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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Korean-Inspired Dramatic Cat Eye

Hi guys ^_^

I pre-recorded this WAHAHAHAHA. Actually in Boston at the moment visiting friends so couldn't have recorded this =P but I just wanted to have something for you guys while I'm traveling. 

It was a very spur of the moment tutorial. So I apologize if the video seems to really lack organization -_- and sorry for the poop lighting =(

Basic stuff lol. Oh well figure I can always start out with the basics =D

Hope you guys like it ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. Woah! I really like it! : D And I can totally see Dara (2ne1) wear something like this!

  2. Awesome tutorial! Looks really great on you! I need to learn how to line my bottom lash line/water line one day. I tried once and it made my eyes look smaller?? I hope you are having fun in Boston. I LOVE Boston! One of my favorite cities! :D

  3. Woo dream high music! You did the K cateye look really well!

  4. poop lighting!! lol!
    This look is really lovely on you! I really like it! Maybe should be your everyday make up!!
    I really miss your cam-frances pics..... MORE PHOTO SPAM PLEASE! :D

  5. pretty!
    followed,follow me http://nudebeige.blogspot.com :)

  6. hahaha too much work for everyday XD aiya yes yes I shall get on that no worries i'm very good at cam-frances-ing XD

  7. it does close down my eyes too. I usually don't like to line my bottom waterline. but try keeping the eyeliner super thin on the inner corner, it helps ^_^

  8. haha she does look a lot like Eun-jeong!

  9. the cat eyes really suits you nya~ :3


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