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Saturday, August 8, 2015

[Klenspop] Clear Color Exy 3 Color Grey + Maybelline Brow Drama Review

Hey hey! 

Back with another "review" for my circle lenses =)
... I'm actually not sure if the brand of these lenses are actually called "Crazy Lens" lol. Sounds kind of stupid so I omitted that in my title LOL.

Again, got mine from Klenspop.com


Those are good for 6 months I believe.









You can see what my eyes naturally look like in my last post. Going straight into action.

Unlike the last pair I tried from Clalens, these fit well and don't slip around.Yay!!!



You can find out more information about these lenses from here.

As a little bonus/guest star review-- Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Deep Brown
Honestly, never thought I'd purchase a brow gel lol. But thought it looks quite nice and natural from some YouTube videos so I wanted to get it for days I don't want to wear makeup but at least my brows groomed lol. Don't know if you guys agree, but brows done with pencil/powder look quite made-up/"unnatural" when your face is relatively clean of anything else. In short, I was looking for the "no eye brow product eye brows" look LOL.


Wonder that's the rationale behind this design????

With brow gel

With brow gel

With brow gel

With brow gel

1. I pretty much only reserve it for days I'm not wearing brow powder/pencil (aka only on days I'm not wearing makeup haha). I find it makes applying additional brow products on top of them kind of awkward/not smooth.
2. Make sure not to rub or wet your brows once you have the gel on! Otherwise bits of brown flakes will begin to form... lol
3. I still find this product tricky to use. Sometimes the brush would deposit too much product and I'll have to use a Q-tip to wipe off the mishaps. And some days I just can't get my brows to look filled AND natural (like... the brows are too brushed/glued in place, you know what I mean???) Also, once the gel dries and if you try to go in again with a second coat, it will start to look crusty and sometimes result in the already applied gel flaking off/balling up. Not very forgiving. Pretty much you have to get it right the first time.  
4. What's the point of the round applicator??? Sometimes I find it kind of annoying to use because it's not too precise.

Overall it's good I guess. Cheap and cheerful? Not sure if will repurchase. I haven't used it a ton but I found the gel is already kind of drying up/harder to achieve that natural look. 

Okay back to color lenses review.

By the way, I did go and apply some brow powder on top because with a faceful of makeup, I NEED more defined eye brows LOL. Like I mentioned before, I don't normally like the feeling/finish of applying things over the brow gel once it's dried.

Overall effect


Under darker lighting the color doesn't pop as much as I thought.By the way, welcome back giant blood vessel! The proof that my eyes were irritated lol I too lazy to photoshop it out haha.

I've always had a thing for grey eyes because I think they look super mysterious and sexy O_O+ but... those look more green on me than grey???? haha. Sad.










From afar they don't look that obvious... as in they don't really look that grey/light. I don't know, kind of makes me look soul-less. Haha


Overall,  I think they're okay.  I really wanted to love them but they just don't look as natural as I had wished. There were many times that I forgot I was wearing grey lenses and I looked into the mirror when I was going to bathrooms and scared myself LOL. Plus they look more green on me rather than grey on me. The search for grey contacts continues!! I also find them uncomfortable to wear/can always feel them and my eyes do feel dry and irritated, AS USUAL lol. Grrr.

Hmmm... not sure what else I can say about them. So I shall end it here XD

Till next time!

<3 Frances

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