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Friday, August 28, 2015

[Mulberry] Tree French Purse Review (Small/Classic) (One Month Review)

Ayyyy y'all!

So I thought I might do something different today. I shall be reviewing a wallet xD Why not lol.


So, I was actually on a lookout for a new wallet for a while. My old one was SUPER battered.

Let me just start out by saying... I'm pretty careless when it comes to my possessions. I'm not the type of person who takes good care of my stuff (eg., "dry clean only"? ... Well I'm gonna stuff you in the washer/dryer anyway and hope for the best  ← yep that's me. Working on it -_-)

Meet my old wallet. I believe I've had it for maybe 3 or 4 years??? The hard evidence of how I don't take care of my stuff... XD Well I didn't do anything to it. Just threw it in my purse/backpack like everyone else O_O
I remember I got it when pastels, bright colors and color-blocking were all the rage xD

Look how sad it is lol


I loved it though because it has so many slots!! Which is like one of the most important things I look for when choosing a wallet.

I wonder why this happened?? Was it just poorly crafted, or is it because it was glued together instead of sewed?

Duuuude... even the slots were falling apart LMAO.

Gosh, I can't believe I just dedicated 6 photos to my old wallet X'D

To be honest, I really didn't care about carrying around a shit-looking wallet. As long as it's functional, I'll use it. Well that and the mere fact I just never came across anything I liked and I was too lazy to actually take the time to really look into it. But then the time came when my old wallet just could not hold on to my cards anymore.... X(

Remember that episode where Carrie fell in the Dior store and her stuff went flying?

Yep. My cards went flying spectacularly in all directions on 3 different occasions. After much public squatting and scooping around (and not to mention the major freak out trying to make sure I still had all my credit cards), I decided enough was enough and a new wallet was mandatory LOL.

So the reason why it was so hard for me to find exactly what I wanted was because I was looking for a small wallet.
Reason being I bought this stupid small but stupid cute purse when I was in Taiwan last winter LOL. Seriously... I don't know why I bought it (well it is adorable)... it's so un-functional (I feel like using the word "dysfunctional" makes it sound like my purse has some sort of congenital defect.. hahah). This small purse holds next to nothing X( pretty much all I can fit in there are my phone and wallet and keys (my old wallet does NOT fit by the way lol). I guess bare minimum is good... spare my shoulder/back from the weight of all the crap I'm constantly carrying with me haha. Anyway I wanted a small wallet that will fit in all my purses so I won't have to mess with changing wallets when I change purses.

Was at the mall and came across this store called Mulberry-- I believe it's a British brand. They do have the wallets in the size that I was looking for... with a decent number of slots!!! But at that time I didn't get one because the price was just out of my budget. A couple of months later I randomly popped into the store again (I usually avoid it because going in there makes me sad knowing I can't buy it LOL) and they had additional 30% off in the sale section! And this greige/taupe one was the very last one in the display window. So even though it wasn't the color that I like, I decided to get it because I was desperate HAHAHA. Ended up getting it at almost 50% off muahaha!!

This is the color that I want (link here). Because I think this color flatters my skin tone better O_O does anyone else do that? Like you would hold up the wallet and see how it looks "on" you? LOL. But this color wasn't discounted sob sob. Oh well.  Thought the greige one looks pretty sensible anyway.

They gift wrapped it so nicely O_O
That card contains the receipt/warranty. I think it's good for a year?? Can't remember.




Close up on the Mulberry logo


It's small... but it's quite fat... I mean, thick.



I was kind of worried that the button is gonna get loose over time. So far that hasn't been an issue... but we'll see. I'll come back to update in a couple of years XD



It can hold 8 cards in total. Here you can fit 5. Behind the card slots are two pockets.

The other side of the wallet. You can put 3 additional cards in here.

The coin holder has two compartments in it. By the way you can tell by the way this wallet is holding up it's very soft (as opposed to a "stiff" wallet can just hold its own shape... what's the word for it???? sorry my Engurish iz tres limited xD)


And of course you got your cash pocket on the side.

Now let's fill in this wallet...

I guess the biggest downfall of this wallet is that it can become very fat very quickly/easily. Especially if I just jam in all my receipts in there. Must clean out the receipts frequently.

With just cash-- much better!



Like to put in some frequently used stuff here for easy access... like punch/point cards lol.

There's also another pocket in front of the coin holder. Haven't figured out what to do with it so it's holding business cards for now lol.

Okay -_- here's the problem. I told you I have A LOT of cards -_- and worse than that, I like to have ALL of them with me -_____-  so I put the rest of the less important cards in one of the coin holder pockets, and my change in the other.


So this is why my wallet looks so fat. From all the extra cards XD I need to sort my shit out.

My wallet looks like it has a full belly or something LOL.

It looks like it's about to pop open but the button actually does a very good job holding the wallet closed! Even when the wallet is in my bags it doesn't pop open either. Props to that little button!

Ha, ha. ha




So like I said before... I like to see how the wallet looks "on" me before buying. So this is what it looks like~
In a brighter lighting



So I took these pics after about a month of using it. As you can see, it pretty much looks brand new. Granted I didn't show any "before" pics... but you can see the material of this wallet fairs extremely well (aka survives my abuse without a sign of damage). It has not taken on any marks or scratches. Awesome ^_^ the sales associate did tell me this particular leather is very durable. So far I'm impressed! And the reason why I said I'm impressed because I did get another wallet shortly after I bought the Mulberry one O_O That other wallet definitely isn't scratch resistant haha. The review for that one in the works.

Overall I do love this wallet... despite it being on the fatter side. If I could reduce the number of my cards by just half then it would look completely "normal" LMAO. That shall be my project. Been too lazy to go through my cards puahaha.

Hmmm hope someone out there found this review helpful???  At least I hope you guys found this wallet review entertaining... sort of?  O____O  If not... well I already took the pictures for my next wallet so I'm writing about it anyway LOL.

Hope you guys have a great weekend ^__^

<3 Frances


  1. Very cute wallet! I think my looks as your old one now XD

    1. LOL maybe time for a new wallet for you as well? xD


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