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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Makeup for Beginners

Hello everyone!

Sorry for haven't been posting for so long! (Not that anyone's waiting for me or anything XD) But thanks for some lovely bloggers who cared about my absence ^_^ Just been busy. I do want to crank out a few more posts before I go on my MIA. So here's a tutorial I had been planning for a while!

These are just my suggestions on getting started with makeup. For beginners, I am assuming no experience, and have no tools whatsoever. So I tried to make the tutorial with minimal tools or with tools that are easy to access and cheap (not necessarily products themselves are cheap-- I just stuck with products that have worked for me). Obviously if you're not a newbie feel free to skip. If you're a newbie, feel free to skip too if you're not interested in m opinion ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭Made this especially for a friend =D

Please watch in HD!

Hope some of you found it helpful! My first voice-over tutorial XD cuz I can never shut up and I want to make sure this video is short. And yes, I know I sounded like I was reading off a script. It's because I WAS XD I freaking wrote a scrip for this video XDXDXD 
Sorry there are some odd editing going on... I'm definitely a noob when it comes to video-editing XD TOOK ME FOREVER to condense the vid!

And thank you to the ppl who subscribed to me on Youtube! I'm honestly ASTONISHED that ppl would even want to stay tuned to my videos O_O All my other videos are unlisted except for this one. Wasn't really planning to go public with my videos (cuz I'm honestly scared of Youtube =_=) but since this one doesn't contain any copy-righted material, why not XD so you subscribers can see this video in your subscription box XD wow that's so weird. lol. Okay gonna stop now.

Have a great weekend guys ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. Nice Post! :D

  2. It's lovely of you to have made a make up video esp for your friend. I think YouTube is a very scary place full of haters and people who comment w/o any substance but only with the aim to hurt. I'm curious though coz if I put my video to pte mode, I can't feature them on my blog which led to me publicising my videos. I'm only glad I don't have much haters except for a video on some energy pendant, to which some sceptics declare me a scam... It was merely a home video!

  3. lovely vid :) bun bun whats better to use liquid, BB, or pressed?
    also what technique looks the most natural and even? sponge or brush? ;) thanks

  4. Love the video! OHHH YOU'RE SUCH A DAMN CUTIE <3

  5. Er, I really can't say what is the best, because everyone's different, and especially you live in a different climate than I do @@ when I was in Taiwan where it's humid I love wearing BB creams because they are lighter and hold up better in humid and polluted air lol!! I don't usually wear BB creams when I'm in America cuz it makes me look paler, but I prefer BB creams if my face is breaking out cuz it helps with whitening. I like to use my fingers for BB creams cuz it blends the best. I like wearing liquid foundations when I'm in America cuz it gives a finish that is closer to my skin tone, and my favorite method to apply liquid foundation at the moment is using a wet beautyblender. I think wet sponges in general will give a more natural finish because unless you have a really good brush, sponges require less blending. I like to use compact foundation when I'm in a hurry XD but it's less natural cuz the finish is completely matte. But you can always spray some facial mist on it to make it more dewy. Um sorry does it help at all? XD You know it's all about experimenting and finding out what works the best for you :)

  6. lol aw thank you XD glad you liked it :D

  7. you have such a cute voice :D nice video !

  8. Oh myy thank u :D very helpfull me too i like BB creams the weather here is insane >.< i forgot to buy a sponge yesterday =_= beauty blender..hmm i plan on using it on BB, then put on a loose powder :)

  9. Love the video! Im not a newbie anymore but i still love watching these kinds of videos~!
    I MISSED YOU LOL. Blog more~ ^_^ when you have time of course.. you have interesting blog posts so im staying tuned into your blog :D

  10. LOL are you serious?! I hate hearing myself in the video >< LOL. so awkward hahaa. but thank you ^_^

  11. haha my friend was like... frances i want to get pretty! teach me teach me XD lol. yeah I know, most of the time I try not to look at youtube comments cuz it just makes me angry how mean and stupid ppl can be =_= hehe I'm counting on that ppl won't come across my video cuz there are SO many tutorials out there WAHAHAHAHAA XD well even if I do get haters I think I will be able to deal =) we can never get ppl to agree on each and every one of our opinion =P hmmm maybe somebody flagged your video by accident?? cuz.... I did it once before on a tutorial -_________- and I couldn't undo it =( I felt so stupid LOLOL

  12. haha yeah the Philippines is pretty close to Taiwan... so hot and humid >< haha I HATE it when I'm done with my errands and realized I forgot something! then I have to make a trip for that one thing =_= I'm not sure if beautyblenders are available in the Philippines? cuz here I could only buy it online =T Hehe I like setting my BB creams with loose powders as well ^_^

  13. Aw thank you Jennifer ^_^ glad you enjoyed my video and thank you for your support >_< do you have a blog? hehe I would like to visit :D

  14. mm very nice! lots of good tips! :)
    how do you set liquid foundation with powder using a brush? I find that trying to set my foundation that I'm sort of just wiping foundation off my blemishes, grrrrr.

  15. using a stippling motion :) don't try to swipe and swirl the brush, cuz that would just wipe everything away. Just try to stipple it on, and use a very light hand :) hope that helps :D


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