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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Everyday Makeup

Hey everyone!

(In the process of trying to crank out more posts >_<)

So here's another tutorial I made ^_^ not really a tutorial cuz really.... there isn't anything new that you can't find on Youtube XD

But anyway, this was mostly what I wore to work for the last.... 6 months or so? (minus my vacation in Taiwan) XD Of course it doesn't have to be for work. Just something simple and neutral and easy to do XD

I'm really sorry about the lighting of the video... I know the color was really washed out. I didn't realize the mirror that I set in front of me was reflecting light and casting a glare on my face =T

My foundation routine has kind of changed since I made this video, cuz it's been sweltering hot here so applying full face of foundation is starting to feel quite heavy. I will do an update on my foundation routine? Yes? No? Don't care? XD

As always, thank you guys for taking the time to read and watch the video ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. Lovely video as usual ^_^
    how long does it normally take to do your make up before work? XD the video was 7mins long.. so yeah LOL.
    Please do a updated foundation routine please :3

  2. oh my benefit stuffs <3 ive been thinking if i should purchase them but decided not too since it looks a lot of products to use lol i might forget it and use only 1/4 of it hehe
    Nice Video Bun bun >(^____^)<

  3. Hi Jennifer ^_^
    Thank you <3 ahaha actually it took me about 30 minutes to film this entire video XD mainly because I was fumbling for products and trying to adjust the best position for filming XD took a lot of editing to condense the video. but umm... it depends really O_O usually it takes about 30 minutes for me to get ready before work, but that's because I multi-task XD you know like I'd do my skin care routine, go make breakfast, come back do some makeup, eat breakfast, apply makeup, let my bunny out of the cage, eat breakfast again XD stuff like that XD but if I'm in a hurry I can do everything under 10 minutes :) lol not that fast I know XD
    I will get to it as soon as I can ^_^ Thanks Jennifer :D

  4. haha it does look like a lot of products! but really it's just the huge packaging... the actual content isn't actually that much different from a regular MAC powder blush :P haha I've never used up a makeup item except for eyeliners and mascaras XD thanks Bun Bun <3

  5. ohhh i see hehehe ur welcome bun bun :">

  6. faking it with a big box look lol, i dont like the big box >.< how can i bring it with me in a mini purse hehe

  7. XDXDXD you and your mini items hahaha <3

  8. omg i just realized what u said XD ahahaha btw who do u think is the hottest guy in taiwan? im in luv with JY jerry yan but his so thin lately poor thing :( lol unrelated to topic

  9. i like the video! :D very nice. the mascara/primer makes your eyelashes SO long!

  10. LOLOLOLOL!!! ummmm... I actually don't really find any Taiwanese guys "hot"... >_<" cuz I don't really like pretty boys or guys with long hair and I feel like all the male celebrities in Taiwan nowadays are all pretty boys... I think Leehom Wang is good-looking but I wouldn't consider him hot XD I think I found Korean guys hotter cuz they're generally more manly ahahahahahaha

  11. idk what i was expecting but whatever it was, your voice seems different from what I was "expecting" lol not in a bad way though! i love your hair btw, it looks so like nice.. unlike mines which is like all frizzy and gross lol.

    btws forgot to mention this when i was commenting on your other blog posts but thanks for being my first follower <3 hahaa i appreciate it ^__^

    1. HAHAHAHA!! Even I think my voice sounds different to me in the video -_-||| I was like ewwwww when I'm editing. But oh well lol. And no prob! Thanks for all your sweet comments <3


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