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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bubbi Brushes Part II!

****1 year update! 11/6/2012****

Hello there =D

Now I've officially used the brushes for over a year now... I thought I'd come back with an update!

1. The buffer brush-- I got the most mileage out of this brush. Use it every day for contouring. Love it so much. Enough said =D

2. The powder brush-- Love to use it for loose powders and powder foundation. My go-to brush for powders =)

3. The retractable brush-- This and my eyeliner brush and brow brush were the only brushes I brought with me for my trip to South Korea. It lives up to its name-- definitely very versatile! Used it for powders, contour, blush and highlight. Definitely a must-have when I travel =) (And also almost used this brush exclusively while I was in Taiwan for its convenience). I don't really use it on daily basis cuz I stuff it in my on-the-go bag XD

4. The dual cover brush-- I use this brush exclusively for my SKIN79 BB cream. It works the best with my BB cream. I don't this brush for liquid foundations because it's too streaky. 

5. The kabuki brush-- gives really nice coverage for powder foundations. I use this and the powder brush interchangeably for my powder foundations.

6. The fluff brush-- good for highlighting or blending out eye shadows. But I have other brushes that I prefer over this =P

7.  The dual eye brush-- good brush but I don't wear eye shadows on a daily basis XD and when I do I mostly reach for my Sonia Kashuk one. 

8. The HD flawless brush-- Is basically collecting dust on my vanity ='( too much work to work with. I think it's because the hard bristles (not saying it's harsh to the touch, hard as in firm) sheer out my foundation too much, while being streaky at the same time. I just don't use it.... 

That's all! Hopefully this is somewhat helpful? Overall it's a good collection I'm pleased with my purchases, except for the HD flawless brush. 


Hey guys!

Ahahahaha I'm on a roll today!! =DDDD Just decided to get this out of the way since it's wayy overdue =P So many posts I have under construction >_< I feel like I'm never gonna get to them if I keep putting them off.


So... as you all know (or maybe you don't know XD) that I actually went back to purchase most of the rest of the Bubbi brushes (LOL). Because I was happy with all of them and absolutely in love with some of them, I decided to get over myself and just try them out XD The only Bubbi brush that I don't own will be the Angled Liner brush, since I already discovered the love of my life for my eyeliner brush, and I already have awesome eye brow brushes so I really didn't feel at all tempted to pick that one up. For my review for the other brushes, please refer here ^_^    

So here are all the brushes I picked up
The kabuki brush, the powder brush, and the fluff brush.

Let's begin with the powder brush.
You can see the print is coming off like the rest of her brushes lol.

So the powder brush is actually a little smaller, and less dense than I thought. It's very fluffy =D and very soft.
So one of the main reasons why I decided to even make the second purchase is because I really wanted to try this brush, because I am completely obsessed with the retractable brush XD As much as I absolutely love the retractable brush, I get really paranoid every time I wash it =X I'm really scared about the water trapped in the metal case >.< So I wanted to see if this brush is as soft as that one. I want to say, this brush is just as soft, but in a different way?? It feels a little bit more plastic??? I don't even know how to describe it, I really like it but I still like the feel of the retractable brush more =P

So anyway, don't have a whole lot to say =) It's really really soft, and fluffy and picks up products well. The elliptical shape of this brush actually enables this brush to be more multi-purpose-- I have used it to apply blush and contour and it works really well (as she had demonstrated in her videos of course). This is something I definitely can't do with my other round and fluffy face brush =)  Me likey.

Two years ago when I started using face makeup brushes I thought the softness of a face brush doesn't matter as much as having a really soft brush for your delicate eyes. But after two years of experimenting with different brushes, I got pickier and pickier and now it really does matter to me because now I can really tell between the subtle differences. So anyway, I just want to say I really do recommend Bubbi brushes because they are budget-friendly and actually softer than my really expensive Hakuhodo brushes -__-"

Okay next moving on to the Kabuki brush =)



The pouch is tiny! At first I was like how is this brush gonna fit in there?!?! but it fits of course lol. Just be careful about the direction of the brush hairs when you put it in so you wouldn't accidentally "zip" the hair XD

Of all the Bubbi brushes, this is the only one I experienced bleeding and shedding (it bled grey which was kind of weird) But I haven't experienced any of either ever since the first couple of washes, so that wasn't a big deal. I want to say though, of all the Bubbi brushes I tried, I genuinely think this one can be passed. Make no mistake I think it's a really nice brush and it's soft, but it just doesn't "wow" me. Most of the Bubbi brushes really really impressed me on how incredibly soft they are, but this one is just about the same softness as my other kabuki brushes, it's not extra soft or anything. So I'd say if you already have a great kabuki brush, you really don't need this. Plus this is probably the most expensive brush out of her whole brush collection.

Okay lastly here I have the fluff brush.
My first impression of this brush was... OMG this fluff brush is HUGE!!!! O_O!!!
Next to the dual eyes. See how much bigger it is? XD

On the left to the fluff brush is the MAC 217. Then to the right it's the dual cover.

The fluff brush is soft, and yet has enough stiff to blend and give good control. My favorite application for this brush is actually highlighting XD Because it's just the perfect size lol! Although I don't highlight my face all that often cuz I get oily at the end of the day and highlighting makes that process even faster lol. This fluff brush is a little big for my eyes but that doesn't matter if you're just trying to fluff out the harsh edges with it.

So now I've had used the Bubbi brushes for a good amount of time, I thought I'd like tell you guys what my top picks are =P Definitely check out the retractable brush, LOVE that brush SO much it's so so so soft that I want to cry XD Also definitely check out the buffer brush, it's so perfect for contouring... love it! The retractable brush and the buffer brush are my absolute favorite!!

Next on my list will be the powder brush. But if you're trying to decide between the retractable brush and the powder brush, I'd recommend go with retractable brush because it's more practical since it's easier to travel with. But I think the powder brush is definitely worth collecting as well. The dual eyes brush has actually really grown on me, because they're so soft but also have enough stiff so they give really good control; I found that a lot of my eye shadow brushes are too fluffy and actually give less precision. On the last note, the flawless HD brush actually has grown on me as well XD hahahaha I didn't touch it for a while but then I made myself use it everyday and the more I use it, the more I like it :P I notice my base makeup gets least cakey when I use the flawless HD brush (yes compared to the Sigma flat top synthetic) I think it might be because it's slightly streaky in application so I actually take more time and care to really blend in my foundation... maybe that's why??? who knows XD

So yeah, that really concludes my review for all the Bubbi brushes ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed it. I really do recommend her brushes, not only because I'm a long time fan/supporter, but they really do perform well. Bubbi is planning on launching brushes that are more for professional uses... not sure if I'm going to collect these, I have way too many brushes now I'm running out of space to store them!!!!!!!!! lol!

That's all I have ^_^ Do you guys own any Bubbi brushes? If yes which one is your favorite?? :D

<3 Frances


  1. I really want to get my hands on some bubbi brushes but the ones I like are always sold out! (makes sense I guess) Thanks for the review :) Love your blog xxx

  2. There's a bag for the small brush? OMG how cute!!!!

  3. they r really cute :"> sorry ive been MIA was on a vacation hehe <3

  4. They look so cute and fluffy! Btw, thanks for the comparison in your previous post. I'll definitely be getting the Clinique!

  5. thanks <3 I think her store is finally restocked now :D I wanted to get another multi retractable brush for the longest time XD


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