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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Givenchy Airy-Light Mat Radiance Foundation Swatches

Hello guys ^_^

So today I bring you this swatches post :D sometimes I question myself what's the point of posting this kind of swatch post when it includes no thoughts/review -_-a oh well. I WILL come back to give a detailed review... some day XD

I will say though, at this point I do like this foundation enough that I won't mind purchasing the whole bottle (but that probably won't happen in a long long time as I'm working on 2 other liquid foundations... not to mention BB creams and foundation powders TAT) Although recently I also tried the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation and was pretty impressed with that too -__- TEMPTATIONS NEED TO BE GONE (Or I should just stay away from Sephora).

Okay, here goes the swatches---
I will say the unusual thing about this Givenchy foundation is that although it leans orange (like most European cosmetics), it's a pink orange. You can tell from these two pictures that this particular shade, 3 Mat Sand, it has a subtle pinky quality about it.

Mat 3 Sand is described as "for light complexions with neutral undertones". While it is noticeably pink, I do think that Givenchy did a good job of keeping this shade looking neutral rather than pink. The pink in this foundation gives a brightening effect, rather than turning the foundation pink. The consistency of this foundation is pretty light but not very runny.

Blended out
Hahahaha yeah don't ask me... I was like where is the swatch when I first looked at this photo too...

Here's a better-focused picture:


SAM_4514 copy
Not sure if you can tell the pinky glow from this foundation (was very hard to capture as the pink is very subtle), despite it being a matte foundation. I honestly think most matte foundations these days are so gorgeous and are not any less natural than dewy/glowy foundations.

Naked face time!
I have to admit my skin looks pretty darn good in this pic... but it's only because I happened to have cleared out my blackheads a few days prior to this photo AHAHA. Otherwise my skin normally doesn't look so spotless.

close up:


Alrighty-- half face application
Ahhh... what can I say... there are so many natural, gorgeous looking foundations on the market these days >_< Seriously. So many liquid foundations give you that your skin but much better look these days. The only difference being how well they wear throughout the day. The coverage is light to medium.

The pinkiness of this foundation counters the sallowness of my complexion quite nicely, don't you think?



Full face application:




Ok... swatches done XD Now comes the awkward ending: I shall come back and update my thoughts on this foundation ROFLOLOLOL.

Laters ^_^

<3 Frances

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  1. I really like the pink glow...
    I hope it lasts throughout the day...


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