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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New hair, some randomness, and MIA!!

Hey guys ^_^

I'm sorry for this past month I really haven't been keeping up with updates and everything -__-  It's been a really busy month. As some of you know, I am moving to MD for pharmacy school, and I'm gonna start moving next week! I will be driving from CO to MD (I have two friends driving with me, no worries =D learning to use GPS and walkie talkie and all that fancy high-tech stuff XD got new tires and had my oil changed and my car inspected and everything ^_^ ) and we're going to do it over three days. After that, I probably will be really busy moving in and settling down (so nervous >_<). Also my orientation is starting like right after I arrive MD (mid-August).

So I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be absent for a while =) hopefully not too long. I heard pharmacy schools are crazy and you basically have no life because you're just having exams every single week... and I have no doubt about that.  I really hope I will still be able to find time to blog, cuz I'd be so sad if I had to give up blogging T_T

And I got my hair done today ^_^ So I made a video to talk about it :)

LOL I have something under my eye I know XD Didn't see it cuz I didn't check a mirror before I filmed lol. And yes you can tell I have a pimple on my face XD breaking out a little from stress and bad sleeping schedules =( And by the way although I'm happy with my hairdo at Planet Laboratories, I still prefer Toni & Guy's.

Here's camho pic for your enjoyment (?!?!?!?!?!?!!!) XD In case you miss my face (kicks fly myself XD)This was before I got my hair done lol.

This is the picture I brought with me to the salon

Yesterday I went up to Boulder with a friend to visit the campus one last time (yes that's where I did my undergrad lol!) And messed around on the grass XD
Hahahaha I still got it!!! woohoo! LOL yeah I used to dance.... this freeze is more about balance than strength though =P

Hahaha I'm old.... -__-
The grass is so green and it was so nice out! I'm gonna miss the grassy fields and my dance buddy T_T (whose picture I'm not gonna show cuz she was wearing shorts *wink wink*)

So until I'm back again, I hope everybody stay well, be safe, be healthy, and be happy ^_^
And I hope my road trip will go very smoothly =D

<3 Frances


  1. good luck with pharm school! some of my friends are going to do that for undergrad ;X
    such a big move! have fun hehe
    i wish my new bangs came out nice. i always end up regretting my haircuts =\

  2. Frances ! You're going to be MIA just as I get back *sad face* Come back soon, although of course, school always comes first ;) Your hair looks super cute!

  3. i love ur new hair bun bun u should try curling them up like the picture from the mag then post a video :D also copy the makeup do hehe
    i cant believe im saying this last weekend my eye bags were kinda noticeable gosh i need a concealer but i hate them coz they r heavy =_=

  4. Nice bangs frances... I never knew about colour melting. Always learn something new every day. I couldn't see anything under your eye in the video! Oh if you stop blogging, I'm also gonna be so sad....

  5. LOL thank you! I will try not to flunk out. I'm kind of nervous lol!
    Aw I HATE it when my haircut comes out bad! But actually this haircut didn't come out as good as I hoped... it's been about 2 weeks and the shape isn't what I hoped for T_T

  6. Hello hello Chung ^____^ so happy to see you here!!! :D :D :D hahah hopefully I will be back soon... I've been so drained with moving and orientation... I haven't rested properly yet and school is starting next week >_< Haha I only came to check my blog cuz I have yogurt sitting on my face XD

  7. haha I want to curl my hair! I haven't tried to use any heating tools cuz I damaged the crap out of my hair when I had it lightened over the summer lololol. I hate concealers too! Do you drink water before you go to sleep? I found that if I do it my eyes get puffy and my eye bags look more obvious! You should put cucumber slices over your eyes XD

  8. Hahahaha there was like the fiber kind of thingy under my eye? I guess it's only noticeable to me XD hopefully I will have time... I'm looking at my class schedule and all the organizations I have to join and do volunteer work for... I can feel blogging leaving me bit by bit T口T

  9. cucumbers always classic hihi oki me tried that once when i was small lolz u know even cartoons do the cucumber thing hehe i wana do it ahaha!
    i want to color my hair soon but im too busy and lazy at the moment :P
    miss yah bun bun >(^____^)< HUGS!

  10. hahaha I did the cucumber thing when I was little too XD haven't tried it since but I think I will (just to look cool XD jk jk) what do you want to change your hair color to???????????????????????????????????????????????? Oh and did you ever receive the prizes for my giveaway??? it's been more than 2 weeks so I'm a bit worried O_O let me know please? :D
    And I miss you too! I miss blogging but life's been insane T_T

  11. princess mae yasudaAugust 28, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    i love love love your hair! :) following you now :) www.lovingsunshine.com


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