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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

Sup y'alllll!!

So a while ago I picked up the MUFE Ultra HD foundation samples. There have been a lot of foundation launches but I was particularly excited about this one. Probably more because the MUFE HD foundation was my first ever liquid foundation :P so there's a nostalgic factor to it, lol. 

I do have fond memories of the original MUFE HD foundation. However, I was a complete newbie at the time, and I never ever tested out/wore the foundation on its own, because YouTube told me I have to wear primer to have a flawless foundation application, and back then, I was really into covering everything even though there wasn't much to cover. So honestly, I have no idea how good the original HD foundation was on its own LOL but I do recall it paired extremely well with the bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer. The combination was super long-lasting. Note: I've heard that silicone-based makeup lasts longest when paired with another silicone-based makeup. So I guess there's truth to that :P

And I only ever applied the original HD foundation with a wet BeautyBlender... I think I remember it being too thick to apply with fingers.

My shade for the Ultra foundation is Y225. Pretty good match for NC20.









Bare face action. 

You can see I had some bumps going on. My skin was reacting to something but I'm still kind of baffled to what it was O_O
*Update: Actually omg I figured out what it was. The Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream was what caused the breakouts!!! O___O Damn don't know how that happened cuz I didn't have any issues with it before!! But I haven't used it for a while and just recently started using it again and I did use it once before trying out the Ultra HD foundation. 

Bare face

Bare face

I figured I should start including my base makeup because it does affect the finish/wear. Went ahead and applied Anessa sunscreen.

With Anessa
You can see it mattifies the skin.

With Anessa

With Anessa

This day I applied the foundation with fingers. It was pretty blendable. I feel like it feels really similar to the original HD, but more liquidy/thinner. I would still consider the consistency on the thicker side though.

I would say coverage is light to medium. Ppl say it's more sheer than the original. That I can't really tell...

Applied with fingers.

How would you classify this finish? More of a satin maybe? It feel like it's matte but with a lot of glow. Like dry glow. Not wet/dewy glow. Less matte than MUFE Velvet+ though.

After I finished applying the rest of my face/the foundation had some time to set and blend into my skin
 Ohhh hello there O_O+
The foundation does bounce back light, like quite a bit!

When applied with fingers, I noticed the finish is a lot more glowy.





Full face effect




I feel like this picture is closer to what you see in real life if you're directly under the sun. It is VERY glowy. Without direct light though the glow is much more subtle.

Without direct light there's a lot less glow

without direct light

without direct light. Pretty much just looks pretty "normal"


Almost 8 hours later
Obvious shine on the nose.



It held up alright. There was minor settling into the pores around the nose but it's hard to tell from the pics.


Another day, applied with BeautyBlender.
(I feel like this foundation would work great with my Sigma synthetic kabuki brushes... but... they're all packed away at the moment /___\ ) 
Strangely, I noticed when applied with BeautyBlender, it toned down a lot of the glowy-ness. Don't know if you guys can tell the difference from the pics. This was taken with direct light but you can see there's less of the glow on the cheeks/nose bridge.


Again, almost 8 hours later
I also got a lot less oily? Weird.





You can see I look less oily compared to before when I used fingers for my application.

Personally thought the foundation held up better when applied with BeautyBlender.

My overall thoughts?

The finish is really lovely and beautiful. It has that blurring/soft focusing effect, but it doesn't look matte. If you don't like the "wet" dewy look but want some extra glow without the help of highlighter, this foundation is definitely worth checking out as it gives that "dry" glow. It actually bounces off light a lot more than I expected.The only thing is I found that when I get oily, this foundation does have minor settling into the pores. It's quite minor though and overall it holds up well.

Like I mentioned before, I found that when applied with fingers, the finish is a lot more glowy, and when applied with BeautyBlender, it's a lot less. However I do think applying with BeautyBlender helps with the overall wear of this foundation.

Strangely though... after testing it out I found myself not inclined to purchase it anymore O_O I think my taste must have changed. There's just something that feels off to me. Maybe the fact that I'm just not used to the texture of silicone-based foundation anymore. Even though it applies beautifully, I just get the feeling that the foundation was just sitting on my face. I suspect if I were to wear this foundation on its own, it would probably slip off (I tend to have that problem with silicone-based makeup... it never fully sets on my face. Although years ago I didn't have this problem *shrugs*) But I will say, among the silicone-based foundation, this one is so much better than Giorgio Armani Maestro and YSL Fusion Ink. Lol.

So I don't find myself gravitating toward this foundation at all. In fact, I only tested out this foundation like 3 times. Ehhh I don't know. I might enjoy this foundation more if I use it with my Dior sunscreen but I'm too lazy to test that out lol. Moving on to the next foundation LOL. Oh and another thing-- I really am NOT sure, but I think this foundation might be breaking me out????? It's hard to tell because my skin was already reacting to something prior to trying this foundation out (as seen in the bare face pics), but I felt like this foundation worsened it??????????? (and this was the only thing new I was trying...) Because I started getting red bumps/whiteheads along my jawline and I never get whiteheads there O_O I had to start using charcoal masks for the whiteheads to diminish. I never had any reaction to the original HD foundation, or the Mat Velvet+ though. Not sure if it's just a coincidence, but still want to throw that out there. Another reason why I'm not inclined to test out this foundation further. 

What do you guys think about the new Ultra HD foundation? Love it? Hate it? Can't tell the difference from the original? Lol.

<3 Frances


  1. I haven't tried this yet, but I love the original! Also, it looks really, really nice on your skin. *__* You're glowing... But if you think anything is breaking you out, eek! I would stay clear away. ;_; too scared for that!
    Junniku blog!

    1. Loll I don't know for sure if it was breaking me out XD plus everyone's skin reacts differently. If you could get a sample you should still give it a go especially if you love the original :D


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