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Sunday, September 4, 2011

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner Review and some other random stuff =D

Hey guys!

I'm back =D Well not really "back" back, but since it is labor day weekend so I thought I'd catch up with some blogging ^_~

So first I'm gonna review my K-Palette 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner! I finally ran out of my Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner, so I finally got to try this one out XD

Let me say, I was pretty excited to try this, although my expectations weren't too high. And sadly, this product completely fails my expectations.

I want to say that, everybody's eye shapes/lid types are different, and therefore wear eyeliners very differently. Some Asians are just blessed with eyelids/shapes that just wear eyeliners well without smudging. And I'm not one of them. Because the way I like to line my eyes and my eye shape, the outer corner of my eyes tend to smudge most. By the way I have normal lids, I do not have oily lids.

I apologize for the HORRIBLE lighting. I have three lamps in my room already and for some reason it's still dark in here =_=

it says it's water-proof, sweat-proof and sebum-proof and super long-lasting.... well nope definitely not on me!




The tip is super fine and very pointy, which I'm not really a fan of.

So this eyeliner did not work on me at all. It smudged on me within 2 hours. Other things I'd like to note:
- Did not sting my eyes (a lot of liquid eyeliner sting my eyes and make them water for some reason)
- I really don't like how fine the tip is. It's kind of ticklish lol. I think the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner's fine tip is the perfect fineness. Personally I found K-Palette's tip way toooo fine and therefore just not as easy to control. And really, because of how thin it is, it actually takes me more time to line my eyes lol

This is a picture of this eyeliner smudging on me, and it was after several touch-ups as well. You can see the eyeliner smudging on the outer corners. My eyes look weird cuz I was making a face at the camera XD

So that concludes my review on the eyeliner! By the way MAC's liquidlast eyeliner remains my favorite, MOST LONG LASTING eyeliner to this date. My holy grail =D

Now let's go onto some random stuff =P

Speaking of MAC liquidlast eyeliner.... I went to the mall a couple weeks ago to pick up another liquidlast eyeliner in coco bar cuz I was running low and was SHOCKED to find out that it is discontinued. For the first time in my life, I actually feel devastated because of discontinuation of a certain product. I never had a holy grail makeup item before cuz I switch things up a lot, so it is rare for me to feel so upset because of a beauty product lol.... I was so devastated that I actually contacted MAC's customer service to inquire for the product, and apparently they have this "Gone but not forgotten" program where they would sell the products that have been discontinued within the last six months. Luckily I was able to get hold of two of them, so they're on their way being shipped to me now... but seriously, I have no idea what I'm going to do after I run out of these as well T_T Seriously, after 4 years of wearing eyeliner and finally finding something that actually works for me... and now it's discontinued. WTF. Were you guys ever in this situation where your favorite/holy grail products get discontinued?

Moving on!
Did you guys try out this remedy?

Cuz I did =D And let me tell you guys it made my skin feel like baby's butt XD But I was a bit paranoid after using the mask cuz it left my skin feel like there's a layer of something on it (kind of like when you use olive oil on your face but not as greasy) so I was worried if I would break out from it. But I didn't ^_^ (although I did rinse my face several times XD) Good remedy you guys should try it out ^_^

And speaking of Bubbi, Bubbi finally launched her own brushes =D I'm so excited about them and very happy for her ^__^  Initially I was gonna purchase the complete set, but I really don't need brushes at all at the moment... I'm really just purchasing the brushes to support her (plus kind of curious too lol!) since I have benefited from her tutorials quite a lot ^_^

So here are the brushes that I purchased:
I feel like this brush is gonna be like the Sigma flat top synthetic kabuki brush... But I still want to try it out anyway =P

I decided I could use another eye shadow brush? Lol. However I'm not quite sure how the heck I'm going to store this brush cuz it's dual end!??!?!?!?!?!?? I guess I'll just let it sit around my desk lol.

Initially this dual brush did not attract me at all, because I have tried foundation brushes with this shape/structure and they're always somewhat streaky, but Bubbi said this is one of her favorite so I decided to give this kind of foundation brush another chance =P

I have wanted this buffer brush ever since I saw her use it =D

I thought this retractable brush would be nice to have because it comes with a cap ^_^ I'm planning to stick this brush in my on-the-go bag ^_^ I don't usually touch up my makeup but sometimes shit happens you know? XD

***All Bubbi brushes image credit go to http://www.shopbubbi.com/***

The brushes I did not purchase are the powder brush (although I really want to, but I already have three brushes I can apply powder with >_<) the angled liner (I already know I don't enjoy wide eyeliner brush. Plus I don't need another brow brush lol) the fluff brush, and the kabuki brush.

So we'll see ^_^ Waiting for the brushes to be shipped to me =D Does any of you own any of her products? I thought her T shirts are cute, but I didn't buy any cuz I thought they're kind of expensive (I'm so glad she made her brushes affordable!) and they're a bit on the too cute side for me XD

So aside from all the beauty talk, here's a little update on my personal life. I'm two weeks into my pharmacy education lol and I'm still kind of settling in Maryland. I do miss Colorado. Baltimore city and Denver city are just SO different, and Baltimore can get really scary sometimes (all the stories I heard lol). And I'm freaking out a bit at the amount of school work and extracurricular activities (lol it's mandatory for us to join organizations and get involved XD) but I know I will be okay. Also trying to meet ppl and make friends (>_< I miss my friends...) but these are gonna be the last 4 years where I'm gonna still be a student and make friends, so I'm gonna try to socialize as much as I can =D although I'm taking it slow; I have to remind myself to do it at my own pace and not try to make a lot of friends in a hurry... some ppl seem to make so many friends like SUPER fast and it kind of intimidates me, but I'm just not one of them lol. And financial wise, since I'm in debt (and A LOT) for the first time in my life, I'm cutting down my expenses, especially on the makeup department (Bubbi brushes didn't count! Cuz I had planned on that for a very long time lol). Which is okay because I have tried sooo much that at the moment there really isn't anything I really really really want.

Although I still have things I still want to try :P

Not ever really crazy about Burberry (except for their trench coats! Which I obviously cannot afford XD) but I'm really curious about their cosmetics line :P
Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation
Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural-- I have wanted to try this for the longest time. But I still have my Lancome Blanc Miracle which I adore so I'm not gonna get to this until I run out :P

Okay I got sidetracked =_= but anyway! My point is, at least I will be really good and finishing up whatever I have :D I will still spend on skincare when needed, and makeup essentials (but probably not for a very long time). But I'm definitely not purchasing more Aveda :'( I did buy a lot more high end products last year because I was working and had income. But after finishing my current shampoo and stuff I'm going back to drug store to cut down expenses XD I guess I won't be spending on luxurious items for a length of time until I graduate, find a job, and pay off debt? LOL.

Okay this post is becoming too long, so I'm gonna stop here. The next post I have planned will be a blog sale, as well as a compare/contrast review on YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch and Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen. It's actually quite easy for me to decide which one I like more actually lol.

I hope everyone is staying well and happy ^_^ I'm off to work out for a bit and hopefully study? lol.

Before I go, I need to share this!

A friend showed me this, and I almost died of cuteness!!! LOL

<3 Frances


  1. I once had the eyeliner and i think it worked a bit better on me than on you. It didn't smudge at all when i used it O-o

  2. oh my! i want to try the liner :D but im currently inlove with dolly wink deep black that u gave me :"> hihi..were u making a funny face on the pic? i was like awww so cute bunny bun bun XD
    im soooo curious about bubbi brushes O_O i also watch her videos sometimes on YT
    the bunny video i shared that last month with bf hehee im the one on the left side and his on the right lolzz :"3

  3. burberry's cosmetic line is so tempting! i'm so lucky it's not available in my country or else i'd be broke LOL!

    i really like the 24/7 tattoo liner. :/ i'm sad to hear that it didn't work out for you. :(

  4. lol I think none of my non-Asian friends ever had any problem with eyeliner... they can wear non-water proof mascara and eyeliner and they'd stay on all day on them... can't tell you how jealous I am to have eyes like yours T^T

  5. ahahahahah awww, is it bcuz ur bf is always sleeping? XD
    I like the DW eyeliner better than K-Palette one =P but you should still give it a try if you have the chance XD

  6. hahaha the only reason why I haven't tried is because there is no Burberry cosmetics counter where I live! And I didn't want to choose shades off the Internet. So I'm lucky in that sense too XD

    yeah I know, I'm sad it didn't work out for me either T^T my eyes are hard to work with lol...

  7. I wanna try Bubbi's remidy too seems great! ^_^ I've discovered her blog recently it is great! The video with babies rabbits is so cute *_*

  8. ohh Dw liner hmmm...yup his always sleeping XD sniff...lolz

  9. I hope all goes well for you in pharm school!! I'm scared to apply for med school >_< so I'm going to wait a year or so, ah!

  10. Don't be scared! good luck! I took a year off too XD did you know about SDN? (student doctor network) I got a tonnnn of interview questions to practice off that website :D and thank you! rx school is kicking my ass hard atm... lol >_<

  11. definitely try them out! I've tried out the majority of her remedies and they all work fantastic ^_^ hehe I know total cuteness overloadddddddd *_*

  12. I almost buy this tatto eyeliner, but will think about it after read your review.


  13. lol it works differently for everyone, my eyes don't usually work well with eyeliners.... the one and only eyeliner to this date have managed to stay on all day without is MAC liquidlast... lol if most of other eyeliners work for you this might work just as well, who knows? lol!

  14. Ooh yeah I was kind of interested in Bubbi's brushes too, they look cute! But so so poor right now :( Gah school sucks! I hope you let everyone know how those brushes work when you have the time even though I know you're super super busy! Miss youuu

  15. Kelseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. lol I'm planning on it =D lol from now on it's exams every week until December... T_T...


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