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Friday, December 2, 2011

Clothing/ Shoe Haul Summer/Fall 2011

Hey guys!

How's everybody doing? Happy Friday ^_^
Today we had a sunny day in Maryland! Which made me sooo happy cuz weather here is usually really gloomy... so I decided to take some time off and make a video =D Don't know if you guys enjoy this kind of post/video, but I had fun making it, so I hope you guys likey ^_^

Yes it's the City Hunter soundtrack. I finally watched it (yeah I'm so behind XDXD not a big Asian drama person at all but my roommie convinced me lol...) and I'm officially declaring my undying love for Lee Min Ho. LOL!!!! He acts so well  O_o I'm mega impressed <3 <3 <3 I'll probably be obsessing with the soundtrack for the next month ahaha.

Anyway LOL back to the video. 99% of my closet is composed of Forever 21 clothes LMAO!! I'm really cheap when it comes to clothes. I get tired of my clothes really easily, whether they're expensive or cheap pieces. I rarely get any jewelry but I want to start building some accessory collections to spice up my outfit... I usually dress really simple lol!

By the way I took advantage of the 30-50% sale at the Nine West website (ninewest.com) and bought three pairs of shoes =D I finally got a pair of flats!!!!! So happy!!! And a pair of nude heels =DD (although you can kind of see my toes with these heels... =T no likey but I still like the shoes) but my favorite piece has to be the sequins shoes. The photos didn't do them justice. I love them so much!! Something about the super thick heels make them extra sexy. hehehe. I really love Nine West shoes! It's pretty much the only American shoe brand I trust to buy heels. Their shoes are so comfy and don't hurt my little Asian feet. lol! Anyway there's also an extra 25% off Friends & Family sale (select styles only though) going on right now so I encourage you to take a look and take advantage of it if you see something you like ^_^

I'm also planning on making another video, which will be a collective haul+ mini reviews of the beauty products I have purchased over the last 6 months?!?!?!?? So look out for that if you're interested ^_^

Okay I'm going to bed now. So tired!

Have a great weekend guys ^______________^

<3 Frances


  1. love your haul so much :D many clothes from forever 21 <3 !!! love that store and i would totally buy the same thing if it was sold here =D

  2. the black jacket and black boots will look fab together :D

  3. omg City Hunter. So good. I fell in love with 'Suddenly' so bad every time I heard it. XD I went through a massive F21 phase last year so I have a good number of their clothes in my closet too! haha

  4. hehe forever 21 is definitely cheap and cheerful ^_^ that's why I always shop there cuz I can't stand spending too much $$ on clothes XD

  5. ^_^ I haven't thought of that combination! hehe will try it next time <3

  6. OMGGGG ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so obsessed with that song right now!!! and the soundtrack!!! ahhh!!! "fire of love" is my next favorite... just because it reminds me of all the heartbreaking scenes when minho/nana try to save each other T_T haha I had a huge F21 phase last year too but I haven't found that much this year O_O nonetheless I still shop there for clothes the most (cheap) XD

  7. Nice haul~ I love that peach and white striped top~ I missed the NineWest sale.

  8. thanks ^_^ there's a bunch of sales going on ninewest now! maybe you can still find something there :D :D


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