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Sunday, August 2, 2015

[Klenspop] Clalen Iris in Soul Brown

Well hello there!

Aren't I doing good on my promise XD  here's another post =P

Ladies and gentlemen... today we have a new category/label on my blog! My first ever circle lenses review LOL.

I will be the first to admit I know next to nothing when it comes to color/circle lenses. This is only the second brand of circle lenses I've ever tried. So um... just use your own judgement and do additional homework okay? XD  (the same goes to everything else too hahahah).

I finally learned to put contacts in my eyes last winter LOL (yeah it's a new skill for me) so I've been dying to try out more color lenses. Got to admit though... I just don't like the feeling -_- my eyes get irritated/dried out so easily. I heard that happens more often with color lenses (vs. normal prescription clear lenses). Any advice besides eye drops? Good color lenses brands?

So me shopping for color lenses is pretty much me shopping blindly. LOL. Made my purchase from Klenspop.com. Shipping took 14 days.  

I threw away the packaging but it was nice and secure with a lot of bubble wrap.
Comes with a pack of cases/forceps (are these called forceps??) and a solution. As well as an instructions pamphlet. I also got another set of color lenses but review for that will come next.

3 cases! Thought that was generous of them.

So I basically had no idea which brand I wanted to get. But while browsing the brown lenses, I came across Clalen and saw that Suzy is a spokesperson for the brand
*image credit goes to Google

I like the way the lenses look on her, so I thought why not give it a shot?

Got mine in Soul Brown.

Those are daily disposables.




No contacts

No contacts

With contactsSAM_0089

With contacts

With contacts
So... I would appreciate some feedback here. I don't think this is normal?? Does this mean the lenses are slipping around? I don't understand though because base curve is correct (at least my other circle lenses that don't slip around has the same base curve). What else would be a factor here besides base curve????

With contacts
I guess it slips whenever I'm not looking straight.

Overall effect

See that giant red vessel in my left eye? (your right side). It makes its presence very noticeable when my eyes are irritated.


If we take a closer look....
Does this mean it's just not the right fit for me???? Ahhhh so freaking confused.











You can see more information about those lenses here.

Okay... here goes my review for these lenses LOL oh gosh what am I doing.

On the website the reviews say they're very comfortable. Not sure if it's just my inexperience... but they don't feel that comfortable to me. I guess they feel soft??? But still I can always feel them there. Is it normal to feel them??? Or should you not be able to feel the lenses at all if they're made well????

Basically, my eyes would feel dry, irritated with those. But I have the same experience with the two other brands. Is it just me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

That concludes the most unhelpful review in this world LOL. Seriously though, I would appreciate any feedback! I don't really have friends who wear circle lenses... or who wear circle lenses but aren't already regular contact lenses users.

<3 Frances


  1. Replies
    1. lol unless you know a good brand, you're not really missing out xD

    2. Acuvue make the most comfortable circle lenses out there, I swear! (Have not tried Bausch&Lomb Naturelle tho) and they've been distributing certain versions of Acuvue Define (their o-lens division) in US/Canadian shops, but as I recall you can only get ones specificallu designed for...well, non-Asian people. ( A certain british newspaper was rather shockingly forward in spelling out the announcement, but what's new): Natural Sparkle (for light eyes), Natural Shimmer, Natural Shine in US and Canada, but at trusted internet stores you can still get Acuvue Define in their original East Asian versions of Accent and Vivid.
      I've tried other kinds of circle lens/o-lens while in korea and out; I feel Acuvue makes the most comfortable ones, given that it's a world-renowned brand (I use acuvue torics as my 'regular' lenses after all - I swear I don't work for them, found your page via searching for pictures of Clalen Soul Brown on actual users.
      You look really cute~! Lenses look SUPER natural on you too. Just enough of a pop to draw attention, not enough that you find yourself scrtunitizing the image for 'is she wearing contact lenses??' - y'know? Nothing looks 'off', & it contributes to your overall beauty.
      If they keep moving around in your eye that might b a sign that you have a slight degree of astigmatism; lenses for astigmatism (torics) often have subtle weights placed to ensure they'll hold. Pity there aren't so many resources for those of us who want their true toric prescriptions in O-lens
      anyways I sometimes wear Acuvue Define Accent (black limbal) & except in the blurry edges inherent from a astigmatic-?spherical conversion, they're super comforable, really no diff from my Acuvue toric 1-day disposables. I'm thinking of getting Acuvue Define Vivid next, & once I've revitalized the rest of my body/face/hair/etc, SOlotica (one of the best brands for turning dark eyes into light)

    3. I've tried Acuvue.. but the ones I tried the base curve doesn't fit me D: I'll have to keep looking :) all good things I hear about Acuvue!

  2. Had to comment here XD I've been wearing contact lenses (both regular and coloured) for 10 years. I only wear monthly ones. Regular non coloured ones are from Acuvue or Bausch & Lomb and they are soo comfortable that I don't feel them at all.

    For coloured ones, enlarging circle lenses that I got online ALWAYS feel dry!!! Now all my coloured ones are from either Freshkon or Freshlook. They feel dry sometimes but I always soak them in the solution for a day before I wear for the first time.. Somehow that helps :D I think our eyes could be too small for those super enlarging ones..

    1. Thanks so much Tammy!!! Good to know it's not just me O_O Will look into Freshkon and Freshlook :D <3 <3 <3

  3. Usually even with a correct base curve, the circle lens will "move" a little. It's totally normal to an extent. If you feel it move around TOO much though, that might be a problem. I once had a pair that moved too much, and I tried to review them and take pictures - but it was legit impossible to take normal pics because 1 eye was like... weirding out. Lol. ;___;
    For dryness, you might wanna buy eye drops specifically for contact lens wearers. they help SO SO SO MUCH!~ :D I love Rohto eyedrops hehe
    Junniku Korean beauty blog!

    1. really?! D: so it's kind of just luck huh?! and thanks!! will definitely look into eye drops!! actually didn't know there are eye drops made specifically for contacts!! no wonder it felt so weird when I tried to instill my regular ones O______o

  4. are these lenses are uv blocking?

  5. Hi hi! Sorry for the late reply... I'm actually not sure... but I think so? There's a little UV logo thing on the box :)

  6. Hi~ this might be a little lengthy but here are my two cents on this brand =P Hope it helps!!

    I have been wearing contacts for 13+ years and was recommended Clalen colored contacts during my last trip to Korea. At first they felt comfortable but dried out my eyes. However, I found out that it is not recommended to wear colored contacts for more than 6ish hours. Also, I think the cold winter weather might have had an effect on the dryness I felt. Returning back to the states (where it's always nice and sunny =P), I've worn them a few times and actually felt like my vision was a bit clearer. After wearing them for 8+ hours the contacts didn't dry out at all either! They are actually pretty comfortable. As far as the irritation and redness you noticed, you might have an allergic reaction to the brand. If it keeps showing up you might want to consult your eye doctor.


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