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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Korean-Inspired Natural Simple Makeup

Hi guys!

Before I go on to ramble about other stuff, I have a tutorial for you guys ^_^

This look is inspired by all the Korean dramas I've been watching lately

Been wearing this look a lot ^_^ at first I wasn't used to seeing myself without lower eyeliner, but now I'm used to it ^_^ it actually feels really nice for my eyes to take a break from all that eyeliner.

The eyes are super simple. Thin eyeliner, and very subtle "highlighting."



Here's the tutorial if you guys are interested ^_^ Hmmm didn't really want to call it a tutorial since there's nothing too fancy about it, but don't know what else to call it. Makeup is only as complicated as you want it to be =P

Okay now moving on!

I know I've been neglecting my blog and the whole blogging world orz... I know I said I have a lot of posts lined up (well I do xD) but I've just been enjoying being lazy over the holidays XD Not doing much these days. Just finished watching "Dream High" and really liked it ^_^ it's the only drama I watched that's somewhat realistic =P and it's very inspiring T_T the last few episodes made me cry so much (and I don't usually cry when I watch dramas lol did not shed a tear at all when watching City Hunter even though I was touched in a lot of scenes xD) my favorite characters from DH have to be IU and Jason ^_^ I LOVE IU's voice!! I've listened to her music before but for some reason didn't really impress me??!?!? Now I'm like how can you not like her voice >_< *runs to find her album* IU and Jason are so cute, hehe. Here are some of my favorite songs/scenes from the drama ^_^

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this song. The original song is by Mandy Moore.

Mandy Moore's voice is sooo beautiful. Love her voice so much!

fast forward to 1:05 to hear the singing =P

Hmmm so yeah haven't been doing much. Other than watching drama and eating loads (-__-|||) and sitting on my ass xD I'm heading up to Boston to visit friends next week so I'm really excited =D Might do a travel bag video/post???? =D I definitely plan on making a post about my top products and worst in 2011 ^_^ Will be working to get these out in the next couple of days. I'm taking a break from all the drama watching for now xD so I wouldn't get too tired of it. Plus I'm sick of sitting in front of my computer hahaha XD I'm planning on watching "Personal Taste" next =D By the way I went to the Sherlock Holmes 2 and I was disappointed. I really really liked the first movie and I don't think the second one was as good =T in fact I was completely lost until like literally the last 10 minutes of the movie -__- lol!

Hmmm what else? Been catching up with some reading ^_^ any good and light reading you guys recommend? I finished "The Hunger Games" series a while back and was absolutely obsessed!! (the first book is the best among the three in my opinion) so going to see the movie when it comes out in March 2012 ^_^ Right now I'm reading "The Help" and so far really enjoying it. I am reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" next but that book is so thick and the fonts are tiny O_o if you guys have good books to recommend would appreciate it ^_^

Okay it's 3:30am now. Yes my schedule's all messed up now I'm on break XD Going to bed now. Night everyone!

PS: Can you believe it's 2 days until New Year? Wah~~~~~~~~


  1. ShareenaShaharruddinDecember 29, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    Happy New Year, Frances! Have a great one! you look very cute with or without make up! :)

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! woot. I love the look on you : D I was always a fan of the typical bright skin+neutral eyes-look that the Korean celebs are always rockin'! You pull it off so well! : D

  3. Haha, you're so influenced that you even did their look! Good job! I envy that you look nice in natural make-up. This is one style that I'm unable to look good in... people will just think I'm sick... :(
    Your skin looks so nice... I just want to touch it!!! *pokes screeen and fails*

  4. Oh yes! I've also tagged you in my post! When you're free come and have a read!! <3

  5. Cute makeup, and your hair looks really pretty here!

  6. bun bun u look so kawaii :D i finished that series already :) its very good hihii~
    i was obsessed with the cat eyes and lips..well the whole thing about this "Province Guy" his just sooo cute :"> i want to pet him XD

  7. I have the duets from Dream High on my iPod.. love them! Also Suzy singing Only Hope... love that song!

  8. This is the look that I always go for!! You did a nice job :]
    But I find it hard to do when my skin isn't very good =\

    I really liked Dream High, esp Sam Dong. But I was a little disappointed by Hye Mi and SamDong weren't together at the end...ah endings are never perfect :(
    After watching dream high I started to listen to Suzy and IU more too! haha

  9. I love simple makeup~ you look radiant! Now you're ready for your own drama lol
    IU's voice is great, I just wish they did better things with her image :T

  10. LOL @ "now you're ready for your own drama"!!
    you mean her image within that drama???????? i'm a little confused, lol!

  11. lol thanks! Happy New Year to you too ^___________^ (I'm three days late sorry ><) hahaha actually I look like =_= without makeup XD tried to look awake (aka really open my eyes wide) for video's sake LOL

  12. lol hey me too! XD I love IU and Sam-Dong's duet so much!!

  13. cat eyes suit you super well!! what's the province guy??? lol XD

  14. Happy New Year to you too :D (er I'm 15 days late O_O) haha I always love how they sport it too but not so much on myself. It's nice to wear something like this once in a while but not my go-to look XD I like my eyeliner too much ahahahah

  15. lol I will do it =DDD thanks for tagging me :P

  16. hahaha at first I'm not really used to it either... I did think I look kind of ???? at first XD but now I have straight bangs I can't really pull this look off anymore =( AND ROFL@ poking screen!!!! *me and Boba laughs and points*

  17. aw bun bun yesh its the cat guy hehe but dont worry i saw ur post about cat eye makeup and commented too :"> oh bun bun i have a new crush his Jung Yung Hwa <3


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