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Monday, September 21, 2015

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation Review + Integrate Mascara Primer+ Fasio Mascara


Sooooooo.... I'm well aware that I've talked about this foundation many many times and you guys are probably sick of hearing about it XD  but I thought I'd come back and do an update anyway.

Here are all my Instagram related thoughts

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First impression: TooFaced Cocoa Powder Foundation is pretty nice πŸ˜„ it gives sheer to light coverage-- The first thing I noticed was that the coverage is lot less than my LancΓ΄me and Paul & Joe powder foundations. Don't think I can ever build it up to medium coverage though. The finish is soft matte... With a soft focusing effect πŸ‘Œseems to have decent oil control but not sure... Cuz I wasn't oily at all today... But that might be because I was using the Clinique smart custom repair serum and that's new to me lol. Shade Golden Light works perfectly for my NC20-25 skin. Personally love the milk chocolate smell 😍 but I can see why some ppl would find the chocolate smell a bit "artificial" #toofaced #cocoapowderfoundation #foundation #makeup #beautyblogger #review #firstimpression #goldenlight #nc20 #nc25
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Okay, so that's where I left off. I pretty much didn't use this foundation for a good 4 or 5 months?! Was trying to focus on finishing my Paul & Joe powder foundation and haven't really been setting my liquid foundations, so I kind of had no use for it lol. But one day I saw it and told myself not to be wasteful lol and for the last several weeks I've been using it. I'm not sure if it's because I moved to Cali, aka dry climate, but it has been performing quite okay on me these days!

My shade is Golden Light. Had to put a piece of paper towel underneath so the color would show up more true to color


Finger swatch

I never really get it whenever I hear ppl say how the TooFaced Chocolate eye shadow palette/Cocoa powder foundation feel very buttery... -_-? They both feel very chalky to me. Finely milled, yes, but buttery? No. But worry not my friends the powder doesn't apply chalky lol! I think as long as you use the right tool, you should be fine. Don't know about the eye shadows, but I feel like they probably won't do very well if you try to apply them with fingers. I used to want that eye shadow palette so badly but ever since swatching the shadows in person I got over it lol.

Texture is definitely on the dry and chalky side.


Blended out

Don't use this picture as a guide/reference... obviously I blended the powder out with my fingers, which never works hahaha.

Took the paper towel away so you guys can kind of see it with different lighting, haha.

So this is my powder foundation routine-- after skincare, sunscreen, I would use a "highlighter" on my forehead, nose bridge, around the mouth and chin.

Some days I omit this step and just do the highlight after the powder foundation. Of course, that'd be my "fancy" routine... sometimes I just omit highlighting altogether, who cares LOL.

Lol uh.... excuse my super puffy eyes/face. Literally just woke up -_-

Most of the time I don't drag the highlight all the way to the tip of my nose... was just experimenting that day lol. Then I just pat the highlighter in gently with my fingers till the edges are smooth.

Finish of this powder is matte, and slightly blurry effect.


Usually after I'm done with my full face of makeup, I'd set it with a facial mist (no particular brand... just whatever I have on hand. Feel like it doesn't really matter). I usually only use a mist if I'm wearing powder foundation, I found that this extra step really helps powders wear a lot longer and nicer.

I actually forgot if I took these pics before or after misting my face down... uhhh my bad LOL.

Haha ma face makes the compact look so dainty in comparison.











After about 6.5 hours

Lol I changed my lip color that day, just for the heck of it.


Not bad at all right?!



Cool beans. This foundation agrees with the California climate. Haha

Bonus review~
The mascara/primer currently on my rotation: Fasio Smart Curl mascara (you can see the packaging here), and the Integrate mascara primer

... it was a pure mistake that I bought the mascara in brown =_= meant to get the black one. But I've got to say... this is a good brown mascara! The brown is deep enough, and not too red! (Unlike the brown Innisfree Skinny Macrocara... that one gets a thumbs down from me. The brown is too light and I can't tell apart my lashes from my eyeliner. AND the brown was really red. No like!)

The combo. I'm digging the Fasion mascara! Actually quite thickening on the lashes. The wand is very fat (lol) and curved. The bristles are somewhere between comb/bristles. Very separating. Me like ^_^ Wish I got it in black. 

And I think I've talked about it before... the Integrate mascara primer is good. It's not mind blowing but it does the job. Obviously liked it enough to repurchase, especially it's quite cheap and cheerful (I think it's actually almost half the price of the Majolica Majorca primers?! Not sure maybe it's not that cheap, but definitely on the affordable end of drugstore makeup).

<3 Frances

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate Review

Hi guys!

Here's a quickie! Don't want to spend too much time on this review haha.

This time I used Dior as my base. So keep in mind the finish is probably more dewy than if the foundation is used alone.

Bare face with Dior sunscreen



The real reason why I wanted to go to the mall today... To pick up a sample of the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. This foundation is really thick 😳 top to bottom: 27 Bisque Neutral, 32 Beige Light, and 33 Beige. I ended up taking home shade 27. By the way guys, the applicator is a "dotter", NOT a dropper!!! (I'm very meh about that πŸ˜‘). There were actually quite a number of other things I had in mind checking out: 1. MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils in Fearless and Go For Girlie, but I was underwhelmed by both. I do like the color "Kittenish" though 😏 (it's a mauve color) (formula is very glossy/buttery/moisturizing feeling) 2. diptyque perfume in Olene... but I noticed whenever a perfume contains magnolia it gives me a headache πŸ˜– 3. Burberry eye shadows in Pale Barley, Almond, Shell, Nude. So underwhelmed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and the blush in Misty... it's pretty but again... underwhelmed πŸ˜† (the formula of eye shadows is impeccable but the shades aren't anything special... Maybe I have to actually try them on my eyes to tell the difference) 4. Anastasia Artist Palette... Underwhelmed ROFL!!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆI do have a little haul to share though but I'll wait till tomorrow when I have better lighting πŸ˜„ hope you all had a good Saturday night 😊 night~ 🌚 #sephora #foundation #swatch #marcjacobs #marcjacobsbeauty #remarcable #makeup #beautyblogger #bblogger #blogger #chatty
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As mentioned on Instagram, I think this foundation oxidizes??? You can see in the first Instagram photo, shade 27 doesn't look too dark when swatched on the back of my hand, but the next day I found the foundation to be several shades darker. Please see the pictures below.

Left to right: #22, #26, #and 27

Thought to show you guys what the shades look like against a white background. Clearly #27 is too dark for me...

This picture is closest to real life.
Top is shade #22 Bisque Light 22 (fair w/ pink undertones) 
Bottom is #26 Bisque Medium (fair w/ neutral undertones)


Left to right: #22, 26, 27





LOL with white background offsetting the color scheme again.






So I actually didn't read the shade description on Sephora when I tried the shades out. I used shade 22 on this day because I was worried the foundation might oxidize even further so I thought I would start out with the lighter shade. I didn't even check shade 26 before I decided which one to put on my face cuz I figured I could try 26 the next day, so I just grabbed 22. Turns out 22 and 26 are the same shades just with different undertones.

Like explained, I used shade #22 here, but if you're NC20-25, definitely go for #26 if you like more of a neutral/yellow undertone.
It does look slightly pink on me but not too bad.

I used a wet BeautyBlender. Definitely heavy coverage as marketed. Finish is semi-matte with some glow. Although the foundation did apply a bit more on the powdery side than I would've liked.

HAHAHA I missed a spot on the side of my nose... was in a hurry x'D

Overall effect








About 7 hours later

Lol may I say... the WORST settling foundation I've used this year. Actually I noticed it started settling into the pores around my nose 2-3 hours into wearing the foundation. And the whole time I was in an air-conditioned room -_- (had to wear a jacket cuz it was so cold) absolutely no excuses for this foundation.



Yes, it was as bad as it looks.
So this is more of a first impression review, but pffffft I don't need to try this foundation out for the second time to know that it doesn't work for me. The reason why I didn't try to do the review with shade #26... just cannot be bothered. Tossed the samples out literally right after I photographed them.

Congratulations Marc Jacobs, you've won the crown for the worst foundation thus far this year LOL. Well at least not for girls with combination/oily skin. And thanks for emphasizing my pores. It fared alright on the rest of my face (but so do all my other foundations). All that trouble I went through to get the right match -_-

I think last year (or was it the year before??) the worst foundation I used was Kett Fixx Cream foundation. Reviewed here.

Also reviewed the other Marc Jacobs foundation Genius Gel here (PS: upon skimming through this review... I noticed both lines of foundations have corresponding shades!)

Only have tested out Marc Jacobs makeup here and there, mostly when I was at the store. So far... I found my interest for the brand plummeting. Hahaha.

Hope some of you found this review helpful!

<3 Frances