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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo

Hello guys! ^_^

Quick little review on this product. I actually don't own this product anymore since I returned it. But thought I should share my thoughts on it :)


I was so so SO excited when I saw this product at my local Sephora! (Colorado Sephora's don't carry Illamasqua) and I thought this bronzer duo was to die for. The shades are so beautiful and perfect, exactly what I was looking for!

Sorry I don't have the swatches =T didn't think about it before I returned it lol. But they're the shimmer bronzers, not matte.

Anyway the reason why I returned it is because they really accentuate my pores. Like BAM! My pores are so out there and obvious. And you guys know I don't have large pores. So for a product to do that to me... O_O Sighhhh so disappointed >_<

That's my quick share on this bronzing duo! Hope some of you found it helpful ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. That's too bad :( It looks pretty in the photo.

  2. aww.. too bad that the bronzing duo didn't work for you especially after you have been so excited about it ..

  3. awww, too bad :(
    i was looking forward purchasing this item as well
    and since my pores are ... already so huge
    i think i'll have to pass :(

    at least you can return it there!
    - Coco

  4. oh, that a shame it didn't work for you although the colours are pretty (:! i just use sleek contour kit and double it up as a bronzer (:

    CMPang x

  5. oh nos that's horrible!
    make up is suppose to make you look beautiful and hide some imperfection... not to show them up!!!
    Glad you could return them back and eithr way I don't think i can get this since it sells at sephora... no sephora here :DDDDD <3

  6. I know! it's even prettier in person AGHHHH

  7. It might work on you who knows :) it just doesn't work for me... I should've tried it while I was at the store but I was already wearing makeup orz...

  8. Never heard about the Sleek contour kit! only heard of their eye shadows =P gonna google it now hehehe

  9. ahhhh but you guys have something similar to Sephora right!??? yes yes?? no?? :D Sephora has the most amazinggggg return policy in the world!!


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