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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Okay I failed-- I'm gonna die like a pudding... -__-|||

Remember that I said I'm on a shopping ban, and if I buy anything, I will die like a pudding that has fallen 40 stories?

Yes my dear friends, after 1 full month of not shopping/buying anything... I caved. T口T  Yes, feel free to judge me, cuz I am very ashamed -_-|| I think I decompress through spending money or something O.o

Things I bought:
1. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Facial Mist
2. Philosophy Hope daily oil-free moisturizer
3. Aveda Mineral Loose Powder
4. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation
5. Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color in #515
6. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric (which is a sample I received! Not a purchase!)

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Facial Mist
I don't feel bad about buying this cuz I'm running dangerously low on my MAC fix+ spray, and I want to try something else. A facial spray is sort of an essential for me now it's so hot and dry.

Philosophy Hope daily oil-free moisturizer
I don't feel bad buying this either cuz I was out of my daytime facial moisturizer, plus I have a gift card at Sephora! =DD 

I was using the Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Sunscreen, which is a high-potency daily moisturizing cream. I received this for free, so I was just kind of using it. I don't really care for this, I neither like it or dislike it. Just using it up for the sake of it. So I'm glad I was finally done with this cuz this was too rich that it made my skin feel dull.

The Philosophy daily moisturizer, on the other hand, I absolutely adore! It comes out of the tube kind of thick and creamy, but when applied and spread out on my face it's very light and fresh and moisturizing. Besides the fact this moisturizer smells exactly like sunscreen, I have nothing to pick about it and I absolutely adore it :) Very happy with this purchase.

Aveda Mineral Loose Powder
This... was a very unintentional purchase 囧. I went to Aveda to pick up the facial mist and some hand/body lotion for my brother, and happened to swatch the loose powder on my hand... it was so beautiful I was immediately sold O_O I already 2 powders that I am currently using, so I really didn't need this at all. But I don't regret buying this either cuz I've been loving it ^_^ Will do a review.

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation
Okay okay I know you guys are gonna exclaim, "Frances!! Why did you buy another foundation?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already have so many!! Another liquid foundation is the LAST thing you need!!!"

Um, unfortunately that statement is only true to a certain extent. Although the Jill Stuart and Laneige foundation does match my face color, but unfortunately my body has somehow been unintentionally getter tanner and tanner (which is completely odd cuz I'm always indoors working or schooling =_=)  so these two foundations really look too pale on me compared to the rest of my body. I've been wanting to buy a darker shade of foundation for the longest time to mix with my lighter foundation (and may I add it's HARD to find a perfect match foundation... it's really easier to mix it yourself), but I just never got to it because first, I wasn't sure which brand I want to get, second of all, I wasn't sure if I want to spend that much money for a mixing foundation and whether or not if I should just opt for a bronzer. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a bronzer to apply all over my face without looking unnatural, and I really can't put this off any longer cuz my face has been looking ridiculously pale compared to my body >_<

I originally was planning to get the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which was a foundation I really enjoyed when I tried out the samples back in February or March? However I was hesitant cuz I remember this foundation even after setting with powder tends to slip rather easily when I get oily.

What prompted me to try this foundation was when I watched Rae's June's Hits and Misses video: 

I have tried Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation and Face Fabric before, but was unimpressed, but I'd never tried the Lasting Silk! So I decided to give it a go. I didn't even get samples this time, which is SUPER out of the character for me (cuz I really don't have time to go shopping at the malls these days) I just looked for the shade I want (I got it in 6.5 which is several shades darker than JS and Laneige) and bought it. Have only been using it for two days but so far I'm very impressed. I feel a bit guilty buying this foundation cuz of the price (not the most expensive one I've purchased before, but the most expensive one I've decided to keep), but I don't regret and so far very happy with it. Will continue to use it with my JS and Laneige and see how it goes ^_^ prob won't do an individual review on this particular foundation though cuz I'm never gonna use it alone O_O

The Face Fabric foundation sample the MUA gave me. Not sure why I took it cuz I've tried it. Oh well might give it a second chance, who knows I might change my mind and like it?=P

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color in #515
This last purchase was completely unintentional as well O__O

It's pretty weird for me to have such a strong urge or even the will to spend so much on one lipstick, even more funny cuz I've been really really wanting the YSL Faubourg Peach lipstick ever since I saw Michelle Phan use it in her Simple and Clean tutorial

The YSL Faubourg Peach lipstick is $34 O__________O So I was sort of waiting to see if I'm actually gonna go crazy and splurge. But when I saw the GA lipstick at the store, I went O_O++++ (see the sparks in my eyes? XD)

The color in this pic is NOT true to color.
But anyway, it's a very pretty cool baby pink. I don't generally like how lipsticks feel on my lips that's why I don't really ever wear them (the only lip products I really do enjoy will be from Lancome) but I actually like the formula of this lipstick ^_^ feels like lip balm actually, very light and moisturizing and doesn't give that icky feeling that most lipsticks do. I was gonna return it cuz I feel so bad spending so much on a lipstick (although I take a little comfort in the fact this is slightly cheaper than YSL XD) but I already used it O_O so... I might just keep it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul! An awful lot of writing for a haul I know XD

I know a lot of you will be celebrating the Fourth of July Weekend for those who live in America ^__^  But please party safe okay? :) Guess what I will be on call for the holiday -_- no celebration for me lol... aiyaya >_<

<3 Frances


  1. Even though you broke your ban...I've got to say the purchases you made are awesome! :O Please review the aveda products. I've never really heard much about them but they look interesting. The armani foundation looks so pretty!! I wonder when I'll be able to afford the hefty price tag haha..That's weird how your body is becoming darker when your face isn't especially when you're not out in the sun a lot. More SPF!! =P

  2. lol I'm on a shopping ban too!! I'm about to crack........your purchases seem really good though....essential even!!

  3. Aww I'm still proud of you for lasting one full month of the ban! You still did great :) Ah you got some lovely items though, would love to see reviews on the Giorgio Armani products =]

  4. Hehe, me too, me too! Shopping ban :( But the products you bought are so nice! The Giorgio Armani lipstick looks amazing...and it feels like lip balm? I want one now too! I've never tried a facial spray but it looks so cool...I need to go shopping asap, that is, after my shopping ban ends, hohoho XD

  5. lol I have a huge Aveda post coming up :P I know the GA products have killer packaging... like I died instantly when I saw and felt the sturdy and luxurious packaging O_O lol it is SO pricey but I think it's worth it >_< definitely think this is a more worthy foundation than Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Haha that might be IT!! I have SPF in all my makeup, and I've been neglecting my body cuz I was like... I'm indoors all the time why even bother with sunscreen?! apparently the short walking distance from parking to work or whatever makes me tanner XD

  6. haha omg now I feel bad! I'm not a very good influence... O_O hope you stick to it longer than I do XD

  7. hahahahaha thanks XD i was hoping to last at least 6 months... orz.... I will review the lipstick but I'm not sure about the foundation cuz I never wear it alone-- it's too dark on me on its own :P

  8. ohhh you go girl!!! wait until your shopping ban ends XD good luck good luck! =D I'm obviously the one without self-restraint here -__- the formula of the lipstick is very nice ^_^ the only lipstick I can't feel when I wear it :D you should try facial sprays ^_^ it makes your foundation look dewy and smooth ;)

  9. Nooooooooooo, shopping ban over!! But its really hard to go on a shoping ban when you're a girl ... :( and lol, ANOTHER FOUNDATION!!!!!!! But I love your reviews ^^
    I never knew Armani did make up too! That's news to me! Especially the lipstick, I want oneeeeeeee!! @_@

  10. LOL Bunny I SWEAR when I took out my credit card to pay for these things your words ran through my head "that's why you don't just go on a shopping ban cuz it never works!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yep GA does have makeup too! Quite expensive though -__- but their packaging is seriously top notch... >_< how is it fair to have that engraved GA trademark on the lipstick how is that fair how is that fair how is that fair~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *screams*

  11. Loool! I'm so HONORED to know that I came across your mind while shopping! LOL! If I was suppose to be your conscious, i'd definitely be the bad one on your left shoulder holding a pitch fork forcing you to buy stuff! LOL XD


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