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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

La Mar 'The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid' Sunscreen Swatch

Hey guys!

This is just gonna be a super quick post ^_^ Thought I'd share some swatches for this sunscreen in case someone else out there is curious about the consistency/application of this sunscreen.

Remember I mentioned about wanting to try a new sunscreen in my Sephora shopping list post?
I got a sample from Nordstrom.
You can see it has a slight green tint to it and it is very liquidy and almost like water.


I really like the scent of this sunscreen. It's very very subtle and you can't smell anything unless you stick your hand in front of your nose lol!

Blends really nicely and it sinks into the skin very nicely, leaving no sheen behind.


So I just want to say I really like the consistency, texture and application of this sunscreen. But unfortunately this sunscreen broke me out =(

Got red bumps all over my cheeks. It doesn't look too bad with the yellow lighting. And it isn't too bad; it's not itchy or anything. Just annoying. It took me 3 days to realize that it's the sunscreen breaking me out. I noticed the red bumps after the second day of using it but I thought it's just my crazy sleep schedule messing with my skin. The red bumps got worse on day 3 that's when I know something's definitely off.

By the way this is more or less the same reaction I got from the GA Maestro foundation, except GA was worse and it only took one day for my face to develop these red bumps and it made my face itchy.

SO GLAD that I got to sample this sunscreen... save myself the trouble of buying and returning the product O_O

My skin's been acting up more frequently than before =_= first the GA Maestro foundation, took me about 2 weeks to fully recover from that... then I got allergic reaction to friend's cat... and now this. LOL. Oh well. I think I'm gonna stick with my Josie Maran sunscreen. Not even gonna try the HERA one cuz although I haven't read any negative reviews, from what I gather HERA Sun Mate Daily is a very heavily fragranted sunscreen so I'm not even gonna risk it.

That's all! What a shame. Well it saves me money so I can't say I'm too sorry that this sunscreen doesn't work out XD

Hope some of you found this helpful! And thanks for stopping by as usual ^_^

<3 Frances

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