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Monday, July 29, 2013

Excited for Marc Jacobs' Makeup Collection ^_^

Hi guys!

Just a quick post today XD Most of you probably already saw the announcement from Sephora's e-mail a while ago, but I only checked my e-mail account that's reserved for memberships/ads recently XD Being a fan of Marc Jacob's perfumes and hand bags (it is my ambition to own one when I'm fully independent lolol), I was super excited when I saw that Marc Jacobs is releasing his own makeup line!
Suuuuuper duper excited! I read somewhere that it's gonna be a very bold collection because Marc Jacobs is a fan of colors.

Of course the most exciting thing for me is this...
LOL. For some reason I am extra excited to smell this foundation! I don't know why but I think it's going to smell amazing LOL. Although I'm not a fan of gel foundation at all... I normally find gel foundation especially unsuitable for flakiness and combination skin.

Even though I'm excited for the release but I don't think I will be jumping the gun; I simply have too many foundations. And I want to wait to see what other ppl say (especially I don't think these will be available in stores?? Not sure if they're online exclusives????) and if I do want to purchase something, of course I will wait for the friends and family sale XD

What do you guys think? Are you excited about Marc Jacobs makeup? Ambivalent?

Oh by the way, I am currently home in Taiwan XD but my vacation is coming to an end. I didn't announce it since I'm a terrible blogger anyway so I didn't think it'd make a difference LOL!! I will have something up soon :D  Hope you guys are having a fantastic summer! ^_^

<3 Frances

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