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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clinique Moisture Surge vs. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

Hey guys!

How's everyone doing?? I really don't feel like studying -__- not good cuz I have SO much to do -.- blehhhhhhhh I feel so unmotivated. Anyway! I thought I'd do a comparison review ^_^ because before I thought both products are very similar in texture and functions, but they actually feel quite different.

Clinique Moisture Surge comes with 50ml of products, while Laneige has 80ml. And Laneige actually comes with a spatula which is nice. Price-wise Laneige is much cheaper; Clinique Moisure Surge retails for $36, and I got the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack for around $25 at my local Korean market (HMART).  

I've had the Clinique one for a while so I'm almost running out.  It doesn't actually look like I've used much of the Laneige. Well I haven't really been reaching for it that much for one thing lol. And I also been using the products that are stuck to the lid for another lol!

Close up on the products


Here are the actual products

You can see from the pictures, the texture of the two actually feel very similar.

So here comes my thoughts. While the texture feels really similar, the effect they give are completely different. And for me, Clinique is definitely the winner out of the two.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is designed to be worn on top of your night cream/moisturizer before you go to bed. It feels nice and although I usually don't like my skincare products to be fragranted, I actually do enjoy the scent of this product; it does have that calming effect :) But the sleeping pack on its own is definitely not moisturizing enough, unlike the Clinique Moisture Surge where you can apply it as moisturizer or a mask. One thing I really dislike about the sleeping pack though, is you have to be really careful about how much products you use. I found it to be really sticky and I'd wake up finding my face to be very greasy if I apply a thicker layer. I don't know, when I apply a thin layer, it feels like it's not enough, but if I apply more it just ends up feeling sticky and greasy -.- that's why I haven't really been reaching for this product.

Clinique Moisture Surge, on the other hand, is definitely more moisturizing than Laneige. It's not fragranted at all which I appreciate :)  After I apply Clinique I wouldn't feel like I need to replenish more because my skin would feel hydrated and comfortable. And with Clinique I found if I do apply a thick layer, it still wouldn't feel sticky :D But while I think it's a very nice moisturizer and I really do enjoy it, it's not something that I'd go around and rave about if you know what I mean? I know there are so many ppl who rave and swear by this product, but I'm just not one of them lol. The same goes to the Laneige Sleeping Pack. I almost feel bad that I dislike this product because I know so many ppl who really enjoy it. Oh well. Everyone has different preference. The good news is Laneige counters do give out sample packs so you can always try them out first :D

So my final verdict is... I'd recommend spending extra bucks and get the Clinique one :) Laneige was just a miss for me.

So that's all ^_^ Hope some of you found this helpful :D

<3 Frances


  1. I tried the clinique moisture surge before and didn't really like it (or hate it)
    But since it was a long time ago I don't even remember why heh...
    I've actually been eyeing the Laneige pack for a long time now. But now I'm iffy, maybe I should travel to the amore store to see if I can get that sample :X
    I wonder how these are compared to the Naruko gellies?

  2. You know, I was just reading another blog before yours about how good the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is. I'm almost thinking of buying as it's really raved about by so many people. I'm glad to read your review which proved otherwise. I believe that every product has its good and bad and that it may suit one person but not the other. I think it's a really good idea to get the sample over the counter before I buy.

    Thanx for the review!

  3. aww really? that's too bad! Did it break you out????? I know a lot of ppl either love or hate Clinique because apparently even though it's allergy tested, it breaks some ppl out like crazy O_o
    hahaha I used to want to try the Naruko gellies! the one with the rose "flavor" to be exact XD but I completely forgot about it. I shall keep an eye out for them once again XD

  4. lol I feel like I'm the only person who came up with a negative review on the sleeping pack *shrinks* but what I can say my skin disagrees *shrugs* yes definitely get samples! cuz now I'm left with a huge jar that I don't even know how I'm gonna use all that up.... *stares at it helplessly*

  5. Oh god, i just bought this online and now i'm finding a way to validate whether it's genuinely from laneige.. But i think i'm scammed :(

  6. where did you get it from? as long as it's from a high-rated seller/legitimate website, you should be okay!


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