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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I freaking LOVE every single look this girl came up with!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

Want to share this real quick ^_^ I know Halloween was over but who cares XD I love watching crazy makeup at all times :D

Aren't these SO awesome?! I really really like the disco one at 00:31, and the one at 00:54... so gorgeous! (reminds me of Christina Aguilera =P) 1:01 is so gorgeous too... also 1:27 dark smokey eye and pink lips I want to try that look now =D  and I love love LOVe the stud and spike look at 3:47... so glam and pretty! Maybe I will try to recreate them somehow? =P LOL okay I pretty much love all of them XD

My favorite look is at 2:45 =DDD

Check out her website too to see pictures ^_^

I'm gonna go shower now but I will be back posting in a little bit :P

<3 Frances


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