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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set... Did it Work? [我的心機] 黑頭終結粉刺拔膜組使用心得~

Hello there!

So today I have a rather hilarious post for you all lol.  Since it's a Taiwanese product gonna do it bilingually~ 因為是台灣產品所以中英介紹啦~

How many of you saw this review video by Suzi??

I jumped and immediately bought this after watching her video LOL. By the way the original video she talked about is linked in her description box in case you're curious to see it. In the back of my mind I told myself it probably wouldn't work for me, but hey who knows there might just be this one miracle product that works right?! :P
我是看了Suzi的使用影片一個興奮腦充血之下買下去的XD 老實說以前試用過的粉刺產品對我都沒啥幫助 (包括Dr. Wu的杏仁酸). 是因為毛孔不大嗎?! 很難黏到我的粉刺那樣??!!?!? XD 所以雖然我超激動(?) 開心的下單~ 但是有心理準備可能沒用~

So after unboxing the product, I understood why Suzi (non-Chinese readers) had trouble following the directions. Because there are discrepancies between the two sets of directions!

This is the directions on the box. I guess provided by the manufacturer.

A pamphlet is included, it's a result/collection of experiences from My Scheming users for the most efficient way of using the product
The difference being rinsing the softener off before applying the charcoal mask.

盒子上跟裡面附的使用說明不太一樣~ 說綜合使用者使用經驗... 第一個步驟之後要沖乾淨, 再上第二步驟比較有效~


Not gonna lie, peeling it off actually hurt a lot more than I anticipated O_O I guess that means it does a really good job grabbing on to your skin/blackheads?!

老實講, 當我滿心期待的去撕它的時候.... 嗯.... 會痛耶 O______________________O 表示它黏的很牢?!

First time I used it, it pulled out 15 blackheads (yes I counted XD)

Not super impressed but still excited nevertheless lol.

I noticed the skin on my nose felt a bit itchy and irritated, but it wasn't too bothersome and I was pretty sure it will go away so I didn't think too much about it. 

沒有令人驚嘆, 但是也小興奮啦, 呵呵

拔完之後其實我鼻子那邊感覺癢癢的= = 然後有點敏感. 但是沒有很嚴重而且我想說剛剛那麼"暴力"的對待我的鼻子 (譯: 他媽的黏的那麼牢是不是把我一層表皮撕下來了!!) 所以覺得過一會應該就恢復正常了~ 所以沒多想.

Next day I gave it another try. 沒拔乾淨第二天當然要摩拳擦掌的再來一次!! (標準的手賤)
This time nothing came out. Like literally NOTHING D:

You know sometimes after you leave on a mask for a long time, the skin on your nose softens and the blackheads almost look like they're moving to the surface? That's what I saw after using it the second time. So I thought, maybe if I apply the mask again, since the blackheads are already "surfacing", they would be easier to extract?

I didn't use the softener the second time around cuz I didn't want to overdo it and I thought the blackheads looked pretty "exposed".

這次完完全全什麼都沒拔出來耶!! 有沒有很乾淨 (心酸...)

大家應該都有這個經驗吧~ 就是面膜敷很久的時候, 鼻頭角質會軟軟的, 然後會覺得粉刺都浮到表面那樣! 所以這天我試了一次之後就是這幅風景(?) 我就想~ 既然粉刺都浮到上面來了, 再用一次搞不好會比較好拔?!

第二次我就沒用軟化劑了~ 想說粉刺都出來了沒必要吧!?
... nothing came out -_-

 And not only that... my skin got pretty irritated. LOL -_-||| My skin felt so itchy and erythematous after. I should've known and not done it twice especially when I already knew it irritated my skin from the night before... but I couldn't help it -_- I stupid.

Next day the skin on my nose was red, itchy, rough, bumpy, lumpy and tender (and by tender... I mean it actually did hurt). So kidssss, learn from my experience and don't try to use it consecutively if you have thin/sensitive skin XD oy....

還是什麼都沒有啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 (淚奔)

而且什麼都沒有就算了... 我皮膚變得好敏感啊!!! 就是又癢又紅又腫 (摸上去熱熱的). 老實講, 前一天用了就有點敏感, 我還這麼愚蠢的連續用兩次 (而且還連續兩天= =). 愚民無誤 (粉刺果然是手賤的大敵)

第二天就精彩了. 鼻子超紅啊!!! 而且加上癢, 痛, 腫. 摸上去有點凹凸不平 (這樣形容好像很怪... 中文退步了唉呀). 所以各位小朋友們, 千萬要吸取我的教訓, 敏感肌/皮膚薄的人... 萬萬不要跟我一樣做蠢事... 不可以連續使用!!!
Angry skin. Lol. Trust me, it looks worse in person haha. -_-  If you stand back and look at these pics from a distance, the redness shows up MUCH better LOL (or if you use an Apple device it shows up better too lol).

本人真的比照片精彩. ㄟㄟㄟ如果你們站後面一點看這些照片, 實際的紅腫情況看得比較出來, 哈哈哈. 或者用蘋果的螢幕顯色度咖賀. 哈哈.

Can you tell the lumpy texture of the skin?

Sigh, this is the worst my skin's ever been in a long time XD I think it's the act of peeling the mask off... it's as rough as it feels.

Gonna take a while to heal. Praise the lord for foundations, right?! XD

By the way I really do have a lot of blackheads. Go look at any of my foundation reviews you can see them lol. I think they're especially not showing up because they got pushed down by the swelling?! LOL.

好久沒有膚況這麼奇差無比了. 是說能怪誰呢XD
吼!! 怪粉刺啦!! 他媽的 (翻桌) 遇到粉刺一切邏輯全部都丟到太平洋去了.

只好慢慢等它復原 T_T

好險有粉底這種好東西啊 (灑花)

我的粉刺是真的很多啦. 隨便找一篇粉底液使用心得就可以看到了. 可能是因為鼻子太紅太腫, 粉刺被擠到下面去了? XD

I want to say, even though I have a ton of blackheads on my nose, my pores really aren't big at all. Maybe that's why most blackhead products don't work for me.  This one is no exception. It did pull out 15 blackheads but that's like out of what, a hundred? XD Plus I know for a fact my blackheads run pretty deep... whatever it pulled out there are probably still roots in there. Sorry if my description grosses you out XD Aren't blackheads just so fun to talk about? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

So conclusion. Didn't work on me. Won't repurchase. Don't think I'm even gonna use it again because the peeling is too rough for my skin (I know I probably shouldn't have used it twice in a row). Maybe I will give it another try if I ever feel like it in a couple of months. Unlikely though because I got this hoping for a more gentle way to take care of my blackheads, but truth be told peeling it off hurt more than squeezing LOL (squeezing actually doesn't hurt at all cuz I do prep my skin) I think I will just go back to my trusty old finger-squeezing method LOL. Plus if I just squeeze them all out, there's no concern of missing/leaving a single blackhead unattended LOL


嗯, 我還是覺得是因為毛孔沒有很大的關係 (這樣好像講得全世界其他人毛孔很大一樣= = 我不是這個意思啦~ 但也想不出其他原因) 所以效果不好. 縱使它拔了15顆粉刺... 嗯... 從幾百顆裡拔出15顆也太沒時間跟經濟效益了XD 而且本姑娘知道我的粉刺根都很深 (哈哈~ 有沒有噁心到) 他大概拔出來的也不過表面而已吧? 擠得感覺比較乾淨 (而且擠的話絕對不會有沒拔乾淨的情況發生XD). 應該不會再試了吧... 雖然這次皮膚這樣激烈反應是自己白癡, 但是我本來就是想找比較溫和的方式處理我的粉刺. 撕的時候比擠粉刺還痛=  = (其實我擠粉刺一點都不痛... 有先"處理"過XD) 所以覺得並沒有溫柔... 啊, 是溫和.

嗯. 還是手指萬能啦~

以上~ 分享完畢!

<3 Frances


  1. I like testing such items, because my skin is rather bad, but as they don't work.. well, that's waste of time(

    1. hahaha it certainly didn't work for me. but it worked like a charm for Suzi XD

  2. Ouch! That looks painful - have you tried putting something soothing and cold on it? I would put a super thick layer of refrigerated aloe vera gel at night before bed when my skin got irritated.

    Your skin generally looks very nice in your photos. :) I was wondering - have you heard of sebaceous filaments? Could what you think of as blackheads be sebaceous filaments?

    1. Hi Nickmatul!
      Lol I've been using oatmeal to cleanse my face and it has soothed it tremendously! :) my skin is pretty much recovered, thanks for asking :D

      no I've never heard of it! but I just looked into it... that's interesting! but honestly to me it doesn't really matter what it is LOL for all intents and purposes... they need to be cleaned out and the "treatment" methods are essentially the same xD


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