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Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl Crush O/////O

Hi guys!

Real quick-- Saw this MV on my friend's fb... and omg I love this MV!!! And OBSESSED with this song <3

It's Cry Cry by T-ara. I was so sad at the beginning of the MV O_o

Anyway! I have a major crush on the female lead >_<T-araCryCryJiyeon2
It's Jiyeon ^_^ from T-ara obviously =D
Man the girl can act!!! O_o I wonder if she has ever acted in any K-drama??

Anyway, I love everything about her in this MV ^_^ Her makeup, her hair, her style <3 <3 So bad ass, so HOT!! >o<

****Image credits go to Google****

Cannot wait until the second part of the music video is released in December ^_^

Cheers =D


  1. Gahhh I love T-ara and this song! And the mv haha :) I sort of have a girl crush on Jiyeon too, well she's my fav in the group hehe (she's only a couple of weeks younger than me)~ And yep she has acted in a couple of K-dramas and movies - God of Study, Death Bell and Jungle Fish 2... they're the ones I know but there might be more ^^ I'm bound to watch some of them soon

  2. I have a crush on Jiyeon too! She's soo awesome.. x3 I haven't watched this MV yet but I've heard a lot about it! it sounds really good!

  3. Ahhhhh I love Jiyeon so much! So edgy and sexy ♥♥♥

  4. I hate how long the MV is but IT IS A GOOD MV! I'm so in love with the song too!

  5. *high five* LOL wow you've watched a lot of those dramas ;) I didn't even know T-ara existed until I saw this MV O_o I rarely see singers who can act well I'm so impressed!! *more points to girl crush LOL*

  6. watch it do itttttttttttt it's so goooooooood >_< hehe

  7. haha I know it's practically an mini movie but it's so good that I watched it like more than 3 times O_O (there goes my time wtf LOL)

  8. AGREED. Makes me wanna get a haircut >.< I think short hair suits her so much better actually O_o

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!! Frances!!! Thanx for embedding this video here!

    Well, I'm not a K-pop fan but I do watch some of the more popular songs and mv whenever I See people posting them. I'm also beginning to have a girl crush on the female lead in that style. My 1st impression was shit! I also want to wear a black wig like that and draw my eyes black. Next impression was that she reminds me of Da S in Hot Summer Days. You know how lady-like (and highly annoying xiao jie) Da S is right? lol... Ok u can see I don't quite like her BUT she looks just like how Jiyeon look here in the movie.You can just google "Da S in Hot Summer Days".

    BTW Just to know how Jiyeon actually looks like, I went to google her. OH my! It's like 2 different people I see in front of me.

    I'm a little dense but I don't quite understand the MV. Why would she "follow" the guy who killed her dad? And who's the last guy? Why would he know her? I'm so confused.

    Frances, why don't you do a make up tutorial on her look complete with black wig when you're free? Lol... I'm getting so much inspiration to buy a black wig of that sort now!

    I always end up writing essays when I don't visit for a long time eh?

  10. Duuuude if you ever find a wig like her hair, be sure to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would so buy it >_< In fact I am so bored with my hair (have been wearing this hair style since middle school =_=) that after seeing this I just want to get her haircut >_< and color my hair black black. sighhh but even I did have my hair colored black last time it still faded to brown from all these years of coloring =( I guess I just have to be patient. But short hair is so high maintenance though lol

    I googled 大S! dang she looked so different! But I think it's a good look on her as well. But I do prefer Jiyeon's hairstyle more ;P it's more choppy and I love uneven/chopped pieces!!

    Hahaha ever since I watched the MV I've been stalking her as well! And yes she does look COMPLETELY different O_O it's pretty mind-boggling actually lol! I prefer her with this style so much more!

    Ummmmm I "think" because the guy who shot her dad felt really guilty about her and raised her??? so that's why she was following him around. And she didn't know he killed her dad because his face was blurred out from the light?? And the guy at the end was the guy who escaped initially who I guess worked with her dad so he knows who she is???? That's how I interpret it XD I'm gonna find the MV with English subtitles one of these days and watch it again <3

    Hahah it's funny you mentioned it cuz I was planning on doing it LOLOL. But the look just doesn't look as good on me, I don't have her eye shape... T_T I think the look is not complete without her hair >_<

    Hehe I love your essays!! I give you A+++++++++++++++++++++++ ;) lololol

  11. Babe just to let u know... I'l heading out for my fren's bachelorette party soon and I'm coming to your pg to see the eye make up... I totally ruined my look trying this out... haha... n OH! I saw your take on this!!!!! Not a bad try at all... But yes I agree e hair completes e look!

  12. I just realise something... she looks like Mika Nakashima kinda! Especially from Nana!! She is really pretty and hot and sexy and hot and hot.... :3

  13. hahah ohhh I can see why you think they look alike =D I bet they'd look super alike if Mika wears the exact same makeup and hair... lol!!


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