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Thursday, July 23, 2015

[Chit Chat] Brandy Melville & Lids


Not much to share today... just some clothes and hats XD haven't done a none makeup/skincare- related post in a long time @_@

One cool thing about moving to California is I now have access to physical stores for Brandy Melville! =D

I've always wanted to try out their clothes cuz I love them on Heyclaire. Here's one of her videos where she talked about this brand.

So I popped into the store one day to check things out. Hmmm honestly didn't find a lot but then again I didn't spend too much time in the store. But I did walk out with a sweater and a hat =P

Don't ask me why I bought a freaking sweater in the middle of summer.... it's cute LOL. But I can't wear it cuz it's too hot -_- har har har.

Can't find this particular sweater on the website... although it looks like Ollie Sweater to me... there isn't a name on the tag. But there are only blue and white on the website O_O I have no idea.

This sweater is one-size only.

In addition to sunscreen... I'm now using hats for sun protection O_O Now I'm getting older can't afford sun damage O_O!!!

Don't think this hat is available on their website. But the hat fits kind of loosely and I have to secure it with my hand if there's a breeze O_O poop.

Different options for sun protection XD Went to Lids (which... I never set foot in before) and found a cap =D Kind of obsessed with wearing caps lately hahahahha. By the way, what's the difference between a cap and a snapback?!
Got mine in size 7 (have no idea what that means LOL) and it fits well =)

Haha sorry had to blur out the background. Too messy. Since my housing is temporary I'm basically living with my boxes of crap XD




How come I never discovered the joy of wearing hats before???? I mean I've always liked them as a look, but I used to hate wearing hats because I always felt like they would mess up my hair. Turns out it ain't matter when I only wear them when I'm out and walking about. Now I can't leave the house without a hat haha.

So tempted to buy more hats... lol.

<3 Frances


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