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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stolen Pictures

Hey guys!

LOL! Ummm.... I'm not even sure what to say in this post LOL. Honestly I never thought this would happen to me so I never bothered doing watermarks (well that and I don't know how LMAO xD)

But anyway, a very sweet reader notified me that someone has been using my pictures, thank you Ayumi ^_^ <3

Anyway, here's the imposter's link:

And the other person's pictures which she claimed to be the "14-year-old" version of me is a Taiwanese celebrity. Her name is 丫頭. Just Google image "丫頭 黑澀會" and you'll see her.   

Honestly, I am more shocked than angry XD it's kind of funny actually. My first reaction was... "WTF I'm not even Japanese!!!"  LOLOLOL. I was so tempted to add her on fb to see how she reacts LMAO. But I don't want her to have access to my fb -_-

So anyway, thank you Ayumi again for letting me know, and all my other readers out there who look out for me =D You guys are the bestttt <3

I just finished my third test for this week O_O two more to come next week *dies* okay now the excitement is over I'm so sleepy! Going to take a nap then studyyyy.

Hope you guys are doing great ^_^ Stay warm!

<3 Frances


  1. You should ask your readers to report that account! I reported it as fake for you. Having my photos stolen is a big fear of mine.

  2. That's just odd... O_O I was faked before and it was SO weird cause I hadn't published that exact photo at all.. I was like "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE?!" so creepy

  3. Aw sorry to hear about this!

  4. LOL what on earth? you have an IMPOSTER? LMAO I'd have no idea what to even say if I found out I had an imposter LOL.

  5. Aw thank you for reporting it for me! So sweet of you <3 Her page has been taken down I checked just now. I was like wow that's efficient! XD I wonder how fb knows the authenticity lol.

  6. hahahah what the HECK?! that is really creepy O_o was it on fb as well?!

  7. I'd like to think it was me.... hahahahahahahaha :3 Glad it was taken care of!

  8. lol no worries ^_^ wasn't upset at all XD it was more funny actually lololol. it's taken down now so it's all good ^_^

  9. I know WHAT ON EARTH indeed xD I was beyond shocked. like seriously why would anyone do that..... -__-

  10. Hee hee im glad she is gone no offence to her XD
    i wonder if she deactivated or fb figured her out...
    They do a check to your computer and stuffs xDD

  11. Yay! she is gone, that sounds mean though xDDD
    I feel so special that i caught this...
    It was a WTF moment XD
    I dont know if she deactivated, or fb did something xD
    i think they check your email and your computer to see if thats A. your real name & B. if thats your picture
    Aaah technology .... ^-^

  12. YAY! Frances has an imposter, Frances has an imposter... *in a sing song manner*

    Hehe... Ok ok, not funny. But to look on the bright side, having an imposter is a form of flattery right? I'm glad you're looking this in the positive manner. But gal, pls watermark your photos. Just use any free photo software. For me I'm a photoshop idiot so I use photoscape. You could input text over the pictures. Nevertheless watermarking isn't exactly foolproof too coz I've frenz who know how to remove them using photoshop.

    The FB profile isn't available anymore so I hope that's the last you'll see of that person.

  13. Oh wow an imposter :O Eeep that's pretty crazy! I can't access the fb page anymore so I guess it's been deleted? If so then yay, hope they don't come back :) Whoever they are must have loads of time on their hands or something o.o

    Aww so many tests D: Best of luck with all of them! And just so you know, I won't be staying warm because it is already warm/hot in Aus hehe

  14. youre really really pretty, so of course there's always someone who dares to impersonate you ~sooner or later ;3 <333 hang in there *exams*!! two more tests and freeeeedooooooom later x3


  15. Hahahaha I'm surprised that you recognized me at all ^_^ cuz the pictures she took was from a long time ago O_o or maybe just last year. LOL!! But thanks again <3 and omg if fb does indeed have access to my computer... O_o O_o O_o O_o O_o O_o

  16. Yeah it was taken care of ^_^ I actually find myself not caring much about it at all XD I mostly found it amusing lololol. Hahaha yeah after I got over my initial shock I was like... err should I feel angry or flattered??? In the end I just felt entertained *fail*

    I wish photobucket has watermark function of some sort... honestly, I'm so lazy >.< but I will try to watermark next time >.< thanks for the photoscape suggestion I will look it up :)

  17. Hahaha yeah it's deleted. I'm a little bummed that I didn't do a screenshot for souvenir XD LOL
    I know I should be studying now.... but instead... *slacker mode on* hehe awww I miss summer >< I've been eating so much because it's so cold -.-"

  18. aw you're too nice >< I'm not that "pretty," seriously trust me :) I take all my pictures with certain angles, and open my eyes wideeee xD plus obviously I deleted all the bad ones and put up only the good ones. Don't be deceived XD my pictures from my daily life definitely don't look good at all hahahaha. But anyway I just don't understand why they would do it cuz obviously you know it's not you, you know??? And thanks! I will try to do my best! So not motivated at the moment... ><

  19. I LOL'd at the name... Y tou...

    Good luck for your tests!

  20. LOL x2! XD thanks ^_^ I feel like I'm maxed out on studying... -_-

  21. Glad that the person took down their profile!
    hate these kind of people! Go get your own pictures!!
    Hope you're done with all your test by the time I read this! :3

  22. haha yeah seriously... what is the point I don't get it when you know it's not you in the pictures O_O
    I'm actually onward to finals TToTT but I will be done in 2 weeks ohhh sooo excited XD


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