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Friday, August 23, 2013

Taiwan Haul 2013

Hi guys!

Long time again! XD I can't believe summer was already over and school has started again (I'm a P3 now OMG cases cases cases). I also just moved into a new apartment with a new roommate =D My roommate is Korean and I've never lived with a Korean before and so far it's been interesting :P So far I'm loving this new apartment and new roommate; I used to have 3 other roommates and it got quite hectic sometimes lol. It's so quiet and peaceful here in my new apartment. Although the lighting sucks =/ That and with Maryland's gloomy weather... I just hope I can find a way to upkeep my photo quality. I had to adjust all of my photos for this post so they're more true to color. Anyway since school isn't too hectic yet, I decided might as well update my blog (it's now or never buahaha). So today I want to share with you the stuff I got from Taiwan =D

Looks so massive... haha. But really a lot of them are samples/free gifts with purchase lol.

1. Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick
These look exactly like the Revlon lip stains! But they are not lip stains. They are pretty glossy and more moisturizing (Revlon kissable lip stains has a drier formula). Left to right are #2 Fuchsia Libre and #4 Peach on the Beach. They don't really last... just like any other moisturizing lipstick. Sometimes I layer this over my Revlon lip stains to give my lips a more juicy look :P

2. Za Ever Brows Brow Pencils
I've seen Bubbi use this multiple times in her tutorials so I wanted to give it a try! I love my Anastasia eye brow powder but I feel like eye brow powders gives a very made-up finish (I don't understand when ppl say use brow powder if you want natural looking brows??? I mean yeah they look softer... but also more powdery) so anyway I wanted to try pencils for less powdery look and I opted for these. I do like it (haha bought a backup). I do notice they don't last as long or well as my Anastasia brow powder, but it's acceptable. The brush on the back of the pencil is pretty awesome! Smooths out the pencil really well. After these I think I will try the Anastasia brow pencils. I got mine in #3 Natural Grey cuz my hair is black now.

3. Za Plumper Lips Lipstick
Read about these on a Tawainese blog and decided to give it a try. I originally only bought the color #8 and after trying it out I went back and bought 3 more XD It's a very moisturizing formula, I like! I think people who enjoy Revlon lip butters will enjoy these too ^_^

4. Majolica Majorca
Majolica came out with a new formula/new comb again! So of course I had to get one. Also stocked up on two mascara primers. I'm sure you guys have already seen this... Majolica Majorca is my favorite mascara brand, been using them since high school (buy the ones with comb, don't buy the ones with regular brush heads because the formula tends to flake).

5. D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape
You guys have seen this before too... for the days when my eyelids are swollen/when my double eyelid decide they want to move places, I use this to correct them.

6. My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening mask
My favorite whitening mask from My Beauty Diary. The packaging has changed. I also noticed in the ingredients that they no longer use parabens! =D thumbs up for that. I haven't tried this new formulation but I'm confident that it will be good ^_^

7. Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask 
Also a repurchase. This mask is really hydrating, and brightening as well! Really like this for the hydration

8. Naruko Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Brightening Mask (what kind of name is this??? LOL)
Since I'm impressed with the rose mask, I wanted to give other Naruko masks a try, I have to say I'm disappointed. Somehow I feel like this mask doesn't absorb as well for some reason??

9. Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask
This mask is one of those lifting masks that cover your chin and you hook to your ears to give your face a V-shape lift. Another disappointment. Conclusion: I only like the rose mask from Naruko, the other products are just meh.

10. Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask
Er not sure what's the name of the brand... 豐, 台灣?? LOVEMORE?? lol. First time trying this brand, and I was pleasantly surprised! The mask is made of this very thin material so it fits really well to the contours of my face, also the cuttings are very delicate so very suitable for girls with small face/features! Best fitting mask I've tried. The formula is pretty nice too. I like!

11. Wine Yeast Whitening Mask
Haven't tried this yet.

12. CONI Exfoliating Gel
I've been dreaming about these for the last year! My favorite exfoliating gel. It's more like an enzyme exfoliant, you rub it on your face and dead skin cells will come off.
This one is supposed to contain gold liposome. Both of them are good but I do like this one just a bit more :P

Okay the rest of free gifts from CONI... I know it's kind of ridiculous how many gifts they gave us. I think it's because CONI isn't a really well-known brand in Taiwan so they're really trying to get ppl to try out their products to get the name out there, who knows? I'm not the one to turn down free skin care :P
Supposed to be a lifting mask. Haven't tried

Travel set for sensitive skin. Haven't tried either.

Eye masks. These I have tried and I really like them! They're so comfortable I often just fall asleep while still wearing them... and would wake up and find them completely dried up and shriveled lol. I didn't purchase my own set cuz it's quite pricey. 

Moisturizing overnight mask. I guess something like Laneige's sleeping pack?? Honestly wasn't so interested in these cuz I don't tend to like overnight masks... we'll see how these perform.

Random travel size conditioner, makeup remover and exfoliating gel.

More skincare, foundation, and BB cream samples

Jelly mask. It is very moisturizing, I do enjoy it but not something I'd purchase on my own.

13. Paul & Joe Powder Compact Foundation
I was running dangerously low on my Lancome Blanc Miracle powder... I actually wasn't even planning to get P&J, but I was playing at the P&J counter one day and the MUA was so patient with me (I kind of wish she would leave me alone LOL cuz I wasn't planning to purchase) and the powder is so finely milled I decided to give this a go. I don't know if P&J's foundations have ever been reformulated but it's different from what I remembered! The last time I tried P&J I thought the finish is so heavy and mask-like. Maybe it's because the last MUA who helped me last time used a very heavy hand... who knows lol. I didn't notice at the time of purchase but I did realize later that this powder is extremely fragranted, so beware if you dislike strongly fragranted cosmetics. 

14. Lancome Teint Miracle Powder Foundation
My skin was very unstable while I was in Taiwan (allergies and rashes)... and I wasn't sure if the fragrance in the P&J irritates my skin (I couldn't really tell if my face was itchy from allergies or if it was from P&J). I purchased this at duty-free because first I do love it, and second if the P&J does irritate my skin, at least I will have something to fall back to. I was debating between the Blanc Miracle and this but in the end I bought this... Even though Blanc Miracle is for oil control... I look oily at the end of the day anyway no matter which product I use XD I decided to go with this one cuz the powder is ever so slightly finer and looks less powdery. If you're interested in seeing comparison swatches of Lancome Blanc Magique and Teint Miracle, see my old post here

15. Vaseline afer sun aloe vera gel
I got sunburned when I went to a water park in Taiwan =_= I did reapply sunscreen religiously but got burned anyway =___= will talk about it in the next post. But anyway got this to soothe my skin. It's meh... kind of sticky. Will try to use them up (bought two of them cuz it was buy one get one half off) but will not repurchase. Why is there Korean on there??? lol

16. Brow scissors
My other ones are kind of old. This is my second pair from this brand and I really like them! But honestly I don't even use the comb LOL. I think any brow scissors will work well... I just happened to like my last pair that I want to stick with this brand :P

17. Olive Oil Skin Care Company Handmade Pure Olive Oil Soap
So this brand of soap was originally started by an Australian professor who wanted to create a very mild and natural soap that is suitable for his wife, whose skin suffered from eczema/psoriasis. You can read about it here. I've been using it to wash my face and it is pretty mild but effective. Some ppl might find it drying but I don't (I happen to like the squeaky clean feeling). I wouldn't say it helps improve my skin yet but at least it doesn't exacerbate my conditions. However I still find oatmeal the most gentle way to clean my skin when it's problematic.  

18. Etude House
There was a new Etude House store where I live =P However I think the price is tripled when it's in Taiwan =_= Maybe just doubled.... but I think close to tripling. Still affordable compared to brand makeup. But you guys should know that Etude House is an extremely affordable brand in Korea and you should never pay too much for it.

Since I love my #2 Strawberry Choux Lovely Cookie Blusher, I decided to pick up another one-- #10 Peach Parfait, which, implied by its name, a more pinky peach color. Both #2 and #10 are matte blushes.

I once read somewhere that the Oh My Eyeliner is pretty good so I decided to give it a try. When I swatched it in store the consistency felt a lot like my MAC Liquidlast eyeliner. However when I tried it at home on my eyes the consistency is a lot thinner and more liquidy. I also have difficulty using my own brush to apply this eyeliner because it applies quite thin and uneven. But when I used the applicator it comes with it applies fine. But I don't like the flimsy applicator =( I will figure something out. As for lasting power, not quite as good as my MAC liquidlast, but I was impressed! For one thing it's rare that a liquid eye doesn't make my eyes tear. For another it doesn't smear or run, but rather it fades, and it's nothing too bad either. Will have to test it out more before I can give a final verdict.

I wasn't going to purchase the mascara cuz I had zero interest in it, but the SA told me it was buy the mascara and get the eyeliner for free and they are the same price. So basically I bought the eyeliner and got the mascara for free XD Will have to test it out... later.  

Gel eyeliner brush. It's very soft, which I like. However I did find this eyeliner brush sometimes wipe off the eyeliner I just applied when I went back and forth with it. So it's not the best, but not too bad either. The bristles are synthetic.

I had to get these hair ties because they're simply too adorable! But they do pull out my hair when I try to undo my hair -_-a

What's this called??? Like a head wrap?? It's a towel with velcro so you can use it to secure your hair out of the way when you wash your face. It's alright... my hair is short now so even when my bangs are out the way, the rest of my hair still fall forward when I wash -_-a am I using it wrong??

Free gifts. There's a cord hair tie thing that I'm really excited that I got! =D I've always seen girls wearing cord hair ties and I thought it's cute.
Other samples I got. These shall go on my blog sale since I'm not interested in using them lol.

19. 廣原良 Loofah water
Got a bunch of these so I can give them to friends as well. It pretty much just feels like water, but more moisturizing (as opposed to if you just spray water your face can feel quite dried out after the water evaporates). It can also be used as toner. I do like the spritz bottle since it dispenses quite evenly. What's up with the little creepy guy on the packaging?? It reminds me of PSY. LOL.

20. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #15 Corail Intuitive, and Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips-talk lipstick in JPK004
So these I didn't buy in Taiwan but I thought I'd include them anyway. I tried the YSL lipstick randomly one day and was immediately in love with the baby pinky peach nude color. Luckily I had a Sephora Wrapp gift card so I was able to get a little discount off it XD and the Etude House lipstick I got as a gift from a friend. The funny thing is, these lip colors kind of look similar when worn on lips... haha.

Okay, that's the end of my massive haul. I know I didn't include any swatches, but that's because there are simply too many things and I don't want to make this post busier than it already is. The swatches and reviews will come later. Is there anything you guys are particularly interested in???

Coming up next will be another empties post =D

Until then, I hope everyone had a fantastic summer ^_^ and if you're starting school, have a great school year! By the way my roommate "bullied" me into watching the Korean drama "I Hear Your Voice," has anyone seen it? I'm usually not that into Asian dramas (more of an American TV series girl), but it's pretty good! Been keeping my at the edge of my seat lol. Dang my roommate for making me start a drama at the beginning of the semester >.< must NOT be distracted. But for now... I'm gonna go watch another episode LMAO.

Talk to you guys later!

<3 Frances


  1. Wow what a haul! Thanks for the MBD packaging update. I saw some in a store with the new packaging and thought it was a fake because of how much cheaper/low quality the new fonts is X:

    1. lol!! yeah I know I kind of feel like they look cheap too... but after a while I got used to it lol

  2. omgggg. i love your haul :D everything looks so interesting~~ please do review the new MBD masks once you've tried them :D I havent had any need to buy new ones (i have heaps to go through) but i didnt realize they have parabeans in the old formula :(

    1. will do girlie :) hahaha yeah they did... I wasn't too worried about it because a lot of cosmetics still have parabens and it's not like our faces are gonna fall off or we're gonna get cancer anytime soon... XD (that's what she says -_-a)

  3. I don't think you used that's what she said correctly here.. XDDD

    I need to look into exfoliating gel as well =( why is my face rotting I cry cry cry cry me a riverrrrrr~~~~~

    <3 Haha >////<

    1. hahahahah oh gawd I didn't even know "that's what she said" is a sexual innuendo.... =________=

  4. Wow, such a great haul!!
    So jealous, I wish I could go shop around in Taiwan too ahah
    How is the Majolica Majorca mascara?? I'm skeptical about a lot
    of mascara brands since a lot of them seem the same and doesn't
    make much of a difference):

    Really love your posts(: I'm already following you,
    I hope you can follow me back as well!!

    Good luck with school and your new roommate^_^
    Much love


    1. Majolica is THE best!! A lot of mascaras work for me (I have short stubby lashes but they do bend to my will XD) but I always go back to Majolica because 1. it holds curls all day 2. gives length and volume 3. does not come off or smudge until I want it to 4. basically everything I want in a mascara XD I highly recommend if you can get it under $15!

      And thank you! I will be sure to visit ^_^

  5. I really love all of the lipstick colors! Very nice haul. :)


  6. the exfoliating gel seems good! just in need~~i'll give it a try;)

    1. 買的時候記得跟他多要點贈品XD 去角質的是買一送一喔!!! 然後可以跟她要面膜或是眼膜什麼的~~~ 記得一定要跟他要!!! 哈哈哈

  7. wow, that's a lot of haul!! I have heard so much good stuff with the brand NARUKO, but haven't tried any of it. Have you tried their skincare line? Is it really THAT good? Kept seeing them on the cf

    1. The only skincare I've tried is the oilcut exfoliating gel... it was meh. Other than that I haven't tried anything else (since I have other things I own/I'm more interested in than Naruko). I don't know so far I think Naruko is overrated @_@

  8. Massive haul! I love the arbutin mask too, good to hear it's paraben free now!

    1. I know I was super happy to learn that =D


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