity ='( too much work to work with. I think it's because the hard bristles (not saying it's harsh to the touch, hard as in firm) sheer out my foundation too much, while being streaky at the same time. I just don't use it.... 

That's all! Hopefully this is somewhat helpful? Overall it's a good collection I'm pleased with my purchases, except for the HD flawless brush. 


Update on Bubbi Brushes 10/5/2011 =)

Hello hello ^_^ So I said I'd come back and update about my thoughts about these brushes so here I am =D Just a very brief update since my opinions haven't changed much. But I have been using Bubbi brushes for a little bit over a month now??

- The Dual Cover foundation brush and Flawless HD brush-- My opinion hasn't changed much... although they do feel even softer after a while, especially the Flawless HD brush. They are thicker synthetic bristles so I guess they do take longer time to soften up? lol! However I still find both of them giving minimal streaking that requires a tiny bit work in blending. The Flawless HD brush no longer feels "harsh" under my eyes; either it's because it's become softer or I'm used to it XD

- Still love love love the concealer brush from the Dual Cover brush ^_^

- I am loving the Multi Retractable brush and Buffer brush more day by day >_< I already loved them to begin with, but I'm loving them even more the more I use them! In fact, all my other powder brushes feel scratchy and poky on my face now =_= because the retractable brush is just sooo soft..... so I'm pretty much only using the retractable brush for powder now XD And the buffer brush is just so soft and easy to work with. LOVE.

- Still liking my dual eye brush ^_^ Although I haven't been using it much because I've been busy and lazy with eye shadows... LOL.

That's it ^_^ my opinions about Bubbi Brushes are pretty much finalized. Although I do want to stress that, while the Flawless HD brush and the foundation brush from the Dual Cover brush aren't my favorite, I am by NO means saying they are bad brushes. In fact, they are not bad brushes at all. They are pretty good brushes for what they are. I just prefer other types of foundation brush =P I just wanted to clear that up. Just because they are not my favorite, doesn't mean you won't like them! Please just keep in mind preference is really subjective ^_^  All in all I think if you want to try out Bubbi Brushes, you won't be disappointed.

That's all ^_^ I'm gonna go take a nap and studyyyyyyyyy. Hope I will wake up when my alarm goes off XD

PS: By the way I think Disqus had a glitch or something =_= some of the comments will not show up on Disqus in my last Bubbi Brushes Review post although they do show up on my blogger's comment section. So I can't reply to the comments that didn't show up =( but please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. Thanks for your honest opinion! The brushes sound really good.

  2. lololol. I thought about buying the whole set too! But I was like I already have so many brushes... I wish I purchased the powder brush x( and the kabuki brush... lol, but I think I will be able to resist =P we'll see hehe. The prices are definitely worth it for the quality ^_^

  3. I recommend ^_^ I'm actually not too surprised ppl haven't been reviewing them... I was hesitant about reviewing them myself cuz I don't want to be hated for not loving everything -__-a lol!

  4. dont apologise or try to defend YOUR opinion. its your opinion so people cant get all crazy over it :)

  5. lol people didn't ^_^ I just wanted to make sure ppl didn't misunderstand me :D thanks for the support hehe <3


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